Revert "Increase retries for extensions timeout."

This fix is no longer necessary as the extensions system is now pretty solid.

This reverts commit 592cdd81da4443b39fc0764bfe7392caed312123.

Change-Id: I524afcf7c5f322df93f50a567e30b77f15a875da
Reviewed-by: Achuith Bhandarkar <>
Commit-Queue: Achuith Bhandarkar <>
Tested-by: Achuith Bhandarkar <>
diff --git a/client/site_tests/security_BundledExtensionsTelemetry/ b/client/site_tests/security_BundledExtensionsTelemetry/
index d464e5e..bf48773 100644
--- a/client/site_tests/security_BundledExtensionsTelemetry/
+++ b/client/site_tests/security_BundledExtensionsTelemetry/
@@ -63,8 +63,7 @@
         @return list of dicts, each representing an extension.
-        with chrome.Chrome(logged_in=True, autotest_ext=True,
-                           num_tries=3) as cr:
+        with chrome.Chrome(logged_in=True, autotest_ext=True) as cr:
             ext = cr.autotest_ext
             if not ext:
                 return None