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AUTHOR = "Chromium OS Team"
NAME = "platform_CryptohomeStress.surfing"
PURPOSE = "Stress test the encrypted file system in Chromium OS."
TEST_CATEGORY = "Security"
TEST_CLASS = "security"
TEST_TYPE = "client"
DOC = """
This is a stress test of the file system in Chromium OS. While performing the
test, we will cycle through power states, and interrupt disk activity.
# The time in seconds to run this stress for, passed to the individual tests.
def run_sleeper():
job.run_test('power_SuspendStress', duration=RUNTIME, min_suspend=20)
def run_fio():
job.run_test('platform_CryptohomeFio', runtime=RUNTIME,
disk_configs=['crypto'], script='surfing')
def run_cryptohomestress():
job.run_test('platform_CryptohomeStress', runtime=RUNTIME)
job.parallel([run_sleeper], [run_fio], [run_cryptohomestress])