Remove the checking of physical switch in Finalize

Remove the preflight subtest in Finalize which verify developer
switch and verify hardware write-protection.
In this factory build, we don't have developer switch,
and we will not enable write-protection.

TEST=run factory_Finalize on dut

Change-Id: Icf2e25cf3f1dfc34bf2fc88493ac02fb65b932db
Reviewed-by: Chinyue Chen <>
Reviewed-by: Hung-Te Lin <>
Tested-by: Cheng-Yi Chiang <>
diff --git a/client/site_tests/factory_Finalize/ b/client/site_tests/factory_Finalize/
index d60d992..6bbc5f3 100644
--- a/client/site_tests/factory_Finalize/
+++ b/client/site_tests/factory_Finalize/
@@ -53,16 +53,11 @@
         self.items = [(self.check_required_tests,
                        create_label("Verify no tests failed\n"
-        if developer_mode:
-            return
-        # Items only enforced in non-developer mode.
-        self.items += [(self.check_developer_switch,
-                        create_label("Turn off Developer Switch\n"
-                                     "停用開發者開關(DevSwitch)")),
-                       (self.check_write_protect,
-                        create_label("Enable write protection pin\n"
-                                     "確認硬體寫入保護已開啟"))]
+        # For this factory build, we don't need to verify developer switch,
+        # and we don't need to enable write protection either.
+        # Remove check_developer_switch and check_write_protect
+        # Check for related CL and bug.
     def check_developer_switch(self):
         """ Checks if developer switch button is disabled """