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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging
import os
import time
from autotest_lib.server import test
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error, utils
from autotest_lib.server.cros import gsutil_wrapper
from autotest_lib.server.cros.dynamic_suite import constants as ds_constants
class FingerprintTest(test.test):
"""Base class that sets up helpers for fingerprint tests."""
version = 1
# Location of firmware from the build on the DUT
_FINGERPRINT_BUILD_FW_DIR = '/opt/google/biod/fw'
'TEST_IMAGE_CORRUPT_FIRST_BYTE': '%s_corrupt_first_byte.bin',
'TEST_IMAGE_CORRUPT_LAST_BYTE': '%s_corrupt_last_byte.bin',
_DUT_TMP_PATH_BASE = '/tmp/fp_test'
# Name of key in "futility show" output corresponds to the signing key ID
# Types of firmware
# Types of signing keys
_KEY_TYPE_DEV = 'dev'
_KEY_TYPE_PRE_MP = 'premp'
_KEY_TYPE_MP = 'mp'
# EC board names for FPMCUs
_FP_BOARD_NAME_NOCTURNE = 'nocturne_fp'
_FP_BOARD_NAME_NAMI = 'nami_fp'
# Map from signing key ID to type of signing key
_KEY_ID_MAP_ = {
# bloonchipper
'61382804da86b4156d666cc9a976088f8b647d44': _KEY_TYPE_DEV,
'07b1af57220c196e363e68d73a5966047c77011e': _KEY_TYPE_PRE_MP,
# dartmonkey
'257a0aa3ac9e81aa4bc3aabdb6d3d079117c5799': _KEY_TYPE_MP,
# nocturne
'8a8fc039a9463271995392f079b83ce33832d07d': _KEY_TYPE_DEV,
'6f38c866182bd9bf7a4462c06ac04fa6a0074351': _KEY_TYPE_MP,
'f6f7d96c48bd154dbae7e3fe3a3b4c6268a10934': _KEY_TYPE_PRE_MP,
# nami
'754aea623d69975a22998f7b97315dd53115d723': _KEY_TYPE_PRE_MP,
'35486c0090ca390408f1fbbf2a182966084fe2f8': _KEY_TYPE_MP
# RO versions that are flashed in the factory
# (for eternity for a given board)
_FP_BOARD_NAME_BLOONCHIPPER: 'bloonchipper_v2.0.4019-265ce611', # not yet finalized
