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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import gzip, logging, os, re
from autotest_lib.client.bin import utils
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
class KernelConfig():
Parse the kernel config and enable us to query it.
Used to verify the kernel config (see kernel_ConfigVerify).
def _passed(self, msg):'ok: %s', msg)
def _failed(self, msg):
logging.error('FAIL: %s', msg)
def failures(self):
"""Return the list of failures that occured during the test.
@return a list of string describing errors that occured since
return self._failures
def _fatal(self, msg):
logging.error('FATAL: %s', msg)
raise error.TestError(msg)
def get(self, key, default):
"""Get the value associated to key or default if it does not exist
@param key: key to look for.
@param default: value returned if key is not set in self._config
return self._config.get(key, default)
def _config_required(self, name, wanted):
value = self._config.get(name, None)
if value in wanted:
self._passed('"%s" was "%s" in kernel config' % (name, value))
states = []
for state in wanted:
if state == None:
self._failed('"%s" was "%s" (wanted one of "%s") in kernel config' %
(name, value, '|'.join(states)))
def has_value(self, name, value):
"""Determine if the name config item has a specific value.
@param name: name of config item to test
@param value: value expected for the given config name
self._config_required('CONFIG_%s' % (name), value)
def has_builtin(self, name):
"""Check if the specific config item is built-in (present but not
built as a module).
@param name: name of config item to test
self.has_value(name, ['y'])
def has_module(self, name):
"""Check if the specific config item is a module (present but not
@param name: name of config item to test
self.has_value(name, ['m'])
def is_enabled(self, name):
"""Check if the specific config item is present (either built-in or
a module).
@param name: name of config item to test
self.has_value(name, ['y', 'm'])
def is_missing(self, name):
"""Check if the specific config item is not present (neither built-in
nor a module).
@param name: name of config item to test
self.has_value(name, [None])
def is_exclusive(self, exclusive):
"""Given a config item regex, make sure only the expected items
are present in the kernel configs.
@param exclusive: hash containing "missing", "builtin", "module",
each to be checked with the corresponding has_*
function based on config items matching the
"regex" value.
expected = set()
for name in exclusive['missing']:
for name in exclusive['builtin']:
expected.add('CONFIG_%s' % (name))
for name in exclusive['module']:
expected.add('CONFIG_%s' % (name))
# Now make sure nothing else with the specified regex exists.
regex = r'CONFIG_%s' % (exclusive['regex'])
for name in self._config:
if not re.match(regex, name):
if not name in expected:
self._failed('"%s" found for "%s" when only "%s" allowed' %
(name, regex, "|".join(expected)))
def _open_config(self):
"""Open the kernel's build config file. Attempt to use the built-in
symbols from /proc first, then fall back to looking for a text file
in /boot.
@return fileobj for open config file
filename = '/proc/config.gz'
if not os.path.exists(filename):
utils.system("modprobe configs", ignore_status=True)
if os.path.exists(filename):
return, "r")
filename = '/boot/config-%s' % utils.system_output('uname -r')
if os.path.exists(filename):'Falling back to reading %s', filename)
return file(filename, "r")
self._fatal("Cannot locate suitable kernel config file")
def initialize(self):
"""Load the kernel configuration and parse it.
fileobj = self._open_config()
# Import kernel config variables into a dictionary for each searching.
config = dict()
for item in fileobj.readlines():
item = item.strip()
if not '=' in item:
key, value = item.split('=', 1)
config[key] = value
# Make sure we actually loaded something sensible.
if len(config) == 0:
self._fatal('No CONFIG variables found!')
self._config = config
self._failures = []