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* This file is part of the superiotool project.
* Copyright (C) 2007 Carl-Daniel Hailfinger
* Copyright (C) 2007-2010 Uwe Hermann <>
* Copyright (C) 2008 Robinson P. Tryon <>
* Copyright (C) 2008-2009 coresystems GmbH
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <getopt.h>
#if defined(__GLIBC__)
#include <sys/io.h>
#if (defined(__MACH__) && defined(__APPLE__))
/* DirectHW is available here: */
#include <DirectHW/DirectHW.h>
#include <pci/pci.h>
#if defined(__FreeBSD__)
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <machine/cpufunc.h>
#define OUTB(x, y) do { u_int tmp = (y); outb(tmp, (x)); } while (0)
#define OUTW(x, y) do { u_int tmp = (y); outw(tmp, (x)); } while (0)
#define OUTL(x, y) do { u_int tmp = (y); outl(tmp, (x)); } while (0)
#define INB(x) __extension__ ({ u_int tmp = (x); inb(tmp); })
#define INW(x) __extension__ ({ u_int tmp = (x); inw(tmp); })
#define INL(x) __extension__ ({ u_int tmp = (x); inl(tmp); })
#define OUTB outb
#define OUTW outw
#define OUTL outl
#define INB inb
#define INW inw
#define INL inl
#if defined(__NetBSD__) && (defined(__i386__) || defined(__x86_64__))
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <machine/sysarch.h>
#if defined(__i386__)
#define iopl i386_iopl
#elif defined(__x86_64__)
#define iopl x86_64_iopl
static __inline__ void
outb(uint8_t value, uint16_t port)
__asm__ __volatile__ ("outb %b0,%w1": :"a" (value), "Nd" (port));
static __inline__ void
outw(uint16_t value, uint16_t port)
__asm__ __volatile__ ("outw %w0,%w1": :"a" (value), "Nd" (port));
static __inline__ void
outl(uint32_t value, uint16_t port)
__asm__ __volatile__ ("outl %0,%w1": :"a" (value), "Nd" (port));
static __inline__ uint8_t inb(uint16_t port)
uint8_t value;
__asm__ __volatile__ ("inb %w1,%0":"=a" (value):"Nd" (port));
return value;
static __inline__ uint16_t inw(uint16_t port)
uint16_t value;
__asm__ __volatile__ ("inw %w1,%0":"=a" (value):"Nd" (port));
return value;
static __inline__ uint32_t inl(uint16_t port)
uint32_t value;
__asm__ __volatile__ ("inl %1,%0":"=a" (value):"Nd" (port));
return value;
#define USAGE "Usage: superiotool [-d] [-e] [-l] [-V] [-v] [-h]\n\n\
-d | --dump Dump Super I/O register contents\n\
-e | --extra-dump Dump secondary registers too (e.g. EC registers)\n\
-l | --list-supported Show the list of supported Super I/O chips\n\
-V | --verbose Verbose mode\n\
-v | --version Show the superiotool version\n\
-h | --help Show a short help text\n\n"
#define USAGE_INFO "\
Per default (no options) superiotool will just probe for a Super I/O\n\
and print its vendor, name, ID, revision, and config port.\n"
#define NOTFOUND " Failed. Returned data: "
#define ARRAY_SIZE(a) (sizeof(a) / sizeof((a)[0]))
#define EOT -1 /* End Of Table */
#define NOLDN -2 /* NO LDN needed */
#define NANA -3 /* Not Available */
#define RSVD -4 /* Reserved */
#define MISC -5 /* Needs special comment in output */
#define MAXLDN 0x14 /* Biggest LDN */
#define LDNSIZE (MAXLDN + 3) /* Biggest LDN + 0 + NOLDN + EOT */
#define MAXNUMIDX 170 /* Maximum number of indices */
#define MAXNUMPORTS (6 + 1) /* Maximum number of Super I/O ports */
/* Select registers for various components. */
#define LDN_SEL 0x07 /* LDN select register */
#define WINBOND_HWM_SEL 0x4e /* Hardware monitor bank select */
/* Command line parameters. */
extern int dump, verbose, extra_dump;