_FP_BOARD_NAME_DARTMONKEY: 'dartmonkey_v2.0.2887-311310808',
_FP_BOARD_NAME_NOCTURNE: 'nocturne_fp_v2.2.64-58cf5974e',
_FP_BOARD_NAME_NAMI: 'nami_fp_v2.2.144-7a08e07eb',
# Map of attributes for a given board's various firmware file releases
# Two purposes:
# 1) Documents the exact versions and keys used for a given firmware file.
# 2) Used to verify that files that end up in the build (and therefore
# what we release) is exactly what we expect.
'bloonchipper_v2.0.3455-bc55b4ae.bin': {
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_SHA256SUM: '821bb12c74920396f5ef8829ec283cdb73ef47b00dc0fdd417c1dc7fd87b4f18',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RO_VERSION: 'bloonchipper_v2.0.3455-bc55b4ae',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RW_VERSION: 'bloonchipper_v2.0.3455-bc55b4ae',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_KEY_ID: '07b1af57220c196e363e68d73a5966047c77011e',
'bloonchipper_v2.0.3504-f45c30a9.bin': {
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_SHA256SUM: '6f5fe59909097287c95ddd879832e30790926c307e203c617ba7d04bd007dcea',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RO_VERSION: 'bloonchipper_v2.0.3504-f45c30a9',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RW_VERSION: 'bloonchipper_v2.0.3504-f45c30a9',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_KEY_ID: '07b1af57220c196e363e68d73a5966047c77011e',
'bloonchipper_v2.0.4019-265ce611.bin': {
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_SHA256SUM: 'c66ee09d60e4ad8c6afd00d4982cc7681a0bd37306bb156d3817aca4802d91e7',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RO_VERSION: 'bloonchipper_v2.0.4019-265ce611',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RW_VERSION: 'bloonchipper_v2.0.4019-265ce611',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_KEY_ID: '07b1af57220c196e363e68d73a5966047c77011e',
'nocturne_fp_v2.2.110-b936c0a3c.bin': {
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_SHA256SUM: '9da32787d68e2ac408be55a4d8c7de13e0f8c0a4a9912d69108b91794e90ee4b',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RO_VERSION: 'nocturne_fp_v2.2.64-58cf5974e',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RW_VERSION: 'nocturne_fp_v2.2.110-b936c0a3c',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_KEY_ID: '6f38c866182bd9bf7a4462c06ac04fa6a0074351',
'nocturne_fp_v2.2.191-1d529566e.bin': {
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_SHA256SUM: 'e21223d6a3dbb7a6c6f2905f602f972b8a2b6d0fb52e262931745dae808e7c4d',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RO_VERSION: 'nocturne_fp_v2.2.64-58cf5974e',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RW_VERSION: 'nocturne_fp_v2.2.191-1d529566e',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_KEY_ID: '6f38c866182bd9bf7a4462c06ac04fa6a0074351',
'nocturne_fp_v2.0.3266-99b5e2c98.bin': {
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_SHA256SUM: '73d822071518cf1b6e705d9c5903c2bcf37bae536784b275b96d916c44d3b6b7',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RO_VERSION: 'nocturne_fp_v2.2.64-58cf5974e',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RW_VERSION: 'nocturne_fp_v2.0.3266-99b5e2c98',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_KEY_ID: '6f38c866182bd9bf7a4462c06ac04fa6a0074351',
'nocturne_fp_v2.0.4017-9c45fb4b3.bin': {
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_SHA256SUM: '16c405eeaff75dcbc76dbc9f368f66e3fabc47e2ebcf13bd2b64b8b133bbff97',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RO_VERSION: 'nocturne_fp_v2.2.64-58cf5974e',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RW_VERSION: 'nocturne_fp_v2.0.4017-9c45fb4b3',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_KEY_ID: '6f38c866182bd9bf7a4462c06ac04fa6a0074351',
'nami_fp_v2.2.144-7a08e07eb.bin': {
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_SHA256SUM: '375d7fcbb3f1fd8837b0572b4ef7fa848189d3ac53ced5dcb1abe3ddca9f11c4',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RO_VERSION: 'nami_fp_v2.2.144-7a08e07eb',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RW_VERSION: 'nami_fp_v2.2.144-7a08e07eb',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_KEY_ID: '35486c0090ca390408f1fbbf2a182966084fe2f8',
'nami_fp_v2.2.191-1d529566e.bin': {
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_SHA256SUM: '684b63b1a2c929cf2be2fd564e9ae6032fdbbcfe0991d860c540420c40405776',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RO_VERSION: 'nami_fp_v2.2.144-7a08e07eb',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RW_VERSION: 'nami_fp_v2.2.191-1d529566e',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_KEY_ID: '35486c0090ca390408f1fbbf2a182966084fe2f8',
