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import argparse
import pexpect
import time
import common
from autotest_lib.client.cros.rf import agilent_scpi
class Labtool8797(object):
"""Labtool commands to control Marvell 8797."""
def __init__(self, labtool_dir):
self.labtool8797 = pexpect.spawn(labtool_dir+'/labtool')
self.labtool8797.expect('Enter option:')
def enter_option(self, option_string, expected_string):
"""Wrapper of pexpect for labtool.
This is a wrapper for the following:
1) Send option_string to self.labtool8797.
2) Wait expected_string, and 'Enter option:'
3) Return the intermediate output from labtool.
@param option_string: option string that labtool would process.
@param expected_string: the specific pattern to wait from labtool.
@return the string in between the expected string and 'Enter option:'
self.labtool8797.expect('Enter option:')
return self.labtool8797.before
def enter_wifi_menu(self):
returned_string = self.enter_option('1', 'W87xx')
print 'Entering: W8797' + returned_string
def set_path(self, path):
"""Setting and verifying the TxRx Path.
@param path: Tx and Rx path. 1 means antenna 1, 2 means antenna 2,
3 means both antennas are on.
self.enter_option('10 %d' % path, '0x0')
returned_string = self.enter_option('9', 'GetTxRxPath :')
print 'Setting TX RX Path:' + returned_string
def set_band(self, band):
"""Setting and verifying the band.
@param band: frequency band. 0 means 2.4 GHz, 1 means 5 GHz.
self.enter_option('30 %d' % band, '0x0')
returned_string = self.enter_option('29', 'GetModeAG: 0x0 :')
print 'Setting Frequency Band:' + returned_string
def set_channel(self, channel_no):
"""Setting and verifying the channel."""
self.enter_option('12 %d' % channel_no, '0x00000000')
returned_string = self.enter_option('11', 'RF Channel:')
print 'Setting RF Channel:' + returned_string
def count(self):
"""Counting the packets and clearing the count."""
self.labtool8797.expect('Rx Packet')
def get_error_rate(self):
"""Counting the packets and calculating the error rate."""
self.labtool8797.expect('Multi Cast')
rxpacket = float(self.labtool8797.before)
self.labtool8797.expect('Err Count')
multicast = float(self.labtool8797.before)
self.labtool8797.expect('Enter option:')
error = float(self.labtool8797.before)
error_rate = error / multicast
return (rxpacket, multicast, error, error_rate)
def exit_wifi_menu(self):
self.enter_option('99', 'Exit')
def exit_labtool(self):
def sweep_power_get_sensitivity(labtool, n4010a, rx_power):
Interacting with N4010A and Labtool, finding the RX
sensitivity by sweeping the power down.
Receiver sensitivty is the minimum received power at
which the packet error rate (PER) shall not exceed 10%.
@param labtool: call Labtool8797.
@param n4010a: call agilent_scpi.N4010ASCPI.
@param rx_power: the DUT received power sent by N4010A.
@return rx_sensitivity.
error_rate = 0
while error_rate < 0.1:
# Clearing count twice before transmitting
# N4010A starts to transmit
# Getting received packet count and error rate
(rxpacket, multicast, error, error_rate) = (
print ('Rx Power: %d Rx Packet: %d Multi Cast: %d '
'Error Count: %d Error Rate: %.003f' %
(rx_power, rxpacket, multicast,
error, error_rate))
# Sweeping the power down
rx_power -= 1
# Backing up 2 dB. When the while loop breaks, the rx_power
# still reduces 1 dB before exiting; also PER >= 10%, need
# to add 1dB to make PER < 10%
rx_sensitivity = rx_power + 2
return rx_sensitivity
def find_sensitivity_for_channels_rates(n4010a, labtool, wifi_bands,
data_rate_power_info, TEST_2G, TEST_5G):
Finding RX sensivity for different channels, data rates.
@param n4010a: call agilent_scpi.N4010ASCPI.
@param labtool: call Labtool8797.
@param wifi_bands: the channels that would be tested.
@param data_rate_power_info: the matching table of the data rates.
and the starting power for the test.
@param TEST_2G: flag for enable or disable 2GHz test.
@param TEST_5G: flag for enable or disable 5GHz test.
for band_info, channel_info in wifi_bands:
# Only run test when the 2G or 5G test flag is true
if (band_info == 0 and TEST_2G) or (band_info == 1 and TEST_5G):
for channel_no, freq in channel_info:
# Setting the channel on N4010A
# Setting the channel on DUT
for data_rate, rx_power in data_rate_power_info:
# Selecting the waveform/sequence
# Finding RX sensitivity
rx_sensitivity = sweep_power_get_sensitivity(
labtool, n4010a, rx_power)
print('RX Sensitivity at %s at channel %d = %d dBm\n'
%(data_rate, channel_no, rx_sensitivity))
def connect_and_initialize_n4010a(n4010a):
print 'Connecting to %s' % args.n4010a_host
print 'Connected, Tester ID: %s' %
'This instrument is being\noperated remotely by\nPython script')
print 'N4010A initialized'
def launch_labtool(labtool):
def cleanup(labtool, n4010a):
print 'Finished!'
def main():
# Short pause for putting DUT into the shieldbox
print 'Beginning test in %s secs' % args.sleeptime
n4010a = agilent_scpi.N4010ASCPI(args.n4010a_host)
labtool = Labtool8797(args.labtool_dir)
# Finding RX sensivity for various channels, data rates
BAND_2G = 0
BAND_5G = 1
TEST_2G = True
TEST_5G = True
wifi_bands = (
(BAND_2G, ((1, 2412*1e6), (6, 2437*1e6), (11, 2462*1e6))),
(BAND_5G, ((36, 5180*1e6), (64, 5320*1e6), (165, 5825*1e6))))
data_rate_power_info = (('MCS0', -70), ('MCS7', -50))
find_sensitivity_for_channels_rates(n4010a, labtool, wifi_bands,
data_rate_power_info, TEST_2G, TEST_5G)
cleanup(labtool, n4010a)
if __name__ == '__main__':
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument('--sleep', '-s', dest='sleeptime', default=5,
help='pausing time for putting DUT into the shieldbox')
parser.add_argument('--host', dest='n4010a_host',
help='the IP address of N4010A')
parser.add_argument('--dir', '-d', dest='labtool_dir',
help='the labtool binary directory')
args = parser.parse_args()