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# Copyright (c) 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from autotest_lib.client.cros.power import power_dashboard
class ServerTestDashboard(power_dashboard.BaseDashboard):
"""Dashboard class for autotests that run on server side.
def __init__(self, logger, testname, host, start_ts=None, resultsdir=None,
uploadurl=None, note=''):
"""Create ServerTestDashboard objects.
logger: object that store the log. This will get convert to
dictionary by self._convert()
testname: name of current test
resultsdir: directory to save the power json
uploadurl: url to upload power data
host: autotest_lib.server.hosts.cros_host.CrosHost object of DUT
note: note for current test run
self._host = host
self._note = note
super(ServerTestDashboard, self).__init__(logger, testname, start_ts,
resultsdir, uploadurl)
def _create_dut_info_dict(self, power_rails):
"""Create a dictionary that contain information of the DUT.
power_rails: list of measured power rails
DUT info dictionary
board = self._host.get_board().replace('board:', '')
platform = self._host.get_platform()
if not platform.startswith(board):
board += '_' + platform
if self._host.has_hammer():
board += '_hammer'
dut_info_dict = {
'board': board,
'version': {
'hw': self._host.get_hardware_revision(),
'milestone': self._host.get_chromeos_release_milestone(),
'os': self._host.get_release_version(),
'channel': self._host.get_channel(),
'firmware': self._host.get_firmware_version(),
'ec': self._host.get_ec_version(),
'kernel': self._host.get_kernel_version(),
'sku' : {
'cpu': self._host.get_cpu_name(),
'memory_size': self._host.get_mem_total_gb(),
'storage_size': self._host.get_disk_size_gb(),
'display_resolution': self._host.get_screen_resolution(),
'ina': {
'version': 0,
'ina': power_rails,
'note': self._note,
if self._host.has_battery():
# Round the battery size to nearest tenth because it is fluctuated
# for platform without battery nominal voltage data.
dut_info_dict['sku']['battery_size'] = round(
self._host.get_battery_size(), 1)
dut_info_dict['sku']['battery_shutdown_percent'] = \
return dut_info_dict
class PowerTelemetryLoggerDashboard(ServerTestDashboard):
"""Dashboard class for power_telemetry_logger.PowerTelemetryLogger class.
def __init__(self, logger, testname, host, start_ts, checkpoint_logger,
resultsdir=None, uploadurl=None, note=''):
if uploadurl is None:
uploadurl = ''
self._checkpoint_logger = checkpoint_logger
super(PowerTelemetryLoggerDashboard, self).__init__(
logger, testname, host, start_ts, resultsdir, uploadurl, note)
def _create_checkpoint_dict(self):
"""Create dictionary for checkpoint.
return self._checkpoint_logger.convert_relative(self._start_ts)
def _convert(self):
self._logger is already in correct format, so just return it.
raw measurement dictionary
return self._logger