'nami_fp_v2.0.3266-99b5e2c98.bin': {
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_SHA256SUM: '115bca7045428ce6639b41cc0fdc13d1ca414f6e76842e805a9fbb798a9cd7ad',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RO_VERSION: 'nami_fp_v2.2.144-7a08e07eb',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RW_VERSION: 'nami_fp_v2.0.3266-99b5e2c98',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_KEY_ID: '35486c0090ca390408f1fbbf2a182966084fe2f8',
'nami_fp_v2.0.4017-9c45fb4b3.bin': {
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_SHA256SUM: '7965ea4c4371ee6d21dc462b9ed7c99078d17f4b772bec51441ca9af7d8f3a80',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RO_VERSION: 'nami_fp_v2.2.144-7a08e07eb',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RW_VERSION: 'nami_fp_v2.0.4017-9c45fb4b3',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_KEY_ID: '35486c0090ca390408f1fbbf2a182966084fe2f8',
'dartmonkey_v2.0.2887-311310808.bin': {
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_SHA256SUM: '90716b73d1db5a1b6108530be1d11addf3b13e643bc6f96d417cbce383f3cb18',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RO_VERSION: 'dartmonkey_v2.0.2887-311310808',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RW_VERSION: 'dartmonkey_v2.0.2887-311310808',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_KEY_ID: '257a0aa3ac9e81aa4bc3aabdb6d3d079117c5799',
'dartmonkey_v2.0.3266-99b5e2c98.bin': {
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_SHA256SUM: 'ac1c74b5d2676923f041ee1a27bf5b9892fab1d4f82fe924550a9b55917606ae',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RO_VERSION: 'dartmonkey_v2.0.2887-311310808',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RW_VERSION: 'dartmonkey_v2.0.3266-99b5e2c98',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_KEY_ID: '257a0aa3ac9e81aa4bc3aabdb6d3d079117c5799',
'dartmonkey_v2.0.4017-9c45fb4b3.bin': {
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_SHA256SUM: 'b84914c70e93c28e2221f48be338dbf0ad0cfb12b7877baaf6b47f7bfd2aa958',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RO_VERSION: 'dartmonkey_v2.0.2887-311310808',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_RW_VERSION: 'dartmonkey_v2.0.4017-9c45fb4b3',
_FIRMWARE_VERSION_KEY_ID: '257a0aa3ac9e81aa4bc3aabdb6d3d079117c5799',
'timberslide LOG_PATH=/sys/kernel/debug/cros_fp/console_log'
_INIT_ENTROPY_CMD = 'bio_wash --factory_init'
_CROS_FP_ARG = '--name=cros_fp'
_ECTOOL_FIRMWARE_COPY = 'Firmware copy'
_ECTOOL_ROLLBACK_BLOCK_ID = 'Rollback block id'
_ECTOOL_ROLLBACK_MIN_VERSION = 'Rollback min version'
_ECTOOL_ROLLBACK_RW_VERSION = 'RW rollback version'
def _parse_colon_delimited_output(ectool_output):
Converts ectool's (or any other tool with similar output) colon
delimited output into python dict. Ignores any lines that do not have
RO version: nocturne_fp_v2.2.64-58cf5974e
RW version: nocturne_fp_v2.2.110-b936c0a3c
'RO version': 'nocturne_fp_v2.2.64-58cf5974e',
'RW version': 'nocturne_fp_v2.2.110-b936c0a3c'
ret = {}
for line in ectool_output.strip().split('\n'):
splits = line.split(':', 1)
if len(splits) != 2:
key = splits[0].strip()
val = splits[1].strip()
ret[key] = val
raise error.TestFail('Unable to parse ectool output: %s'
% ectool_output)
return ret
def setup_test(self, host, test_dir, use_dev_signed_fw=False,
force_firmware_flashing=False, init_entropy=True):
"""Performs initialization.""" = host
self.servo = host.servo
self.servo.initialize_dut()'HW write protect enabled: %s',
# TODO( stop timberslide so /var/log/cros_fp.log
# continues to update after flashing.
self._timberslide_running =
if self._timberslide_running:'Stopping %s', self._TIMBERSLIDE_UPSTART_JOB_NAME)
self._biod_running =
if self._biod_running:'Stopping %s', self._BIOD_UPSTART_JOB_NAME)
# create tmp working directory on device (automatically cleaned up)
self._dut_working_dir =
parent=self._DUT_TMP_PATH_BASE)'Created dut_working_dir: %s', self._dut_working_dir)
self.copy_files_to_dut(test_dir, self._dut_working_dir)
self._build_fw_file = self.get_build_fw_file()
gen_script = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(self.autodir,
'server', 'cros', 'faft',
self._dut_firmware_test_images_dir = \
self._dut_working_dir)'dut_firmware_test_images_dir: %s',
if init_entropy:
def cleanup(self):
"""Restores original state."""
