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# Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging
import os
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib.cros import cr50_utils
from autotest_lib.server.cros import filesystem_util
from autotest_lib.server.cros.faft.cr50_test import Cr50Test
class firmware_Cr50Update(Cr50Test):
Verify a dut can update to the given image.
Copy the new image onto the device and clear the update state to force
cr50-update to run. The test will fail if Cr50 does not update or if the
update script encounters any errors.
@param image: the location of the update image
@param image_type: string representing the image type. If it is "dev" then
don't check the RO versions when comparing versions.
version = 1
POST_INSTALL = "post_install"
DEV_NAME = "dev_image"
OLD_RELEASE_NAME = "old_release_image"
RELEASE_NAME = "release_image"
def initialize(self, host, cmdline_args, release_path="", release_ver="",
old_release_path="", old_release_ver="", test="",
"""Initialize servo and process the given images"""
super(firmware_Cr50Update, self).initialize(host, cmdline_args,
self.test_post_install = test.lower() == self.POST_INSTALL
if not release_ver and not os.path.isfile(release_path):
release_path = self.get_saved_cr50_original_path()'Using device image as release')
# Make sure ccd is disabled so it won't interfere with the update
filesystem_util.make_rootfs_writable( = host
# A dict used to store relevant information for each image
self.images = {}
# Process the given images in order of oldest to newest. Get the version
# info and add them to the update order
self.update_order = []
if old_release_path or old_release_ver:
old_release_path, old_release_ver)
self.add_image_to_update_order(self.RELEASE_NAME, release_path,
self.verify_update_order()"Update %s", self.update_order)
self.device_update_path = cr50_utils.GetActiveCr50ImagePath(
# Update to the dev image
def run_update(self, image_name, use_usb_update=False):
"""Copy the image to the DUT and upate to it.
Normal updates will use the cr50-update script to update. If a rollback
is True, use usb_update to flash the image and then use the 'rw'
commands to force a rollback.
@param image_name: the key in the images dict that can be used to
retrieve the image info.
@param use_usb_update: True if usb_updater should be used directly
instead of running the update script.
# Get the current update information
image_ver, image_ver_str, image_path = self.images[image_name]
dest, ver = cr50_utils.InstallImage(, image_path,
assert ver == image_ver, "Install failed"
image_rw = image_ver[1]
running_ver = cr50_utils.GetRunningVersion(
running_ver_str = cr50_utils.GetVersionString(running_ver)
# If the given image is older than the running one, then we will need
# to do a rollback to complete the update.
rollback = (cr50_utils.GetNewestVersion(running_ver[1], image_rw) !=
image_rw)"Attempting %s from %s to %s",
"rollback" if rollback else "update", running_ver_str,
# If a rollback is needed, flash the image into the inactive partition,
# on or use usb_update to update to the new image if it is requested.
if use_usb_update or rollback:
self.cr50_update(image_path, rollback=rollback)
{'mainfw_type': 'normal'}))
# Cr50 is going to reject an update if it hasn't been up for more than
# 60 seconds. Wait until that passes before trying to run the update.
# Running the usb update or rollback will enable ccd. Disable it again.
# Get the last cr50 update related message from /var/log/messages
last_message = cr50_utils.CheckForFailures(, '')
if self.test_post_install:
# The cr50 updates happen over /dev/tpm0. It takes a while. After
# cr50-update has finished, cr50 should reboot. Wait until this happens
# before sending anymore commands.
# Verify the system boots normally after the update
{'mainfw_type': 'normal'}))
# Verify the version has been updated and that there have been no
# unexpected usb_updater exit codes.
cr50_utils.VerifyUpdate(, image_ver, last_message)"Successfully updated from %s to %s %s", running_ver_str,
image_name, image_ver_str)
def post_install(self):
"""Run the update using the post-install script"""'/usr/share/cros/'))
def startup_install(self):
"""Run the update using the startup script"""
# Clear the update state and reboot, so cr50-update will run again.
def fetch_image(self, ver=None):
"""Fetch the image from gs and copy it to the host.
@param ver: The rw version of the prod image. If it is not None then the
image will be retrieved from chromeos-localmirror otherwise
it will be gotten from chromeos-localmirror-private using
the devids
if ver:
bid = None
if '/' in ver:
ver, bid = ver.split('/', 1)
return self.download_cr50_release_image(ver, bid)
return self.download_cr50_debug_image()
def add_image_to_update_order(self, image_name, image_path, ver=None):
"""Process the image. Add it to the update_order list and images dict.
Copy the image to the DUT and get version information.
Store the image information in the images dictionary and add it to the
update_order list.
@param image_name: string that is what the image should be called. Used
as the key in the images dict.
@param image_path: the path for the image.
@param ver: If the image path isn't specified, this will be used to find
the cr50 image in gs://chromeos-localmirror/distfiles.
tmp_file = '/tmp/%s.bin' % image_name
if not os.path.isfile(image_path):
image_path, ver = self.fetch_image(ver)
_, ver = cr50_utils.InstallImage(, image_path, tmp_file)
ver_str = cr50_utils.GetVersionString(ver)
self.images[image_name] = (ver, ver_str, image_path)"%s stored at %s with version %s", image_name, image_path,
def verify_update_order(self):
"""Verify each image in the update order has a higher version than the
The test uses the cr50 update script to update to the next image in the
update order. If the versions are not in ascending order then the update
won't work. Cr50 cannot update to an older version using the standard
update process.
TestError if the versions are not in ascending order.
for i, name in enumerate(self.update_order[1::]):
rw = self.images[name][0][1]
last_name = self.update_order[i]
last_rw = self.images[last_name][0][1]
if cr50_utils.GetNewestVersion(last_rw, rw) != rw:
raise error.TestError("%s is version %s. %s needs to have a "
"higher version, but it has %s" %
(last_name, last_rw, name, rw))
def after_run_once(self):
"""Add log printing what iteration we just completed""""Update iteration %s ran successfully", self.iteration)
def run_once(self):
"""Update to each image in update_order"""
for name in self.update_order: