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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# is supposed to be called from for ARC specific logic.
# It should not import since it will create a import loop.
import collections
import logging
import os
import tempfile
from autotest_lib.client.bin import utils
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import file_utils
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib.cros import arc_common
from telemetry.core import exceptions
from telemetry.internal.browser import extension_page
_ARC_SUPPORT_HOST_URL = 'chrome-extension://cnbgggchhmkkdmeppjobngjoejnihlei/'
_ARC_SUPPORT_HOST_PAGENAME = '_generated_background_page.html'
_DUMPSTATE_PATH = '/var/log/arc-dumpstate.log'
_ARCP_URL = '' \
_OPT_IN_BEGIN = 'Initializing ARC opt-in flow.'
_OPT_IN_SKIP = 'Skip waiting provisioning completed.'
_OPT_IN_FINISH = 'ARC opt-in flow complete.'
# Describes ARC session state.
# - provisioned is set to True once ARC is provisioned.
# - tos_needed is set to True in case ARC Terms of Service need to be shown.
# This depends on ARC Terms of Service acceptance and policy for
# ARC preferences, such as backup and restore and use of location
# services.
ArcSessionState = collections.namedtuple(
'ArcSessionState', ['provisioned', 'tos_needed'])
def get_arc_session_state(autotest_ext):
"""Returns the runtime state of ARC session.
@param autotest_ext private autotest API.
@raises error.TestFail in case autotest API failure or if ARC is not
allowed for the device.
@return ArcSessionState that describes the state of current ARC session.
get_arc_state = '''
new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
chrome.autotestPrivate.getArcState((state) => {
if (chrome.runtime.lastError) {
reject(new Error(chrome.runtime.lastError.message));
state = autotest_ext.EvaluateJavaScript(get_arc_state, promise=True)
return ArcSessionState(state['provisioned'], state['tosNeeded'])
except exceptions.EvaluateException as e:
raise error.TestFail('Could not get ARC session state "%s".' % e)
def _wait_arc_provisioned(autotest_ext):
"""Waits until ARC provisioning is completed.
@param autotest_ext private autotest API.
@raises: error.TimeoutException if provisioning is not complete.
condition=lambda: get_arc_session_state(autotest_ext).provisioned,
desc='Wait for ARC is provisioned',
def should_start_arc(arc_mode):
Determines whether ARC should be started.
@param arc_mode: mode as defined in arc_common.
@returns: True or False.
logging.debug('ARC is enabled in mode %s', arc_mode)
assert arc_mode is None or arc_mode in arc_common.ARC_MODES
return arc_mode in [arc_common.ARC_MODE_ENABLED,
def post_processing_after_browser(chrome, timeout):
Called when a new browser instance has been initialized.
Note that this hook function is called regardless of arc_mode.
@param chrome: Chrome object.
# Remove any stale dumpstate files.
if os.path.isfile(_DUMPSTATE_PATH):
# Wait for Android container ready if ARC is enabled.
if chrome.arc_mode == arc_common.ARC_MODE_ENABLED:
except Exception:
# Save dumpstate so that we can figure out why boot does not
# complete.
def pre_processing_before_close(chrome):
Called when the browser instance is being closed.
Note that this hook function is called regardless of arc_mode.
@param chrome: Chrome object.
if not should_start_arc(chrome.arc_mode):
# TODO(b/29341443): Implement stopping of adb logcat when we start adb
# logcat for all tests
# Save dumpstate just before logout.
def _save_android_dumpstate():
Triggers a dumpstate and saves its contents to to /var/log/arc-dumpstate.log
with logging.
Exception thrown while doing dumpstate will be ignored.
try:'Saving Android dumpstate.')
with open(_DUMPSTATE_PATH, 'w') as out:
log = utils.system_output('android-sh -c arc-bugreport')
out.write(log)'Android dumpstate successfully saved.')
except Exception:
# Dumpstate is nice-to-have stuff. Do not make it as a fatal error.
logging.exception('Failed to save Android dumpstate.')
def get_test_account_info():
"""Retrieve test account information."""
with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile() as pltp:
password =
return (_USERNAME, password)
def set_browser_options_for_opt_in(b_options):
Setup Chrome for gaia login and opt_in.
@param b_options: browser options object used by chrome.Chrome.
b_options.username, b_options.password = get_test_account_info()
b_options.disable_default_apps = False
b_options.disable_component_extensions_with_background_pages = False
b_options.gaia_login = True
def enable_play_store(autotest_ext, enabled, enable_managed_policy=True):
Enable ARC++ Play Store
Do nothing if the account is managed and enable_managed_policy is set to
@param autotest_ext: autotest extension object.
