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NAME = 'platform_MemCheck'
PURPOSE = 'Verify memory values look reasonable.'
This test will fail if unexpected values are found for:
- Total Memory
- Free Memory
- Swap Cached
- Swap Total
- Virtual Memory
AUTHOR = 'kdlucas, puthik'
TEST_CATEGORY = 'Functional'
TEST_CLASS = 'platform'
TEST_TYPE = 'client'
ATTRIBUTES = "suite:bvt-cq"
DEPENDENCIES = 'cleanup-reboot'
DOC = """
Verifies that memory levels look sane.
The resources being verified are:
Total Memory
Free Memory
Swap Total
Virtual Memory Total
Memory Speed
We are assuming that we should have at least 1/2 of total memory free and
that virtual memory should be at least 102400 KB and memory speed is at
least 1333 MHz.
This test requires a reboot of the DUT before it runs for free memory check
(thus the 'cleanup-reboot' dependency).