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from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import ui_utils
from autotest_lib.client.cros.input_playback import keyboard
import logging
import time
class UIPrinterHelper(object):
"""Helper lib for ChromeOS UI automation."""
def __init__(self, ui_handler=None, chrome=None):
"""ui_handler or chrome must be provided. ui_handler is an already
existing ui object."""
if not ui_handler and chrome:
self.ui = ui_utils.UI_Handler()
elif not chrome and ui_handler:
self.ui = ui_handler
raise error.TestError(
"Either the chrome object or ui_handler must be provided.")
self._keyboard = None
def print_to_custom_printer(self, printer_name, isPDF=False):
"""Open the printer menu, select the printer given and click print."""
if not self.check_print_window_open():
raise error.TestError("Print not open after setting printer.")
if self._keyboard:
def check_print_window_open(self):
"""Check if the print window is still open."""
start_time = time.time()
# Giving up to 5 seconds for the window to load.
while time.time() - start_time < 5:
if (self.ui.item_present('Destination', role='inlineTextBox') and
self.ui.item_present('Cancel', role='button')) and not (
self.ui.item_present('Loading preview')):
return True"Print Window was not open {}"
return False
def open_printer_menu(self, retry=0):
"""Open the printer menu via the Chrome Dropdown."""
if not self._is_chrome_menu_open():
self.ui.wait_for_ui_obj('/Print/', role='menuItem', isRegex=True)
self.ui.doDefault_on_obj('/Print/', isRegex=True)
if retry == 0:
except error.TestError:
def wait_for_print_ready(self):
"""Wait for the print page to fully load."""
self.ui.wait_for_ui_obj('Fit to width', role='button', timeout=30)
except:"Missing {} in {}".format("Fit to width",
raise error.TestError("Fit to width no load")
self.ui.wait_for_ui_obj('Loading preview', remove=True)
def open_see_more_print_sub_menu(self):
"""Open see more sub menu via the clicking it in the dropdown."""
if not self._keyboard:
self._keyboard = keyboard.Keyboard()
# Some tests have a notification which causes the chrome menu
# to remain open, and loose focus on the print page.
if self._is_chrome_menu_open():
self.ui.wait_for_ui_obj('Destination Save as PDF')
self.ui.doDefault_on_obj("Destination Save as PDF", role='popUpButton')
self.ui.wait_for_ui_obj("See more destinations", role='menuItem')
self.ui.doDefault_on_obj("See more destinations", role='menuItem')
def _is_chrome_menu_open(self):
"""Return True if the chrome dropdown menu is still open."""
return self.ui.item_present("/Print/", role="menuItem", isRegex=True)
def select_printer_from_see_more_menu(self, printer_name):
"""Click a printer from the "see more" sub menu within print page."""
if not self.is_see_more_menu_open():
raise error.TestError(
"Cannot select printer from sub menu as its not open.")
# Easier to find via regex since the actual cell has the name twice.
if not self.is_str_regex(printer_name):
printer_name = self.make_str_regex(printer_name)
self.ui.wait_for_ui_obj(printer_name, isRegex=True, role='cell')
self.ui.doDefault_on_obj(printer_name, isRegex=True, role='cell')
self.ui.wait_for_ui_obj(printer_name, role='cell', remove=True, isRegex=True)
# Wait for the "Setting up " loading icon to finish
self.ui.wait_for_ui_obj('Setting up ', remove=True)
def click_print(self, isPDF=False):
"""Click the print button. Click save if PDF."""
self.ui.doDefault_on_obj('Save' if isPDF else 'Print', role='button')
if isPDF:
pass # TODO implement the save menu
def is_see_more_menu_open(self):
"""Return True if the print menu is open."""
self.ui.wait_for_ui_obj("Select a destination")
except error.TestError:
return False
return True
def is_print_menu_open(self):
"""Return True if the print menu is open."""
return self.ui.item_present("Print", role="window")
def verify_print_menu_open(self):
"""Verify print menu is open. If not raise TestError."""
if not self.is_print_menu_open():
raise error.TestError(
"Cannot open See more print menu when print screen not open")
def is_str_regex(self, var):
"""Return True if the given var starts and ends with "/"."""
if len(var) < 1:
return False
if var[0] == "/" and var[-1] == "/":
return True
return False
def make_str_regex(self, var):
"""Return the provided var with a leading and ending "/"."""
return ("/" + var + "/")