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# Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib.cros import xmlrpc_datatypes
class AssociationParameters(xmlrpc_datatypes.XmlRpcStruct):
"""Describes parameters used in WiFi connection attempts."""
def __init__(self, serialized=None):
"""Construct an AssociationParameters.
@param serialized dict passed over the wire from XMLRPC server.
super(AssociationParameters, self).__init__()
if serialized is None:
serialized = {}
# The network to connect to (e.g. 'GoogleGuest').
self.ssid = serialized.get('ssid', None)
# Which encryption to use (e.g. 'wpa'). = serialized.get('security', self.DEFAULT_SECURITY)
# Passphrase for this network (e.g. 'password123').
self.psk = serialized.get('psk', self.DEFAULT_PSK)
# Max delta in seconds between XMLRPC call to connect in the proxy
# and when shill finds the service. Presumably callers call connect
# quickly after configuring the AP so that this is an approximation
# of how long takes shill to scan and discover new services.
self.discovery_timeout = serialized.get('discovery_timeout',
# Max delta in seconds between service creation and the transition to
# an associated state.
self.association_timeout = serialized.get(
# Max delta in seconds between service association success and the
# transition to online.
self.configuration_timeout = serialized.get(
# True iff this is a hidden network.
self.is_hidden = serialized.get('is_hidden', False)
# Passing false tells shill not to remember the configured service.
self.save_credentials = serialized.get('save_credentials', False)
class AssociationResult(xmlrpc_datatypes.XmlRpcStruct):
"""Describes the result of an association attempt."""
def __init__(self, serialized=None):
"""Construct an AssociationResult.
@param serialized dict passed over the wire from XMLRPC server.
super(AssociationResult, self).__init__()
if serialized is None:
serialized = {}
# True iff we were successful in connecting to this WiFi network.
self.success = serialized.get('success', False)
# Describes how long it took to find and call connect on a network
# From the time we proxy is told to connect. This includes scanning
# time.
self.discovery_time = serialized.get('discovery_time', -1.0)
# Describes how long it takes from the moment that we call connect to
# the moment we're fully associated with the BSS. This includes wpa
# handshakes.
self.association_time = serialized.get('association_time', -1.0)
# Describes how long it takes from association till we have an IP
# address and mark the network as being either online or portalled.
self.configuration_time = serialized.get('configuration_time', -1.0)
# Holds a descriptive reason for why the negotiation failed when
# |successs| is False. Undefined otherwise.
self.failure_reason = serialized.get('failure_reason', 'unknown')
def from_dbus_proxy_output(raw):
"""Factory for AssociationResult.
The object which knows how to talk over DBus to shill is not part of
autotest and as a result can't return a AssociationResult. Instead,
it returns a similar looing tuple, which we'll parse.
@param raw tuple from ShillProxy.
@return AssociationResult parsed output from ShillProxy.
result = AssociationResult()
result.success = raw[0]
result.discovery_time = raw[1]
result.association_time = raw[2]
result.configuration_time = raw[3]
result.failure_reason = raw[4]
return result