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CONMUX -- Console Multiplexor
CONMUX is a console abstractor. Presenting any console with a
consistent location, naming and semantic. Access to the console,
and hardreset of the machine is the same regardless of the underlying
access methodology.
See the COPYING file for details.
See the INSTALL file for details.
A console multiplexor is defined using a per instance configuration file.
The standard startup scripts expect this to be in the ROOT/etc and have
a .cf suffix.
Below is an example configuration defining the console for a NUMA-Q:
$ cat
# START:autoboot
listener kite
socket console 'kite console'
command 'hardreset' 'initated a hard reset' \
'conmux-attach -o status localhost/kite reboot-numaq vcs \ kite 12346 administrator passwd'
These are connected to using the console command, using the symbolic console
$ console kite
Automatic Startup
See the start script for automated startup of console daemons.
This script is designed to be used at system boot time out of
Documentation and Examples
More detailed information on the workings of conmux can be found in
'conmux.html'. Example configuration files can be found in the
'examples' directory.
(C) Copyright IBM Corp. 2004, 2005, 2006
Author: Andy Whitcroft <>
The Console Multiplexor is released under the GNU Public License V2