# Once the tests complete we need to make sure we're running the
# original firmware (not dev version) and potentially reset rollback.
if hasattr(self, '_biod_running') and self._biod_running:'Restarting biod')
if hasattr(self, '_timberslide_running') and self._timberslide_running:'Restarting timberslide')
super(FingerprintTest, self).cleanup()
def after_run_once(self):
"""Logs which iteration just ran."""'successfully ran iteration %d', self.iteration)
def _validate_compatible_servo_version(self):
"""Asserts if a compatible servo version is not attached."""
servo_version = self.servo.get_servo_version()'servo version: %s', servo_version)
def _generate_test_firmware_images(self, gen_script, build_fw_file,
Copies the fingerprint firmware from the DUT to the server running
the tests, which runs a script to generate various test versions of
the firmware.
@return full path to location of test images on DUT
# create subdirectory under existing tmp dir
server_tmp_dir = os.path.join(self.tmpdir,
os.mkdir(server_tmp_dir)'server_tmp_dir: %s', server_tmp_dir)
# Copy firmware from device to server
self.get_files_from_dut(build_fw_file, server_tmp_dir)
# Run the test image generation script on server
pushd = os.getcwd()
cmd = ' '.join([gen_script,
result = self.run_server_cmd(cmd)
if result.exit_status != 0:
raise error.TestFail('Failed to run test image generation script')
# Copy resulting files to DUT tmp dir
server_generated_images_dir = \
os.path.join(server_tmp_dir, self._GENIMAGES_OUTPUT_DIR_NAME)
self.copy_files_to_dut(server_generated_images_dir, dut_working_dir)
return os.path.join(dut_working_dir, self._GENIMAGES_OUTPUT_DIR_NAME)
def _initialize_test_firmware_image_attrs(self, dut_fw_test_images_dir):
"""Sets attributes with full path to test images on DUT.
Example: self.TEST_IMAGE_DEV = /some/path/images/
for key, val in self._TEST_IMAGE_FORMAT_MAP.iteritems():
full_path = os.path.join(dut_fw_test_images_dir,
val % self.get_fp_board())
setattr(self, key, full_path)
def _initialize_running_fw_version(self, use_dev_signed_fw,
Ensures that the running firmware version matches build version
and factory rollback settings; flashes to correct version if either
fails to match is requested to force flashing.
RO firmware: original version released at factory
RW firmware: firmware from current build
build_rw_firmware_version = \
golden_ro_firmware_version = \
self.get_golden_ro_firmware_version(use_dev_signed_fw)'Build RW firmware version: %s', build_rw_firmware_version)'Golden RO firmware version: %s',
running_rw_firmware = self.ensure_running_rw_firmware()
fw_versions_match = self.running_fw_version_matches_given_version(
build_rw_firmware_version, golden_ro_firmware_version)
if not running_rw_firmware or not fw_versions_match \
or not self.is_rollback_set_to_initial_val() \
or force_firmware_flashing:
fw_file = self._build_fw_file
if use_dev_signed_fw:
fw_file = self.TEST_IMAGE_DEV
if not self.running_fw_version_matches_given_version(
build_rw_firmware_version, golden_ro_firmware_version):
raise error.TestFail(
'Running firmware version does not match expected version')
def _initialize_fw_entropy(self):
"""Sets the entropy (key) in FPMCU flash (if not set)."""
result = self.run_cmd(self._INIT_ENTROPY_CMD)
if result.exit_status != 0:
raise error.TestFail('Unable to initialize entropy')
def _initialize_hw_and_sw_write_protect(self, enable_hardware_write_protect,
"""Enables/disables hardware/software write protect."""
