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Running the autotest locally

In order to test your changes, run the autotest locally with:

(chroot) $ test_that IP provision_CheetsUpdate --args='value=git_nyc-mr1-arc/cheets_arm-user/4885137' -b kevin

Running push_to_device manually

Go to Android Build Status Dashboard, select the target build, download and the prebuilt image (e.g. from the Artifacts tab.

Download from go/ab

$ unzip -d ./ptd
$ python3 ./ptd/ --use-prebuilt-file ./ \
--simg2img /usr/bin/simg2img --mksquashfs-path ./ptd/bin/mksquashfs \
--unsquashfs-path ./ptd/bin/unsquashfs --shift-uid-py-path ./ptd/ IP --loglevel DEBUG

Warning: If the command fails, check run_push_to_device method in for required params.

Updating the autotest

After you submit your changes, Chrome OS lab deputy will push it to prod. Send a heads up to Chrome OS lab deputy that this change is there.

Make sure that it is possible to pass presubmit after the change is pushed to prod.