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# Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Facade to access the CFM functionality."""
import glob
import logging
import os
import time
import urlparse
from autotest_lib.client.bin import utils
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib.cros import cfm_hangouts_api
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib.cros import cfm_meetings_api
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib.cros import enrollment
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib.cros import kiosk_utils
from import graphics_utils
class TimeoutException(Exception):
"""Timeout Exception class."""
class CFMFacadeNative(object):
"""Facade to access the CFM functionality.
The methods inside this class only accept Python native types.
_USER_ID = ''
_PWD = 'test0000'
_EXT_ID = 'ikfcpmgefdpheiiomgmhlmmkihchmdlj'
# Log file locations
_BASE_DIR = '/home/chronos/user/Storage/ext/'
_CALLGROK_LOGS_PATTERN = _BASE_DIR + _EXT_ID + '/0*/File System/000/t/00/0*'
_PA_LOGS_PATTERN = _BASE_DIR + _EXT_ID + '/def/File System/primary/p/00/0*'
def __init__(self, resource, screen):
"""Initializes a CFMFacadeNative.
@param resource: A FacadeResource object.
self._resource = resource
self._screen = screen
def enroll_device(self):
"""Enroll device into CFM."""'Enrolling device...')
extra_browser_args = ["--force-devtools-available"]
"auto_login": False,
"disable_gaia_services": False,
"extra_browser_args": extra_browser_args})
enrollment.RemoraEnrollment(self._resource._browser, self._USER_ID,
# Timeout to allow for the device to stablize and go back to the
# OOB screen before proceeding. The device may restart the app a couple
# of times before it reaches the OOB screen.
time.sleep(self._ENROLLMENT_DELAY)'Enrollment completed.')
def restart_chrome_for_cfm(self, extra_chrome_args=None):
"""Restart chrome with custom values for CFM.
@param extra_chrome_args a list with extra command line arguments for
"""'Restarting chrome for CfM...')
custom_chrome_setup = {"clear_enterprise_policy": False,
"dont_override_profile": True,
"disable_gaia_services": False,
"disable_default_apps": False,
"auto_login": False}
custom_chrome_setup["extra_browser_args"] = (
if extra_chrome_args:
self._resource.start_custom_chrome(custom_chrome_setup)'Chrome process restarted in CfM mode.')
def check_hangout_extension_context(self):
"""Check to make sure hangout app launched.
@raises error.TestFail if the URL checks fails.
"""'Verifying extension contexts...')
ext_contexts = kiosk_utils.wait_for_kiosk_ext(
self._resource._browser, self._EXT_ID)
ext_urls = [context.EvaluateJavaScript('location.href;')
for context in ext_contexts]
expected_urls = ['chrome-extension://' + self._EXT_ID + '/' + path
for path in ['hangoutswindow.html?windowid=0',
for url in ext_urls:'Extension URL %s', url)
if url not in expected_urls:
raise error.TestFail(
'Unexpected extension context urls, expected one of %s, '
'got %s' % (expected_urls, url))'Hangouts extension contexts verified.')
def take_screenshot(self, screenshot_name):
Takes a screenshot of what is currently displayed in png format.
The screenshot is stored in /tmp. Uses the low level graphics_utils API.
@param screenshot_name: Name of the screenshot file.
@returns The path to the screenshot or None.
return graphics_utils.take_screenshot('/tmp', screenshot_name)
except Exception as e:
logging.warning('Taking screenshot failed', exc_info = e)
return None
def get_latest_callgrok_file_path(self):
@return The path to the lastest callgrok log file, if any.
return max(glob.iglob(self._CALLGROK_LOGS_PATTERN),
except ValueError as e:
logging.exception('Error while searching for callgrok logs.')
return None
def get_latest_pa_logs_file_path(self):
@return The path to the lastest packaged app log file, if any.
return max(self.get_all_pa_logs_file_path(), key=os.path.getctime)
except ValueError as e:
logging.exception('Error while searching for packaged app logs.')
return None
def get_all_pa_logs_file_path(self):
@return The paths to the all packaged app log files, if any.
return glob.glob(self._PA_LOGS_PATTERN)
def reboot_device_with_chrome_api(self):
"""Reboot device using chrome runtime API."""
ext_contexts = kiosk_utils.wait_for_kiosk_ext(
self._resource._browser, self._EXT_ID)
for context in ext_contexts:
ext_url = context.EvaluateJavaScript('document.URL')
background_url = ('chrome-extension://' + self._EXT_ID +
if ext_url in background_url:
def _get_webview_context_by_screen(self, screen):
"""Get webview context that matches the screen param in the url.
