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Copyright 2012 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
This template builds a page to show the emails produced for the Chrome OS
Test Dashboard.
It's a combination of our existing summary header plus to iframe panels:
one planel to show test emails and the other to show performance emails.
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{% block title %}ChromeOS Test Emails{% endblock %}
{% block header_block %}
{% include 'tables/summary/header.html' %}
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<h3>Receiving test failure emails:</h3>
<p>Interested test owners can be notified of test failures by the automated
test lab in two ways:
<li>By registering with the ChromeOS test failure emailer to receive
mail for test failures that match patterns of a category_regex and/or a
test_name_regex. These failure emails then will be sent directly to the
supplied email alias.</li>
<li>By following the
<a href="!forum/chromeos-automated-test-failures"
target="_blank">Google Group</a>
</b> that receives all test failure email
from the ChromeOS test failure emailer.</li>
To register an e-mail address with the ChromeOS test failure emailer, modify
the <i>resultmail</i> section of the
<a href=""
</b></i> file in the autotest repo to create a registration entry.
The emailer registration can be configured to send email for only <b>one</b>
of the following conditions:
<li>a test in the selected suite <b>fails. [DEFAULT if not specified]</b></li>
<li>a test changes state e.g. <b>passing->failing</b>,
<li>a test completes (most verbose)</li>
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