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import sys, re, traceback
# these statuses are ordered such that a status earlier in the list will
# override a status later in a list (e.g. ERROR during a test will override
# prior GOOD results, but WARN will not override a FAIL)
job_statuses = ["TEST_NA", "ABORT", "ERROR", "FAIL", "WARN", "GOOD", "ALERT",
def is_valid_status(status):
if not re.match(r'(START|INFO|(END )?(' + '|'.join(job_statuses) + '))$',
return False
return True
def is_failure(status):
if not is_valid_status(status):
return False
if status in ('START', 'INFO'):
return False
if status.startswith('END '):
status = status[len('END '):]
return job_statuses.index(status) <= job_statuses.index("FAIL")
def record(fn):
Generic method decorator for logging calls under the
assumption that return=GOOD, exception=FAIL. The method
determines parameters as:
subdir = self.subdir if it exists, or None
operation = "class name"."method name"
status = None on GOOD, str(exception) on FAIL
The object using this method must have a job attribute
for the logging to actually occur, otherwise the logging
will silently fail.
Logging can explicitly be disabled for a call by passing
a logged=False parameter
def recorded_func(self, *args, **dargs):
logged = dargs.pop('logged', True)
job = getattr(self, 'job', None)
# if logging is disabled/unavailable, just
# call the method
if not logged or job is None:
return fn(self, *args, **dargs)
# logging is available, so wrap the method call
# in success/failure logging
subdir = getattr(self, 'subdir', None)
operation = '%s.%s' % (self.__class__.__name__,
result = fn(self, *args, **dargs)
job.record('GOOD', subdir, operation)
except Exception, detail:
job.record('FAIL', subdir, operation, str(detail))
return result
return recorded_func
def log_and_ignore_errors(msg):
""" A decorator for wrapping functions in a 'log exception and ignore'
try-except block. """
def decorator(fn):
def decorated_func(*args, **dargs):
fn(*args, **dargs)
except Exception:
print >> sys.stderr, msg
return decorated_func
return decorator