[autotest] Sync suite job keyvals to shards.

As we roll out shard, we need a way to communicate suite-level
metadata to shards. One way to do it is to store suite-level
metadata as job keyvals and sync them to shard, which is what
this CL is about.

Currently, only the keyval 'suite_min_duts' is needed by a shard.
In the future, we can pipe more keyvals to shards as needed like
file_bugs and retry if we were to move bug filing and retry
out of dynamic suites.

TEST=Setup a testing cluster with on master and one shard.
>> import common
>> from autotest_lib.server import frontend
>> afe = frontend.AFE(server='localhost:8001')
>> afe.run('shard_heartbeat', shard_hostname='localhost:8004')
Confirm the returned packet has 'suite_keyvals'
TEST=Setup a testing cluster with on master and one shard.
- Create a suite job and confirm suite keyvals are synced to shard.
- Confirm keyvals known to shard won't get synced multiple times.
TEST=Run dummy suite with run_suite, confirm everything still works.

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