# sw: 0, hw: 0 => initial_hw(0) -> sw(0) -> hw(0)
# sw: 0, hw: 1 => initial_hw(0) -> sw(0) -> hw(1)
# sw: 1, hw: 0 => initial_hw(1) -> sw(1) -> hw(0)
# sw: 1, hw: 1 => initial_hw(1) -> sw(1) -> hw(1)
hardware_write_protect_initial_enabled = True
if not enable_software_write_protect:
hardware_write_protect_initial_enabled = False
def get_fp_board(self):
"""Returns name of fingerprint EC.
nocturne and nami are special cases and have "_fp" appended. Newer
FPMCUs have unique names.
See go/cros-fingerprint-firmware-branching-and-signing.
# For devices that don't have unibuild support (which is required to
# use cros_config).
# TODO( remove when nocturne has cros_config
# support.
board =, '')
if board == 'nocturne':
# Use cros_config to get fingerprint board.
result = self._run_cros_config_cmd('board')
if result.exit_status != 0:
raise error.TestFail(
'Unable to get fingerprint board with cros_config')
return result.stdout.rstrip()
def get_build_fw_file(self):
"""Returns full path to build FW file on DUT."""
fp_board = self.get_fp_board()
ls_cmd = 'ls ' + self._FINGERPRINT_BUILD_FW_DIR + '/' + fp_board \
+ '*.bin'
result = self.run_cmd(ls_cmd)
if result.exit_status != 0:
raise error.TestFail('Unable to find firmware from build on device')
ret = result.stdout.rstrip()'Build firmware file: %s', ret)
return ret
def check_equal(self, a, b):
"""Raises exception if "a" does not equal "b"."""
if a != b:
raise error.TestFail('"%s" does not match expected "%s" for board '
'%s' % (a, b, self.get_fp_board()))
def _validate_build_fw_file(self, build_fw_file):
Checks that all attributes in the given firmware file match their
expected values.
# check hash
actual_hash = self._calculate_sha256sum(build_fw_file)
expected_hash = self._get_expected_firmware_hash(build_fw_file)
self.check_equal(actual_hash, expected_hash)
# check signing key_id
actual_key_id = self._read_firmware_key_id(build_fw_file)
expected_key_id = self._get_expected_firmware_key_id(build_fw_file)
self.check_equal(actual_key_id, expected_key_id)
# check that signing key is "pre mass production" (pre-mp) or
# "mass production" (MP) for firmware in the build
key_type = self._get_key_type(actual_key_id)
if not (key_type == self._KEY_TYPE_MP or
key_type == self._KEY_TYPE_PRE_MP):
raise error.TestFail('Firmware key type must be MP or PRE-MP '
'for board: %s' % self.get_fp_board())
# check ro_version
actual_ro_version = self._read_firmware_ro_version(build_fw_file)
expected_ro_version =\
self.check_equal(actual_ro_version, expected_ro_version)
# check rw_version
actual_rw_version = self._read_firmware_rw_version(build_fw_file)
expected_rw_version =\
self.check_equal(actual_rw_version, expected_rw_version)"Validated build firmware metadata.")
def _get_key_type(self, key_id):
"""Returns the key "type" for a given "key id"."""
key_type = self._KEY_ID_MAP_.get(key_id)
if key_type is None:
raise error.TestFail('Unable to get key type for key id: %s'
% key_id)
return key_type
def _get_expected_firmware_info(self, build_fw_file, info_type):
Returns expected firmware info for a given firmware file name.
build_fw_file_name = os.path.basename(build_fw_file)
board = self.get_fp_board()
board_expected_fw_info = self._FIRMWARE_VERSION_MAP.get(board)
if board_expected_fw_info is None:
raise error.TestFail('Unable to get firmware info for board: %s'
% board)
expected_fw_info = board_expected_fw_info.get(build_fw_file_name)
if expected_fw_info is None:
raise error.TestFail('Unable to get firmware info for file: %s'
% build_fw_file_name)
ret = expected_fw_info.get(info_type)
if ret is None:
raise error.TestFail('Unable to get firmware info type: %s'
% info_type)
return ret
def _get_expected_firmware_hash(self, build_fw_file):
"""Returns expected hash of firmware file."""
