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# Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging
from autotest_lib.client.bin import test
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import utils
class detachablebase_TriggerHammerd(test.test):
"""Hammerd smoke test.
Hammerd upstart job should be invoked on boot. The job should exit normally.
Also, checks that hammerd enables USB autosuspend on the hammer device.
version = 1
# The upstart job's name.
PROCESS_NAME = 'hammerd'
# Path of the system log.
MESSAGE_PATH = '/var/log/messages'
# Message to find the start line of each boot. The boot timing is usually
# [ 0.000000], but in case the boot process has delay, we accept any
# timing within 1 second.
BOOT_START_LINE_MSG = 'kernel: \[ 0\.[0-9]\{6\}\] Linux version'
# Message that is printed when hammerd is triggered on boot.
# It is defined at `src/platform2/hammerd/init/`.
TRIGGER_ON_BOOT_MSG = 'Force trigger hammerd at boot.'
# Message that is printed when the hammerd job failed to terminated
# normally.
PROCESS_FAILED_MSG = '%s main process ([0-9]\+) terminated' % PROCESS_NAME
# Hammerd writes path to USB device in that file.
WRITE_SYSFS_PATH = '/run/hammer_sysfs_path'
# Autosuspend control sysfs PATH (rooted at USB device sysfs path)
SYSFS_POWER_CONTROL_PATH = 'power/control'
def run_once(self):
# Get the start line of message belonging to this current boot.
start_line =
'grep -ni "%s" "%s" | tail -n 1 | cut -d ":" -f 1' %
ignore_status=True).stdout.strip()'Start line: %s', start_line)
if not start_line:
raise error.TestFail('Start line of boot is not found.')
def _grep_messages(pattern):
return'tail -n +%s %s | grep "%s"' %
(start_line, self.MESSAGE_PATH, pattern),
# Check hammerd is triggered on boot.
if not _grep_messages(self.TRIGGER_ON_BOOT_MSG):
raise error.TestFail('hammerd is not triggered on boot.')
# Check hammerd is terminated normally.
if _grep_messages(self.PROCESS_FAILED_MSG):
hammerd_log = _grep_messages(self.PROCESS_NAME)
logging.error('Hammerd log: %s', hammerd_log)
raise error.TestFail('hammerd terminated with non-zero value')
# Check that hammerd wrote to WRITE_SYSFS_PATH
sysfspath = utils.read_one_line(self.WRITE_SYSFS_PATH)
if not sysfspath:
raise error.TestFail('%s is empty' % (self.WRITE_SYSFS_PATH))
# Check that autosuspend is enabled
power = utils.read_one_line(sysfspath + '/' +
if power != 'auto':
raise error.TestFail('Autosuspend not enabled on hammer port')