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# Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging
import os
import random
import time
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.server import test
from autotest_lib.server.cros import queue_barrier
# P2P_PATH is the path where the p2p server expects the sharing files.
P2P_PATH = '/var/cache/p2p'
# Prefix all the test files with P2P_TEST_PREFIX.
P2P_TEST_PREFIX = 'p2p-test'
# File size of the shared file in KB.
P2P_FILE_SIZE_KB = 80 * 1000
# After a peer finishes the download we need it to keep serving the file for
# other peers. This peer will then wait up to P2P_SERVING_TIMEOUT_SECS seconds
# for the test to conclude.
# The file is initialy shared by the master in two parts. The first part is
# available at the beginning of the test, while the second part of the file
# becomes ready in the master after P2P_SHARING_GAP_SECS seconds.
# The master and clients have to initialize the p2p service and, in the case
# of the master, generate the first part of the file on disk.
class p2p_EndToEndTest(test.test):
"""Test to check that p2p works."""
version = 1
def run_once(self, dut, file_id, is_master, peers, barrier):
self._dut = dut
file_id = '%s-%s' % (P2P_TEST_PREFIX, file_id)
file_temp_name = os.path.join(P2P_PATH, file_id + '.tmp')
file_shared_name = os.path.join(P2P_PATH, file_id + '.p2p')
# Ensure that p2p is running.'start p2p || true')'status p2p | grep running')
# Prepare the file - this includes specifying its final size.'touch %s' % file_temp_name)'setfattr -n user.cros-p2p-filesize -v %d %s'
% (P2P_FILE_SIZE_KB * 1000, file_temp_name))'mv %s %s' % (file_temp_name, file_shared_name))
if is_master:
# The master generates a file and shares a part of it but announces
# the total size via the "user.cros-p2p-filesize" attribute.
# To ensure that the clients are retrieving this first shared part
# and hopefully blocking until the rest of the file is available,
# a sleep is included in the master side.'Master process running.')
first_part_size_kb = P2P_FILE_SIZE_KB / 3'dd if=/dev/urandom of=%s bs=1000 count=%d'
% (file_shared_name, first_part_size_kb))
# This small sleep is to ensure that the new file size is updated
# by avahi daemon.
# At this point, the master is sharing a non-empty file, signal all
# the clients that they can start the test. The clients should not
# take more and a few seconds to launch.
# Wait some time to allow clients download a partial file.
time.sleep(P2P_SHARING_GAP_SECS)'dd if=/dev/urandom of=%s bs=1000 count=%d'
' conv=notrunc oflag=append'
% (file_shared_name, P2P_FILE_SIZE_KB - first_part_size_kb))
# On the client side, first wait until the master is sharing
# a non-empty file, otherwise p2p-client will ignore the file.
# The master should not take more than a few seconds to generate
# the file.
# Wait a random time in order to not launch all the downloads
# at the same time, otherwise all devices would be seeing
# num-connections < $THRESHOLD .
r = random.Random()
secs_to_sleep = r.randint(1, 10)
logging.debug('Sleeping %d seconds', secs_to_sleep)
# Attempt the file download and start sharing it while
# downloading it.
ret ='p2p-client --get-url=%s' % file_id)
url = ret.stdout.strip()
if not url:
raise error.TestFail('p2p-client returned an empty URL.')
else:'Using URL %s', url)'curl %s -o %s' % (url, file_shared_name))
# Calculate the SHA1 (160 bits -> 40 characters when
# hexencoded) of the file and report this back so the
# server-side test can check they're all the same.
ret ='sha1sum %s' % file_shared_name)
sha1 = ret.stdout.strip()[0:40]'SHA1 is %s', sha1)
# Wait for all the clients to finish and check the received SHA1.
if is_master:
client_sha1s = barrier.master_barrier(
except queue_barrier.QueueBarrierTimeout:
raise error.TestFail("Test failed to complete in %d seconds."
for client_sha1 in client_sha1s:
if client_sha1 != sha1:
# Wrong SHA1 received.
raise error.TestFail("Received SHA1 (%s) doesn't match "
"master's SHA1 (%s)." % (client_sha1, sha1))
barrier.slave_barrier(sha1, timeout=P2P_SERVING_TIMEOUT_SECS)
except queue_barrier.QueueBarrierTimeout:
raise error.TestFail("Test failed to complete in %d seconds."
def cleanup(self):
# Clean the test environment and stop sharing this file.'rm -f %s/%s-*.p2p' % (P2P_PATH, P2P_TEST_PREFIX))