return self._get_expected_firmware_info(
build_fw_file, self._FIRMWARE_VERSION_SHA256SUM)
def _get_expected_firmware_key_id(self, build_fw_file):
"""Returns expected "key id" for firmware file."""
return self._get_expected_firmware_info(
build_fw_file, self._FIRMWARE_VERSION_KEY_ID)
def _get_expected_firmware_ro_version(self, build_fw_file):
"""Returns expected RO version for firmware file."""
return self._get_expected_firmware_info(
build_fw_file, self._FIRMWARE_VERSION_RO_VERSION)
def _get_expected_firmware_rw_version(self, build_fw_file):
"""Returns expected RW version for firmware file."""
return self._get_expected_firmware_info(
build_fw_file, self._FIRMWARE_VERSION_RW_VERSION)
def _read_firmware_key_id(self, file_name):
"""Returns "key id" as read from the given file."""
result = self._run_futility_show_cmd(file_name)
parsed = self._parse_colon_delimited_output(result)
key_id = parsed.get(self._FUTILITY_KEY_ID_KEY_NAME)
if key_id is None:
raise error.TestFail('Failed to get key ID for file: %s'
% file_name)
return key_id
def _read_firmware_ro_version(self, file_name):
"""Returns RO firmware version as read from the given file."""
return self._run_dump_fmap_cmd(file_name, 'RO_FRID')
def _read_firmware_rw_version(self, file_name):
"""Returns RW firmware version as read from the given file."""
return self._run_dump_fmap_cmd(file_name, 'RW_FWID')
def _calculate_sha256sum(self, file_name):
"""Returns SHA256 hash of the given file contents."""
result = self._run_sha256sum_cmd(file_name)
return result.stdout.split()[0]
def _get_running_firmware_info(self, key):
Returns requested firmware info (RW version, RO version, or firmware
result = self._run_ectool_cmd('version')
parsed = self._parse_colon_delimited_output(result.stdout)
if result.exit_status != 0:
raise error.TestFail('Failed to get running firmware info')
info = parsed.get(key)
if info is None:
raise error.TestFail(
'Failed to get running firmware info: %s' % key)
return info
def get_running_rw_firmware_version(self):
"""Returns running RW firmware version."""
return self._get_running_firmware_info(self._ECTOOL_RW_VERSION)
def get_running_ro_firmware_version(self):
"""Returns running RO firmware version."""
return self._get_running_firmware_info(self._ECTOOL_RO_VERSION)
def get_running_firmware_type(self):
"""Returns type of firmware we are running (RW or RO)."""
return self._get_running_firmware_info(self._ECTOOL_FIRMWARE_COPY)
def _get_rollback_info(self, info_type):
"""Returns requested type of rollback info."""
result = self._run_ectool_cmd('rollbackinfo')
parsed = self._parse_colon_delimited_output(result.stdout)
if result.exit_status != 0:
raise error.TestFail('Failed to get rollback info')
info = parsed.get(info_type)
if info is None:
raise error.TestFail('Failed to get rollback info: %s' % info_type)
return info
def get_rollback_id(self):
"""Returns rollback ID."""
return self._get_rollback_info(self._ECTOOL_ROLLBACK_BLOCK_ID)
def get_rollback_min_version(self):
"""Returns rollback min version."""
return self._get_rollback_info(self._ECTOOL_ROLLBACK_MIN_VERSION)
def get_rollback_rw_version(self):
"""Returns RW rollback version."""
return self._get_rollback_info(self._ECTOOL_ROLLBACK_RW_VERSION)
def _construct_dev_version(self, orig_version):
Given a "regular" version string from a signed build, returns the
special "dev" version that we use when creating the test images.
fw_version = orig_version
if len(fw_version) + len('.dev') > 31:
fw_version = fw_version[:27]
fw_version = fw_version + '.dev'
return fw_version
def get_golden_ro_firmware_version(self, use_dev_signed_fw):
"""Returns RO firmware version used in factory."""
