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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
AUTHOR = "Chrome OS Team"
NAME = "kernel_per-build_regression"
PURPOSE = "Test required functionality - longer running than bvt tests usually."
CRITERIA = "All tests with SUITE=kernel_per-build_regression must pass."
TEST_CLASS = "suite"
TEST_TYPE = "Server"
DOC = """
This is the Kernel Per-Build Regression Test suite. Failures in this test
suite should not close the tree. It should consist of tests that are slightly
longer than expected for bvt runs. Since failures here are not tree-closers,
it may be used to stage SHORT tests prior to admitting them to the bvt to
ensure they are stable. Other common tests added here are SHORT tests that
re-assess corrected issues. Longer running regression tests should be added
to kernel_daily_regression or kernel_weekly_regression.
@param build: The name of the image to test.
Ex: x86-mario-release/R17-1412.33.0-a1-b29
@param board: The board to test on. Ex: x86-mario
@param pool: The pool of machines to utilize for scheduling. If pool=None
board is used.
@param check_hosts: require appropriate live hosts to exist in the lab.
@param SKIP_IMAGE: (optional) If present and True, don't re-image devices.
import common
from autotest_lib.server.cros import provision
from autotest_lib.server.cros.dynamic_suite import dynamic_suite
build=build, board=board, name='kernel_per-build_regression', job=job,
pool=pool, check_hosts=check_hosts, add_experimental=True, num=num,
file_bugs=file_bugs, priority=priority, timeout_mins=timeout_mins,
devserver_url=devserver_url, version_prefix=provision.CROS_VERSION_PREFIX,