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# Copyright (c) 20123 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Tool for preprocessing control files to build a suite to control files map.
Given an autotest root directory, this tool will bucket tests accroding to
their suite.Data will be written to stdout (or, optionally a file), eg:
{'suite1': ['path/to/test1/control', 'path/to/test2/control'],
'suite2': ['path/to/test4/control', 'path/to/test5/control']}
This is intended for use only with Chrome OS test suites that leverage the
dynamic suite infrastructure in server/cros/ It is invoked
at build time to generate said suite to control files map, which dynamic_suite
consults at run time to determine which tests belong to a suite.
import collections, json, os, sys
import common
from autotest_lib.server.cros.dynamic_suite import suite
from autotest_lib.site_utils import suite_preprocessor
# A set of SUITES that we choose not to preprocess as they might have tests
# added later.
SUITE_BLACKLIST = set(['au'])
def _get_control_files_to_process(autotest_dir):
"""Find all control files in autotest_dir that have 'SUITE='
@param autotest_dir: The directory to search for control files.
@return: All control files in autotest_dir that have a suite attribute.
fs_getter = suite.Suite.create_fs_getter(autotest_dir)
predicate = lambda t: hasattr(t, 'suite')
return suite.Suite.find_and_parse_tests(fs_getter, predicate,
def get_suite_control_files(autotest_dir, external_autotest_dirs=None):
Partition all control files in autotest_dir based on suite.
@param autotest_dir: Directory to walk looking for control files.
@param external_autotest_dirs: A list of directories under which to search
for extra Autotest tests. Defaults to None.
@return suite_control_files: A dictionary mapping suite->[control files]
as described in this files docstring.
@raise ValueError: If autotest_dir doesn't exist.
if not os.path.exists(autotest_dir):
raise ValueError('Could not find directory: %s, failed to map suites to'
' their control files.' % autotest_dir)
suite_control_files = collections.defaultdict(list)
for d in [autotest_dir] + (external_autotest_dirs or []):
d = d.rstrip('/')
for test in _get_control_files_to_process(d):
for suite_name in suite.Suite.parse_tag(test.suite):
if suite_name in SUITE_BLACKLIST:
test.path.replace('%s/' % d, ''))
return suite_control_files
def main():
Main function.
options = suite_preprocessor.parse_options()
if options.extra_autotest_dirs:
extra_autotest_dirs = options.extra_autotest_dirs.split(',')
extra_autotest_dirs = None
suite_control_files = get_suite_control_files(options.autotest_dir,
if options.output_file:
with open(options.output_file, 'w') as file_obj:
json.dump(suite_control_files, file_obj)
print suite_control_files
if __name__ == '__main__':