firmware_RollbackFirmware: Don't tie expected recovery reason to board

I'm planning to submit a vboot2 change that will change the emitted
recovery reason for firmware version rollbacks from the generic
RO_INVALID_RW (0x3) to the more precise RW_FW_ROLLBACK (0x17).
firmware_RollbackFirmware is currently hardcoded to expect the former
for vboot2 boards and the latter for anything else except Mario, Alex
and ZGB.

Unfortunately, due to the way FAFT works with branches, even CQ-DEPEND
won't stop this change from causing all kinds of stupid problems for
people trying to verify older firmware. The difference between the two
numbers is really just not important enough to care in this case. Let us
simply switch this test to unconditionally accept both in the same way
firmware_CorruptBothFwSigAB and firmware_CorruptBothFwBodyAB already do
to avoid wasting other people's time debugging non-issues.

TEST=Ran firmware_RollbackFirmware on a Jerry.

Change-Id: Ia170ecc82fb5243e1960e6f1f43a951a97037333
Signed-off-by: Julius Werner <>
Reviewed-by: Yusuf Mohsinally <>
1 file changed