@param enabled: if True then perform opt-in, otherwise opt-out.
@param enable_managed_policy: If False then policy check is ignored for
managed user case and ARC++ is forced enabled or disabled.
@returns: True if the opt-in should continue; else False.
if autotest_ext is None:
raise error.TestFail(
'Could not change the Play Store enabled state because '
'autotest API does not exist')
# Skip enabling for managed users, since value is policy enforced.
# Return early if a managed user has ArcEnabled set to false.
get_play_store_state = '''
new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
chrome.autotestPrivate.getPlayStoreState((state) => {
if (chrome.runtime.lastError) {
reject(new Error(chrome.runtime.lastError.message));
state = autotest_ext.EvaluateJavaScript(get_play_store_state,
if state['managed']:
# Handle managed case.'Determined that ARC is managed by user policy.')
if enable_managed_policy:
if enabled == state['enabled']:
return True'Returning early since ARC is policy-enforced.')
return False'Forcing ARC %s, ignore managed state.',
('enabled' if enabled else 'disabled'))
%s, function(enabled) {});
''' % ('true' if enabled else 'false'))
except exceptions.EvaluateException as e:
raise error.TestFail('Could not change the Play Store enabled state '
' via autotest API. "%s".' % e)
return True
def find_opt_in_extension_page(browser):
Find and verify the opt-in extension extension page.
@param browser: chrome.Chrome broswer object.
@returns: the extension page.
@raises: error.TestFail if extension is not found or is mal-formed.
opt_in_extension_id = extension_page.UrlToExtensionId(_ARC_SUPPORT_HOST_URL)
extension_pages = browser.extensions.GetByExtensionId(
except Exception, e:
raise error.TestFail('Could not locate extension for arc opt-in. '
'Make sure disable_default_apps is False. '
'"%s".' % e)
extension_main_page = None
for page in extension_pages:
url = page.EvaluateJavaScript('location.href;')
if url.endswith(_ARC_SUPPORT_HOST_PAGENAME):
extension_main_page = page
if not extension_main_page:
raise error.TestError('Found opt-in extension but not correct page!')
js_code_did_start_conditions = ['termsPage != null',
'(termsPage.isManaged_ || termsPage.state_ == LoadState.LOADED)']
for condition in js_code_did_start_conditions:
except Exception, e:
raise error.TestError('Error waiting for "%s": "%s".' % (condition, e))
return extension_main_page
def opt_in_and_wait_for_completion(extension_main_page):
Step through the user input of the opt-in extension and wait for completion.
@param extension_main_page: opt-in extension object.
@raises error.TestFail if opt-in doesn't complete after timeout.
except Exception, e:
js_read_error_message = """
err = appWindow.contentWindow.document.getElementById(
if (err) {
err_msg = extension_main_page.EvaluateJavaScript(js_read_error_message)
err_msg = err_msg.strip()
logging.error('Error: %r', err_msg)
if err_msg:
raise error.TestFail('Opt-in app error: %r' % err_msg)
raise error.TestFail('Opt-in app did not finish running after %s '
'seconds!' % _SIGN_IN_TIMEOUT)
# Reset termsPage to be able to reuse OptIn page and wait condition for ToS
# are loaded.
extension_main_page.ExecuteJavaScript('termsPage = null')
def opt_in(browser,
Step through opt in and wait for it to complete.
Return early if the arc_setting cannot be set True.
@param browser: chrome.Chrome browser object.
@param autotest_ext: autotest extension object.
@param enable_managed_policy: If False then policy check is ignored for
managed user case and ARC++ is forced enabled.
@param wait_for_provisioning: True in case we have to wait for provisioning
to complete.
@raises: error.TestFail if opt in fails.
# TODO(b/124391451): Enterprise tests have race, when ARC policy appears
# after profile prefs sync completed. That means they may appear as
# non-managed first, treated like this but finally turns as managed. This
# leads to test crash. Solution is to wait until prefs are synced or, if
# possible tune test accounts to wait sync is completed before starting the
# Chrome session.
# Enabling Play Store may affect this flag, capture it before.
tos_needed = get_arc_session_state(autotest_ext).tos_needed
if not enable_play_store(autotest_ext, True, enable_managed_policy):
if not wait_for_provisioning:
if tos_needed:
extension_main_page = find_opt_in_extension_page(browser)