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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import pprint
import logging
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.server.cros.faft.cr50_test import Cr50Test
class firmware_Cr50CheckCap(Cr50Test):
"""Verify cr50 capabilities"""
version = 1
# The default requirements for these capabilities change between prod and
# prepvt images. Make sure they match the expected values.
SPECIAL_CAPS = ['OpenNoDevMode', 'OpenFromUSB']
def check_cap_command(self, command, enable_factory, reset_caps):
"""Verify the cr50 cap response after running the given command"""
caps = self.cr50.get_cap_dict()
in_factory_mode, is_reset = self.cr50.get_cap_overview(caps)
if reset_caps and not is_reset:
raise error.TestFail('%r did not reset capabilities' % command)
if enable_factory and not in_factory_mode:
raise error.TestFail('%r did not enable factory mode' % command)
def check_cap_req(self, cap_dict, cap, expected_req):
"""Check the current cap requirement against the expected requirement"""
req = cap_dict[cap]
if req != expected_req:
raise error.TestFail('%r should be %r not %r' % (cap, expected_req,
def ccd_ec_uart_works(self):
"""Returns True if the CCD ec uart works."""'checking ec console')
self.servo.get('ec_board', self._ec_prefix)'ccd ec console is responsive')
return True
except:'ccd ec console is unresponsive')
return False
def check_cap_accessiblity(self, ccd_level, cap_setting, expect_accessible):
"""Check setting cap requirements restricts the capabilities correctly.
Set each ccd capability to cap_setting. Set the ccd state to ccd_level.
Then verify the capability accessiblity matches expect_accessible.
ccd_level: a ccd state level: 'lock', 'unlock', or 'open'.
cap_setting: A ccd cap setting: 'IfOpened', 'Always', or
expect_accessible: True if capabilities should be accessible
TestFail if expect_accessible doesn't match the accessibility state.
# Run testlab open, so we won't have to do physical presence stuff.
self.cr50.send_command('ccd testlab open')
# Set all capabilities to cap_setting
caps = self.cr50.get_cap_dict().keys()
cap_settings = {}
for cap in caps:
cap_settings[cap] = cap_setting
# Set the ccd state to ccd_level
self.cr50.set_ccd_level(ccd_level, self.CCD_PASSWORD)
cap_dict = self.cr50.get_cap_dict()'Cap state with console %r req %r:\n%s', ccd_level,
cap_setting, pprint.pformat(cap_dict))
# Check the accessiblity
for cap, cap_info in cap_dict.items():
if cap_info[self.cr50.CAP_IS_ACCESSIBLE] != expect_accessible:
raise error.TestFail('%r is %raccessible' % (cap,
'not ' if expect_accessible else ''))
if (self.check_ec_uart and
expect_accessible != self.ccd_ec_uart_works()):
raise error.TestFail('EC UART is %saccessible when it should%s be' %
('not ' if expect_accessible else '',
'' if expect_accessible else "n't"))
def run_once(self, ccd_open_restricted=False):
"""Check cr50 capabilities work correctly."""
self._ec_prefix = '' if self.servo.main_device_is_ccd() else 'ccd_cr50'
# Only check EC uart if the board has a working EC and cr50 can detect
# servo connect/disconnect.
self.check_ec_uart = (
self.check_ec_capability(suppress_warning=True) and
self.cr50.check_servo_monitor() and
self.servo.has_control('ec_board', self._ec_prefix))
if self.check_ec_uart and self._ec_prefix:
self.servo.set('active_dut_controller', self._ec_prefix)
self.check_ec_uart = False
# Make sure factory reset sets all capabilities to Always
self.check_cap_command('ccd reset factory', True, False)
# Make sure ccd reset sets all capabilites to Default
self.check_cap_command('ccd reset', False, True)
expected_req = (self.EXPECTED_REQ_PROD if ccd_open_restricted else
cap_dict = self.cr50.get_cap_dict(info=self.cr50.CAP_REQ)
# Make sure the special ccd capabilities match ccd_open_restricted
for cap in self.SPECIAL_CAPS:
self.check_cap_req(cap_dict, cap, expected_req)
# Set the password so we can change the ccd level from the console
self.cr50.send_command('ccd testlab open')
self.cr50.send_command('ccd reset')
# Make sure ccd accessiblity behaves as expected based on the cap
# settings and the ccd state.
self.check_cap_accessiblity('open', 'IfOpened', True)
self.check_cap_accessiblity('open', 'UnlessLocked', True)
self.check_cap_accessiblity('open', 'Always', True)
self.check_cap_accessiblity('unlock', 'IfOpened', False)
self.check_cap_accessiblity('unlock', 'UnlessLocked', True)
self.check_cap_accessiblity('unlock', 'Always', True)
self.check_cap_accessiblity('lock', 'IfOpened', False)
self.check_cap_accessiblity('lock', 'UnlessLocked', False)
self.check_cap_accessiblity('lock', 'Always', True)