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# Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging, time
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.server.cros import vboot_constants as vboot
from autotest_lib.server.cros.faftsequence import FAFTSequence
class firmware_SelfSignedBoot(FAFTSequence):
Servo based developer mode boot only test to Self signed Kernels.
This test requires a USB disk plugged-in, which contains a Chrome OS test
image (built by 'build_image test'). On runtime, this test first switches
DUT to dev mode. When dev_boot_usb=1 and dev_boot_signed_only=1, pressing
Ctrl-U on developer screen should not boot the USB disk(recovery mode boot
should work), and when USB image is resigned with SSD keys, pressing Ctrl-U
should boot to the USB disk.
version = 1
def setup(self, ec_wp=None):
super(firmware_SelfSignedBoot, self).setup(ec_wp=ec_wp)
self.setup_usbkey(usbkey=True, host=False)
self.original_dev_boot_usb = self.faft_client.system.get_dev_boot_usb()'Original dev_boot_usb value: %s',
self.root_dev = self.faft_client.system.get_root_dev()
def cleanup(self):
super(firmware_SelfSignedBoot, self).cleanup()
def ensure_internal_device_boot(self):
"""Ensure internal device boot; if not, reboot into it.
If not, it may be a test failure during step 3 or 5, try to reboot
and press Ctrl-D to internal device boot.
if self.faft_client.system.is_removable_device_boot():'Reboot into internal disk...')
'firmware_action': self.wait_fw_screen_and_ctrl_d,
def set_usbdev_path(self):
"""Mapping the right USBDev path as per DUT platform(x86/ARM)."""
# Default paths of USB dev for x86 and ARM.
usb_dev_x86 = "/dev/sdb"
usb_dev_arm = "/dev/sda"
# Default paths of root dev for x86 and ARM.
root_dev_x86 = "/dev/sda"
root_dev_arm = "/dev/mmcblk0"
if self.root_dev == root_dev_x86:
self.usb_dev = usb_dev_x86
elif self.root_dev == root_dev_arm:
self.usb_dev = usb_dev_arm
raise error.TestError('DUT is neither of x86 or ARM platforms.')
def try_ctrl_u_and_ctrl_d(self):
"""Try to press Ctrl-U first and then press Ctrl-D"""
# If the above Ctrl-U doesn't work, the firmware beeps twice.
# Should wait the beep done before pressing Ctrl-D.
def resignimage_ssdkeys(self):
"""Re-signing the USB image using the SSD keys."""
'/usr/share/vboot/bin/ -i %s' % self.usb_dev)
def resignimage_recoverykeys(self):
"""Re-signing the USB image using the Recovery keys."""
'/usr/share/vboot/bin/ -i %s --recovery_key'
% self.usb_dev)
def enable_crossystem_selfsigned(self):
'crossystem dev_boot_signed_only=1')
self.faft_client.system.run_shell_command('crossystem dev_boot_usb=1')
def disable_crossystem_selfsigned(self):
'crossystem dev_boot_signed_only=0')
self.faft_client.system.run_shell_command('crossystem dev_boot_usb=0')
def run_once(self):
if (self.client_attr.has_keyboard and
not self.check_ec_capability(['keyboard'])):
raise error.TestError("TEST IT MANUALLY! This test can't be "
"automated on non-Chrome-EC devices.")
# The old models need users to remove and insert USB stick during boot.
remove_usb = (self.faft_client.system.get_platform_name() in
('Mario', 'Alex', 'ZGB', 'Aebl', 'Kaen'))
{ # Step 1, expected developer mode, set dev_boot_usb and
# dev_boot_signed_only to 1.
'state_checker': (self.checkers.dev_boot_usb_checker, False),
'userspace_action': self.enable_crossystem_selfsigned,
'firmware_action': self.try_ctrl_u_and_ctrl_d,
'install_deps_after_boot': True,
{ # Step 2, expected internal disk boot, switch to recovery mode.
'state_checker': (self.checkers.dev_boot_usb_checker, False,
'Not internal disk boot, dev_boot_usb misbehaved'),
'userspace_action': self.enable_rec_mode_and_reboot,
'reboot_action': None,
'firmware_action': None,
'install_deps_after_boot': True,
{ # Step 3, expected recovery boot and reboot.
'state_checker': (self.checkers.crossystem_checker, {
'mainfw_type': 'recovery',
'recovery_reason' : vboot.RECOVERY_REASON['RO_MANUAL'],
'firmware_action': self.wait_fw_screen_and_ctrl_d,
{ # Step 4, expected internal disk boot, resign with SSD keys.
'state_checker': (self.checkers.dev_boot_usb_checker, False,
'Not internal disk boot, dev_boot_usb misbehaved'),
'userspace_action': self.resignimage_ssdkeys,
'firmware_action': self.wait_fw_screen_and_ctrl_u,
'install_deps_after_boot': True,
{ # Step 5, expected USB boot.
'state_checker': (self.checkers.dev_boot_usb_checker, True,
'Not USB boot, Ctrl-U not work'),
'firmware_action': self.wait_fw_screen_and_ctrl_d,
{ # Step 6, done.
'state_checker': (self.checkers.dev_boot_usb_checker, False),