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This template builds the page header for the summary page on the Chrome OS
Test Dashboard. It consists of a series of hyperlinks to related pages.
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<div style="border:5px; text-align:right;">
<a href="../dashboard/index.html">HOME</a> |
<a href="waterfall_kernel.html">KERNEL</a> |
<a href="emails.html">EMAILS</a> |
<a href="http://cautotest" target="_blank">CAUTOTEST</a> |
<a href=""
target="_blank">EXTERNAL BUILDBOT</a> |
<a href="http://chromegw/i/chromeos/console"
target="_blank">INTERNAL BUILDBOT</a> |
<a href="http://www/~chromeos-test/systemhealth"
target="_blank">SYSTEM HEALTH</a> |
<a href="http://cros-reports/croschart/server/testreport?interval=4,week"
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