tegra: Change how tegra124 and tegra include files from each other.

A problem with including the tegra124 directory directly in the include path
is that it makes all headers in that directory first level headers available
everywhere including places that have nothing to do with the SOC, even headers
which were only intended for local use by tegra124 code. This change modifies
things a bit to be more like the way the arch headers are chosen. In the
tegra124 directory, there's an include directory which has an soc subdirectory
in it. That include directory is added to the include path, making it possible
to have headers private to the tegra124. When files specific to whatever tegra
is being built for are needed, you can include <soc/foo.h> and get the version
specific to that particular soc.

Also, the soc.h header file was overhauled to use enums instead of defines, to
consistently name things as far as their prefix (the less cryptic TEGRA instead
of NV_PA) and suffixes like "BASE", and to get rid of values which were
specific to U-Boot which we don't need. Since the only thing in the file were
address constants, I also renamed the file addressmap.h. It would be included


which I think is easy to remember, does what you'd think it does from the
name, and won't conflict with other header files just minding their own
business in some other directory.

TEST=Built and booted into the bootblock on nyan.

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