@param screen: Value of the screen param, e.g. 'hotrod' or 'control'.
def _get_context():
ctxs = kiosk_utils.get_webview_contexts(self._resource._browser,
for ctx in ctxs:
parse_result = urlparse.urlparse(ctx.GetUrl())
url_path = parse_result.path'Webview path: "%s"', url_path)
url_query = parse_result.query'Webview query: "%s"', url_query)
params = urlparse.parse_qs(url_query,
keep_blank_values = True)
is_oobe_slave_screen = (
# Hangouts Classic
('nooobestatesync' in params and 'oobedone' in params)
# Hangouts Meet
or ('oobesecondary' in url_path))
if is_oobe_slave_screen:
# Skip the oobe slave screen. Not doing this can cause
# the wrong webview context to be returned.
if 'screen' in params and params['screen'][0] == screen:
return ctx
except Exception as e:
# Having a MIMO attached to the DUT causes a couple of webview
# destruction/construction operations during OOBE. If we query a
# destructed webview it will throw an exception. Instead of
# failing the test, we just swallow the exception.
"Exception occured while querying the webview contexts.")
return None
return utils.poll_for_condition(
'Webview with screen param "%s" not found.' % screen),
sleep_interval = 1)
def skip_oobe_after_enrollment(self):
"""Skips oobe and goes to the app landing page after enrollment."""
# Due to a variying amount of app restarts before we reach the OOB page
# we need to restart Chrome in order to make sure we have the devtools
# handle available and up-to-date.
def _webview_context(self):
"""Get webview context object."""
return self._get_webview_context_by_screen(self._screen)
def _cfmApi(self):
"""Instantiate appropriate cfm api wrapper"""
if self._webview_context.EvaluateJavaScript(
"typeof window.hrRunDiagnosticsForTest == 'function'"):
return cfm_hangouts_api.CfmHangoutsAPI(self._webview_context)
if self._webview_context.EvaluateJavaScript(
"typeof window.hrTelemetryApi != 'undefined'"):
return cfm_meetings_api.CfmMeetingsAPI(self._webview_context)
raise error.TestFail('No hangouts or meet telemetry API available. '
'Current url is "%s"' %
#TODO: This is a legacy api. Deprecate this api and update existing hotrod
# tests to use the new wait_for_hangouts_telemetry_commands api.
def wait_for_telemetry_commands(self):
"""Wait for telemetry commands."""'Wait for Hangouts telemetry commands')
def wait_for_hangouts_telemetry_commands(self):
"""Wait for Hangouts App telemetry commands."""
"typeof window.hrOobIsStartPageForTest == 'function'",
def wait_for_meetings_telemetry_commands(self):
"""Wait for Meet App telemetry commands """
def wait_for_meetings_in_call_page(self):
"""Waits for the in-call page to launch."""
def wait_for_meetings_landing_page(self):
"""Waits for the landing page screen."""
# UI commands/functions
def wait_for_oobe_start_page(self):
"""Wait for oobe start screen to launch."""'Waiting for OOBE screen')
def skip_oobe_screen(self):
"""Skip Chromebox for Meetings oobe screen."""'Skipping OOBE screen')
def is_oobe_start_page(self):
"""Check if device is on CFM oobe start screen.
@return a boolean, based on oobe start page status.
return self._cfmApi.is_oobe_start_page()
# Hangouts commands/functions
def start_new_hangout_session(self, session_name):
"""Start a new hangout session.
@param session_name: Name of the hangout session.
def end_hangout_session(self):
"""End current hangout session."""
def is_in_hangout_session(self):
"""Check if device is in hangout session.
@return a boolean, for hangout session state.
return self._cfmApi.is_in_hangout_session()
def is_ready_to_start_hangout_session(self):
"""Check if device is ready to start a new hangout session.
@return a boolean for hangout session ready state.
return self._cfmApi.is_ready_to_start_hangout_session()
def join_meeting_session(self, session_name):
"""Joins a meeting.
@param session_name: Name of the meeting session.
def start_meeting_session(self):
"""Start a meeting.