board = self.get_fp_board()
golden_version = self._GOLDEN_RO_FIRMWARE_VERSION_MAP.get(board)
if golden_version is None:
raise error.TestFail('Unable to get golden RO version for board: %s'
% board)
if use_dev_signed_fw:
golden_version = self._construct_dev_version(golden_version)
return golden_version
def get_build_rw_firmware_version(self, use_dev_signed_fw):
"""Returns RW firmware version from build (based on filename)."""
fw_file = os.path.basename(self._build_fw_file)
if not fw_file.endswith('.bin'):
raise error.TestFail('Unexpected filename for RW firmware: %s'
% fw_file)
fw_version = fw_file[:-4]
if use_dev_signed_fw:
fw_version = self._construct_dev_version(fw_version)
return fw_version
def ensure_running_rw_firmware(self):
Check whether the device is running RW firmware. If not, try rebooting
to RW.
@return true if successfully verified running RW firmware, false
if self.get_running_firmware_type() != self._FIRMWARE_TYPE_RW:
if self.get_running_firmware_type() != self._FIRMWARE_TYPE_RW:
# RW may be corrupted.
return False
# We may not always be able to read the firmware version.
# For example, if the firmware is erased due to RDP1, running any
# commands (such as getting the version) won't work.
return False
return True
def running_fw_version_matches_given_version(self, rw_version, ro_version):
Returns True if the running RO and RW firmware versions match the
provided versions.
running_rw_firmware_version = self.get_running_rw_firmware_version()
running_ro_firmware_version = self.get_running_ro_firmware_version()'RW firmware, running: %s, expected: %s',
running_rw_firmware_version, rw_version)'RO firmware, running: %s, expected: %s',
running_ro_firmware_version, ro_version)
return (running_rw_firmware_version == rw_version and
running_ro_firmware_version == ro_version)
# We may not always be able to read the firmware version.
# For example, if the firmware is erased due to RDP1, running any
# commands (such as getting the version) won't work.
return False
def is_rollback_set_to_initial_val(self):
Returns True if rollbackinfo matches the initial value that it
should have coming from the factory.
return (self.get_rollback_id() ==
self.get_rollback_min_version() ==
self.get_rollback_rw_version() ==
def _download_firmware(self, gs_path, dut_file_path):
"""Downloads firmware from Google Storage bucket."""
bucket = os.path.dirname(gs_path)
filename = os.path.basename(gs_path)'Downloading firmware, '
'bucket: %s, filename: %s, dest: %s',
bucket, filename, dut_file_path)
return os.path.join(dut_file_path, filename)
def flash_rw_firmware(self, fw_path):
"""Flashes the RW (read-write) firmware."""
flash_cmd = os.path.join(self._dut_working_dir,
'' + ' ' + fw_path)
result = self.run_cmd(flash_cmd)
if result.exit_status != 0:
raise error.TestFail('Flashing RW firmware failed')
def flash_rw_ro_firmware(self, fw_path):
"""Flashes *all* firmware (both RO and RW)."""
flash_cmd = 'flash_fp_mcu' + ' ' + fw_path'Running flash cmd: %s', flash_cmd)
result = self.run_cmd(flash_cmd)
if result.exit_status != 0:
raise error.TestFail('Flashing RW/RO firmware failed')
def is_hardware_write_protect_enabled(self):
"""Returns state of hardware write protect."""
fw_wp_state = self.servo.get('fw_wp_state')
return fw_wp_state == 'on' or fw_wp_state == 'force_on'
def set_hardware_write_protect(self, enable):
"""Enables or disables hardware write protect."""
self.servo.set('fw_wp_state', 'force_on' if enable else 'force_off')
def set_software_write_protect(self, enable):
"""Enables or disables software write protect."""
arg = 'enable' if enable else 'disable'
self._run_ectool_cmd('flashprotect ' + arg)
# TODO(b/116396469): The flashprotect command returns an error even on
# success.
# if result.exit_status != 0:
# raise error.TestFail('Failed to modify software write protect')
# TODO(b/116396469): "flashprotect enable" command is slow, so wait for
# it to complete before attempting to reboot.
def _reboot_ec(self):
"""Reboots the fingerprint MCU (FPMCU)."""