extern int chip_found;
struct superio_registers {
int32_t superio_id; /* Signed, as we need EOT. */
const char *name; /* Super I/O name */
struct {
int8_t ldn;
const char *name; /* LDN name */
int16_t idx[IDXSIZE];
int16_t def[IDXSIZE];
} ldn[LDNSIZE];
/* pci.c */
extern struct pci_access *pacc;
struct pci_dev *pci_dev_find(uint16_t vendor, uint16_t device);
/* superiotool.c */
uint8_t regval(uint16_t port, uint8_t reg);
void regwrite(uint16_t port, uint8_t reg, uint8_t val);
void enter_conf_mode_winbond_fintek_ite_8787(uint16_t port);
void exit_conf_mode_winbond_fintek_ite_8787(uint16_t port);
void enter_conf_mode_fintek_7777(uint16_t port);
void exit_conf_mode_fintek_7777(uint16_t port);
int superio_unknown(const struct superio_registers reg_table[], uint16_t id);
const char *get_superio_name(const struct superio_registers reg_table[],
uint16_t id);
void dump_superio(const char *name, const struct superio_registers reg_table[],
uint16_t port, uint16_t id, uint8_t ldn_sel);
void dump_io(uint16_t iobase, uint16_t length);
void dump_data(uint16_t iobase, int bank);
void probing_for(const char *vendor, const char *info, uint16_t port);
void print_vendor_chips(const char *vendor,
const struct superio_registers reg_table[]);
/* ali.c */
void probe_idregs_ali(uint16_t port);
void print_ali_chips(void);
/* amd.c */
void probe_idregs_amd(uint16_t port);
void print_amd_chips(void);
/* serverengines.c */
void probe_idregs_serverengines(uint16_t port);
void print_serverengines_chips(void);
/* fintek.c */
void probe_idregs_fintek(uint16_t port);
void probe_idregs_fintek_alternative(uint16_t port);
void print_fintek_chips(void);
/* infineon.c */
void probe_idregs_infineon(uint16_t port);
void print_infineon_chips(void);
/* ite.c */
void probe_idregs_ite(uint16_t port);
void print_ite_chips(void);
/* nsc.c */
void probe_idregs_nsc(uint16_t port);
void print_nsc_chips(void);
/* nuvoton.c */
void probe_idregs_nuvoton(uint16_t port);
void print_nuvoton_chips(void);
/* smsc.c */
void probe_idregs_smsc(uint16_t port);
void print_smsc_chips(void);
/* winbond.c */
void probe_idregs_winbond(uint16_t port);
void print_winbond_chips(void);
/* via.c */
void probe_idregs_via(uint16_t port);
void print_via_chips(void);
/** Table of which config ports to probe for each Super I/O family. */
static const struct {
void (*probe_idregs) (uint16_t port);
int ports[MAXNUMPORTS]; /* Signed, as we need EOT. */
} superio_ports_table[] = {
{probe_idregs_ali, {0x3f0, 0x370, EOT}},
{probe_idregs_fintek, {0x2e, 0x4e, EOT}},
{probe_idregs_fintek_alternative, {0x2e, 0x4e, EOT}},
/* Only use 0x370 for ITE, but 0x3f0 or 0x3bd would also be valid. */
{probe_idregs_ite, {0x25e, 0x2e, 0x4e, 0x370, EOT}},
{probe_idregs_nsc, {0x2e, 0x4e, 0x15c, 0x164e, EOT}},
/* I/O pairs on Nuvoton EC chips can be configured by firmware in
* addition to the following hardware strapping options. */
{probe_idregs_nuvoton, {0x164e, 0x2e, 0x4e, EOT}},
{probe_idregs_smsc, {0x2e, 0x4e, 0x162e, 0x164e, 0x3f0, 0x370, EOT}},
{probe_idregs_winbond, {0x2e, 0x4e, 0x3f0, 0x370, 0x250, EOT}},
{probe_idregs_via, {0x3f0, EOT}},
/* in fact read the BASE from HW */
{probe_idregs_amd, {0xaa, EOT}},
{probe_idregs_serverengines, {0x2e, EOT}},
{probe_idregs_infineon, {0x2e, 0x4e, EOT}},
/** Table of functions to print out supported Super I/O chips. */
static const struct {
void (*print_list) (void);
} vendor_print_functions[] = {