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# Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging, os, time, utils, signal
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error, utils
from autotest_lib.client.cros import cros_ui_test
class TestProcess:
def __init__(self, command, pattern):
self.command = command
self.pattern = pattern
self.pid_su = ''
self.pid_bash = ''
def __wait_for_subprocess(self):
"""Waits for 10 seconds for a process whose job args matches the
expression given by self.pattern, and indicates whether it did or
not. ASSUMES only one process will match pattern."""
tries_remaining = 100
pid = ''
while tries_remaining > 0:
pid = utils.system_output('ps -U chronos -o pid,args | grep %s'
% self.pattern, ignore_status = True)
if pid != '':
# lstrip() on next line important, as PID data sometimes has
# leading spaces when returned from ps.
self.pid_bash = pid.lstrip().split(' ')[0]
tries_remaining -= 1
def run_me_as_chronos(self):
"""Runs the command in self.command as user 'chronos'. Waits for bash
sub-process to start, and fails if this does not happen."""
# Start process as user chronos.
self.pid_su = utils.BgJob('su chronos -c "%s"' % self.command)
# Get pid of bash sub-process. Even though utils.BgJob() has exited,
# the su-process may not have created its sub-process yet.
return self.pid_bash != ''
class login_LogoutProcessCleanup(cros_ui_test.UITest):
version = 1
def __get_session_manager_pid(self):
"""Get the PID of the session manager."""
return utils.system_output('pgrep "^session_manager$"',
ignore_status = True)
def __get_chronos_pids(self):
"""Get a list of all PIDs that are owned by chronos."""
return utils.system_output('pgrep -U chronos',
ignore_status = True).splitlines()
def __get_stat_fields(self, pid):
"""Get a list of strings for the fields in /proc/pid/stat."""
stat_file = open('/proc/%s/stat' % pid)
return' ')
def __get_parent_pid(self, pid):
"""Get the parent PID of the given process."""
return self.__get_stat_fields(pid)[3]
def __is_process_dead(self, pid):
"""Check whether or not a process is dead. Zombies are dead."""
if self.__get_stat_fields(pid)[2] == 'Z':
return True
except IOError:
# if the proc entry is gone, it's dead
return True
return False
def __process_has_ancestor(self, pid, ancestor_pid):
"""Tests if the process pid has the ancestor ancestor_pid anywhere in
the process tree."""
ppid = pid
while not (ppid == ancestor_pid or ppid == "0"):
# This could fail if the process is killed while we are
# looking up the parent. In that case, treat it as if it
# did not have the ancestor.
ppid = self.__get_parent_pid(ppid)
except IOError:
return False
return ppid == ancestor_pid
def __has_chronos_processes(self, session_manager):
"""Checks if the system is running any processes owned by chronos that
were not started by the session manager."""
pids = self.__get_chronos_pids()
for p in pids:
if self.__is_process_dead(p):
if not self.__process_has_ancestor(p, session_manager):'found pid (%s) owned by chronos and not '
'started by the session manager' % p)
return True
return False
def run_once(self, is_control=False, timeout=10):
test_processes = []
TestProcess('while :; do :; done ; # tst00','bash.*tst00'))
# Create a test command that ignores SIGTERM.
TestProcess('trap 15; while :; do :; done ; # tst01',
for test in test_processes:
if not test.run_me_as_chronos():
raise error.TestFail('Did not start: bash %s' % test.command)
session_manager = self.__get_session_manager_pid()
if session_manager == "":
raise error.TestError('Could not find session manager pid')
if not self.__has_chronos_processes(session_manager):
raise error.TestFail('Expected to find processes owned by chronos '
'that were not started by the session manager while logged in.')
cpids = self.__get_chronos_pids()
# Sanity checks: make sure test jobs are in the list & still running.
for test in test_processes:
if cpids.count(test.pid_bash) != 1:
raise error.TestFail('Job missing (%s - %s)' %
(test.pid_bash, test.command))
if self.__is_process_dead(test.pid_bash):
raise error.TestFail('Job prematurely dead (%s - %s)' %
(test.pid_bash, test.command))
self.logout()'Logged out, searching for processes that should be dead')
# Wait until we have a new session manager. At that point, all
# old processes should be dead.
old_session_manager = session_manager
while session_manager == "" or session_manager == old_session_manager:
session_manager = self.__get_session_manager_pid()
# Make sure all pre-logout chronos processes are now dead.
old_pid_count = 0
for p in cpids:
if not self.__is_process_dead(p):
old_pid_count += 1
proc_args = utils.system_output('ps -p %s -o args=' % p,
ignore_status = True)'Found pre-logout chronos process pid=%s (%s) '
'still alive.' % (p, proc_args))
# If p is something we started, kill it.
for test in test_processes:
if (p == test.pid_su or p == test.pid_bash):
utils.signal_pid(p, signal.SIGKILL)
if old_pid_count > 0:
raise error.TestFail('Found %s chronos processes that survived '
'logout.' % old_pid_count)