# TODO(b/116396469): The reboot_ec command returns an error even on
# success.
# if result.exit_status != 0:
# raise error.TestFail('Failed to reboot ec')
def get_files_from_dut(self, src, dst):
"""Copes files from DUT to server."""'Copying files from (%s) to (%s).', src, dst), dst, delete_dest=True)
def copy_files_to_dut(self, src_dir, dst_dir):
"""Copies files from server to DUT."""'Copying files from (%s) to (%s).', src_dir, dst_dir), dst_dir, delete_dest=True)
def run_server_cmd(self, command, timeout=60):
"""Runs command on server; return result with output and exit code."""'Server execute: %s', command)
result =, timeout=timeout, ignore_status=True)'exit_code: %d', result.exit_status)'stdout:\n%s', result.stdout)'stderr:\n%s', result.stderr)
return result
def run_cmd(self, command, timeout=300):
"""Runs command on the DUT; return result with output and exit code."""
logging.debug('DUT Execute: %s', command)
result =, timeout=timeout, ignore_status=True)'exit_code: %d', result.exit_status)'stdout:\n%s', result.stdout)'stderr:\n%s', result.stderr)
return result
def _run_ectool_cmd(self, command):
"""Runs ectool on DUT; return result with output and exit code."""
cmd = 'ectool ' + self._CROS_FP_ARG + ' ' + command
result = self.run_cmd(cmd)
return result
def _run_cros_config_cmd(self, command):
"""Runs cros_config on DUT; return result with output and exit code."""
cmd = 'cros_config ' + self._CROS_CONFIG_FINGERPRINT_PATH + ' ' \
+ command
result = self.run_cmd(cmd)
return result
def _run_dump_fmap_cmd(self, fw_file, section):
Runs "dump_fmap" on DUT for given file.
Returns value of given section.
# Write result to stderr while redirecting stderr to stdout
# and dropping stdout. This is done because dump_map only writes the
# value read from a section to a file (will not just print it to
# stdout).
cmd = 'dump_fmap -x ' + fw_file + ' ' + section +\
':/dev/stderr /dev/stderr >& /dev/stdout > /dev/null'
result = self.run_cmd(cmd)
if result.exit_status != 0:
raise error.TestFail('Failed to read section: %s' % section)
return result.stdout.rstrip('\0')
def _run_futility_show_cmd(self, fw_file):
Runs "futility show" on DUT for given file.
Returns stdout on success.
futility_cmd = 'futility show ' + fw_file
result = self.run_cmd(futility_cmd)
if result.exit_status != 0:
raise error.TestFail('Unable to run futility on device')
return result.stdout
def _run_sha256sum_cmd(self, file_name):
Runs "sha256sum" on DUT for given file.
Returns stdout on success.
sha_cmd = 'sha256sum ' + file_name
result = self.run_cmd(sha_cmd)
if result.exit_status != 0:
raise error.TestFail('Unable to calculate sha256sum on device')
return result
def run_test(self, test_name, *args):
"""Runs test on DUT."""'Running %s', test_name)
# Redirecting stderr to stdout since some commands intentionally fail
# and it's easier to read when everything ordered in the same output
test_cmd = ' '.join([os.path.join(self._dut_working_dir, test_name)] +
list(args) + ['2>&1'])
# Change the working dir so we can write files from within the test
# (otherwise defaults to $HOME (/root), which is not usually writable)
# Note that dut_working_dir is automatically cleaned up so tests don't
# need to worry about files from previous invocations or other tests.
test_cmd = '(cd ' + self._dut_working_dir + ' && ' + test_cmd + ')''Test command: %s', test_cmd)
result = self.run_cmd(test_cmd)
if result.exit_status != 0:
raise error.TestFail(test_name + ' failed')