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import time
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.client.bin import test, utils
class profiler_test(test.test):
version = 2
def initialize(self, profiler=None, profiler_args=(), profiler_dargs=None):
Initialize this test with the profiler name, args and dargs.
@param profiler: Profiler name.
@param profiler_args: Profiler non-keyword arguments.
@param profiler_dargs: Profiler keyword arguments.
if not profiler:
raise error.TestError('No profiler specified.')
self._profiler = profiler
self._profiler_args = profiler_args
self._profiler_dargs = profiler_dargs or {}
def execute(self, seconds=5):
Add and start the profiler, sleep some seconds, stop and delete it.
We override "execute" and not "run_once" because we need to control
profilers here and in "run_once" it would be too late for that.
@param seconds: Number of seconds to sleep while the profiler is
profilers = self.job.profilers
profilers.add(self._profiler, *self._profiler_args,
# TODO: check for profiler result files?