Suite running in Skylab

This is the package of Skylab suite. See the design doc.

The package of Autotest suite is in


Skylab suite package provides two commands:

  • bin/run_suite_skylab
  • bin/abort_suite_skylab

run_suite_skylab is a script to kick off a suite running in Skylab. abort_suite_skylabis a script to abort a suite running in Skylab.


To run unittests, in the autotest repository root, run:

$ bin/test_skylab_suite

To test locally, some example commands are:

$ bin/run_suite_skylab --pool=suites --board=nyan_blaze --suite_name=sanity
  --build=nyan_blaze-release/R69-10763.0.0 --priority 215 --do_nothing

$ bin/run_suite_skylab --pool=cq --board=nyan_blaze --suite_name=dummy
  --build=nyan_blaze-release/R69-10763.0.0 --priority 80 --timeout_mins 30
  --test_retry --max_retries 5

$ bin/run_suite_skylab --build nyan_blaze-release/R69-10763.0.0 --board nyan_blaze
  --suite_name provision --pool suites --priority 50 --timeout_min 30 --test_retry
  --max_retries 5 --suite_args "{u'num_required': 1} --create_and_return

To trigger a suite to staging lab, in the chromite repository root, run:

$ ./third_party/swarming.client/ run --auth-service-account-json [secret_file] --swarming --raw-cmd --dimension pool ChromeOSSkylab-suite --dimension id [cros-skylab-staging-2-*] ‘--tags=luci_project:chromiumos’ --tags=‘build:nyan_blaze-release/R70-11012.0.0’ -- /usr/local/autotest/bin/run_suite_skylab --build nyan_blaze-release/R70-11012.0.0 [omit other parameters...] --create_and_return --use_fallback --pre_check