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# Copyright 2008 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
The shard module contains the objects and methods used to
manage shards in Autotest.
The valid actions are:
create: creates shard
remove: deletes shard(s)
list: lists shards with label
See for a High Level Design and Algorithm.
import sys
from autotest_lib.cli import topic_common, action_common
class shard(topic_common.atest):
"""shard class
atest shard [create|delete|list] <options>"""
usage_action = '[create|delete|list]'
topic = msg_topic = 'shard'
msg_items = '<shards>'
def __init__(self):
"""Add to the parser the options common to all the
shard actions"""
super(shard, self).__init__()
self.topic_parse_info = topic_common.item_parse_info(
def get_items(self):
return self.shards
class shard_help(shard):
"""Just here to get the atest logic working.
Usage is set by its parent"""
class shard_list(action_common.atest_list, shard):
"""Class for running atest shard list [--label <labels>]"""
def parse(self):
host_info = topic_common.item_parse_info(attribute_name='labels',
return super(shard_list, self).parse([host_info])
def execute(self):
return super(shard_list, self).execute(op='get_shards')
def warn_if_label_assigned_to_multiple_shards(self, results):
"""Prints a warning if one label is assigned to multiple shards.
This should never happen, but if it does, better be safe.
@param results: Results as passed to output().
assigned_labels = set()
for line in results:
for label in line['labels']:
if label in assigned_labels:
sys.stderr.write('WARNING: label %s is assigned to '
'multiple shards.\n'
'This will lead to unpredictable behavor '
'in which hosts and jobs will be assigned '
'to which shard.\n')
def output(self, results):
super(shard_list, self).output(results, ['hostname', 'labels'])
class shard_create(action_common.atest_create, shard):
"""Class for running atest shard create -l <label> <shard>"""
def __init__(self):
super(shard_create, self).__init__()
self.parser.add_option('-l', '--label',
help=('Assign LABEL to the SHARD. All jobs that '
'require this label, will be run on the '
def parse(self):
(options, leftover) = super(shard_create,
if not options.label:
print 'Must provide a label with -l <label>'
self.data_item_key = 'hostname'['label'] = options.label
return (options, leftover)
class shard_delete(action_common.atest_delete, shard):
"""Class for running atest shard delete <shards>"""
def parse(self):
(options, leftover) = super(shard_delete, self).parse()
self.data_item_key = 'hostname'
return (options, leftover)
def execute(self, *args, **kwargs):
print 'Please ensure the shard host is powered off.'
print ('Otherwise DUTs might be used by multiple shards at the same '
'time, which will lead to serious correctness problems.')
return super(shard_delete, self).execute(*args, **kwargs)