@return code for the started meeting
return self._cfmApi.start_meeting_session()
def end_meeting_session(self):
"""End current meeting session."""
def get_participant_count(self):
"""Gets the total participant count in a call."""
return self._cfmApi.get_participant_count()
# Diagnostics commands/functions
def is_diagnostic_run_in_progress(self):
"""Check if hotrod diagnostics is running.
@return a boolean for diagnostic run state.
return self._cfmApi.is_diagnostic_run_in_progress()
def wait_for_diagnostic_run_to_complete(self):
"""Wait for hotrod diagnostics to complete."""
def run_diagnostics(self):
"""Run hotrod diagnostics."""
def get_last_diagnostics_results(self):
"""Get latest hotrod diagnostics results.
@return a dict with diagnostic test results.
return self._cfmApi.get_last_diagnostics_results()
# Mic audio commands/functions
def is_mic_muted(self):
"""Check if mic is muted.
@return a boolean for mic mute state.
return self._cfmApi.is_mic_muted()
def mute_mic(self):
"""Local mic mute from toolbar."""
def unmute_mic(self):
"""Local mic unmute from toolbar."""
def remote_mute_mic(self):
"""Remote mic mute request from cPanel."""
def remote_unmute_mic(self):
"""Remote mic unmute request from cPanel."""
def get_mic_devices(self):
"""Get all mic devices detected by hotrod.
@return a list of mic devices.
return self._cfmApi.get_mic_devices()
def get_preferred_mic(self):
"""Get mic preferred for hotrod.
@return a str with preferred mic name.
return self._cfmApi.get_preferred_mic()
def set_preferred_mic(self, mic):
"""Set preferred mic for hotrod.
@param mic: String with mic name.
# Speaker commands/functions
def get_speaker_devices(self):
"""Get all speaker devices detected by hotrod.
@return a list of speaker devices.
return self._cfmApi.get_speaker_devices()
def get_preferred_speaker(self):
"""Get speaker preferred for hotrod.
@return a str with preferred speaker name.
return self._cfmApi.get_preferred_speaker()
def set_preferred_speaker(self, speaker):
"""Set preferred speaker for hotrod.
@param speaker: String with speaker name.
def set_speaker_volume(self, volume_level):
"""Set speaker volume.
@param volume_level: String value ranging from 0-100 to set volume to.
def get_speaker_volume(self):
"""Get current speaker volume.
@return a str value with speaker volume level 0-100.
return self._cfmApi.get_speaker_volume()
def play_test_sound(self):
"""Play test sound."""
# Camera commands/functions
def get_camera_devices(self):
"""Get all camera devices detected by hotrod.
@return a list of camera devices.
return self._cfmApi.get_camera_devices()
def get_preferred_camera(self):
"""Get camera preferred for hotrod.
@return a str with preferred camera name.
return self._cfmApi.get_preferred_camera()
def set_preferred_camera(self, camera):
"""Set preferred camera for hotrod.
@param camera: String with camera name.
def is_camera_muted(self):
"""Check if camera is muted (turned off).
@return a boolean for camera muted state.
return self._cfmApi.is_camera_muted()
def mute_camera(self):
"""Turned camera off."""
def unmute_camera(self):
"""Turned camera on."""
def move_camera(self, camera_motion):
"""Move camera(PTZ commands).
@param camera_motion: Set of allowed commands
defined in cfmApi.move_camera.
def get_media_info_data_points(self):
Gets media info data points containing media stats.
These are exported on the window object when the
ExportMediaInfo mod is enabled.
@returns A list with dictionaries of media info data points.
@raises RuntimeError if the data point API is not available.
is_api_available_script = (
'"realtime" in window '
'&& "media" in realtime '
'&& "getMediaInfoDataPoints" in')
if not self._webview_context.EvaluateJavaScript(
raise RuntimeError(
' not available. '
'Is the ExportMediaInfo mod active? '
'The mod is only available for Meet.')
# Sanitize the timestamp on the JS side to work around
# Use JSON stringify/parse to create a deep copy of the data point.
get_data_points_js_script = """
var dataPoints =; => {
var sanitizedPoint = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(point));
sanitizedPoint["timestamp"] /= 1000.0;
return sanitizedPoint;
data_points = self._webview_context.EvaluateJavaScript(
# XML RCP gives overflow errors when trying to send too large
# integers or longs so we convert media stats to floats.
for data_point in data_points:
for media in data_point['media']:
for k, v in media.iteritems():
if type(v) == int:
media[k] = float(v)
return data_points