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You need to be ROOT or use SUDO to execute MSRTOOL.
Note that you need /dev/cpu/*/msr available to run msrtool in Linux.
syntax: msrtool [-hvqrkl] [-c cpu] [-m system] [-t target ...]
[-i addr=hi[:]lo] | [-s file] | [-d [:]file] | addr...
-h show this help text
-v be verbose
-q be quiet (overrides -v)
-r include [Reserved] values
-k list all known systems and targets
-l list MSRs and bit fields for current target(s) (-kl for ALL targets!)
-c access MSRs on the specified CPU, default=0
-m force a system, e.g: -m linux
-t force a target, can be used multiple times, e.g: -t geodelx -t cs5536
-i immediate mode
decode hex addr=hi:lo for the target without reading hw value
e.g: -i 4c00000f=f2f100ff56960004
-s stream mode
read one MSR address per line and append current hw value to the line
use the filename - for stdin/stdout
using -l -s ignores input and will output all MSRs with values
-d diff mode
read one address and value per line and compare with current hw value,
printing differences to stdout. use the filename - to read from stdin
use :file or :- to reverse diff, normally hw values are considered new
addr.. direct mode, read and decode values for the given MSR address(es)
msrtool 0x20000018
./msrtool 0x200000{18,19,1a,1b,1c,1d} 0x4c0000{0f,14}