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# Copyright (c) 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging, os
import math
from autotest_lib.client.bin import utils, test
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
class kernel_CrosECSysfsAccel(test.test):
'''Make sure the EC sysfs accel interface provides meaningful output'''
version = 1
# For EC accelerometer, define the number of counts in 1G, and the number
# of counts that the magnitude of each sensor is allowed to be off from a
# magnitude of 1G. These values are not sensor dependent, they are based
# on the EC sysfs interface, which specifies number of counts in 1G.
_ACCEL_1G_IN_G = 1024
_ACCEL_1G_IN_MS2 = 9.8185
_ACCEL_BASE_LOC = 'base'
_ACCEL_LID_LOC = 'lid'
sysfs_accel_search_path = '/sys/bus/iio/devices'
sysfs_accel_paths = {}
sysfs_accel_old_path = ''
new_sysfs_layout = True
def _read_sysfs_accel_file(cls, fullpath):
Read the contents of the given accel sysfs file or fail
@param fullpath Name of the file within the accel sysfs interface
content = utils.read_file(fullpath)
except Exception as err:
raise error.TestFail('sysfs file problem: %s' % err)
return content
def _find_sysfs_accel_dir(self):
Return the sysfs directory for accessing EC accels
for _, dirs, _ in os.walk(self.sysfs_accel_search_path):
for d in dirs:
dirpath = os.path.join(self.sysfs_accel_search_path, d)
namepath = os.path.join(dirpath, 'name')
content = utils.read_file(namepath)
except IOError as err:
# errno 2 is code for file does not exist, which is ok
# here, just continue on to next directory. Any other
# error is a problem, raise an error.
if err.errno == 2:
raise error.TestFail('IOError %d while searching for accel'
'sysfs dir in %s', err.errno, namepath)
# Correct directory has a file called 'name' with contents
# 'cros-ec-accel'
if content.strip() != 'cros-ec-accel':
locpath = os.path.join(dirpath, 'location')
location = utils.read_file(locpath)
except IOError as err:
if err.errno == 2:
# We have an older scheme
self.new_sysfs_layout = False
self.sysfs_accel_old_path = dirpath
raise error.TestFail('IOError %d while reading %s',
err.errno, locpath)
loc = location.strip()
if loc in self._ACCEL_LOCS:
self.sysfs_accel_paths[loc] = dirpath
if (not self.sysfs_accel_old_path and
len(self.sysfs_accel_paths) == 0):
raise error.TestFail('No sysfs interface to EC accels (cros-ec-accel)')
def _verify_accel_data(self, name):
Verify one of the EC accelerometers through the sysfs interface.
if self.new_sysfs_layout:
accel_scale = float(self._read_sysfs_accel_file(
exp = self._ACCEL_1G_IN_MS2
accel_scale = 1
exp = self._ACCEL_1G_IN_G
err = exp * self._ACCEL_MAG_VALID_OFFSET
value = {}
mag = 0
for axis in ['x', 'y', 'z']:
name_list = ['in', 'accel', axis]
if self.new_sysfs_layout:
base_path = self.sysfs_accel_paths[name]
base_path = self.sysfs_accel_old_path
axis_path = os.path.join(base_path, '_'.join(name_list))
value[axis] = int(self._read_sysfs_accel_file(axis_path))
value[axis] *= accel_scale
mag += value[axis] * value[axis]
mag = math.sqrt(mag)
# Accel data is out of range if magnitude is not close to 1G.
# Note, this means test will fail on the moon.
if abs(mag - exp) <= err:"%s accel passed. Magnitude is %f.", name, mag)
else:"%s accel bad data. Magnitude is %f, expected "
"%f +/-%f. Raw data is x:%f, y:%f, z:%f.", name,
mag, exp, err, value['x'], value['y'], value['z'])
raise error.TestFail("Accel magnitude out of range.")
def run_once(self):
Check for accelerometers, and if present, check data is valid
# First make sure that the motion sensors are active. If this
# check fails it means the EC motion sense task is not running and
# therefore not updating acceleration values in shared memory.
# Note that this check only works for x86 boards.
arch = utils.get_arch()
if arch.startswith('x86'):
active = utils.system_output('ectool motionsense active')
if active == "0":
raise error.TestFail("Motion sensing is inactive")
# Find the iio sysfs directory for EC accels
if self.sysfs_accel_old_path:
# Get all accelerometer data
accel_info = utils.system_output('ectool motionsense')
info = accel_info.splitlines()
# If the base accelerometer is present, then verify data
if 'None' not in info[1]:
# If the lid accelerometer is present, then verify data
if 'None' not in info[2]:
for loc in self.sysfs_accel_paths.keys():