[autotest] Check the database even on job abort.

If a job aborts either during or just after it's PreJobTasks
the tko_test_view_2 table won't contain a row representing the
job. If the job aborts anytime after, the mentioned table usually
contains relevant information, in spite of the fact that the job
was aborted. This cl modifies dynamic_suite to check the database
on all types of failure, and only go the old route of yielding
an insipid status if the database doesn't contain an entry for
the job.

This cl also includes links to the failed job in the bug
description, as several people have expressed the desire
to have this.

TEST=Ran suites, aborted jobs, checked bugs.
Server job abort: https://code.google.com/p/autotest-bug-filing-test/issues/detail?id=1855
Premature abort: https://code.google.com/p/autotest-bug-filing-test/issues/detail?id=1854

BUG=chromium:188217, chromium:271036, chromium:318679

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