Move video.html to testcase directory.

In-order to play video.html in Chrome we use a telemetry api

However, it looks like this API depends on video.html file be present
in there directory before calling it. In our test code we were adding
video.html later, causing all the tests to time out.

The simplest fix would be to host video.html inside the test case directory.
That test case is for the HTML5 player, so it suitable to stay in the
test case directory.

This was hard to catch on our local set up because of autotest's notorious  behaviour of
pulling files from old caches. Everytime we ran our test using test_that
it copied over video.html into the test case directory because it existed at
some time in the past.

To reproduce the lab's state, we used the executable /usr/local/autotest/bin/autotest_client

TEST=Removed video.html from test case dir, ensured test failed. Added
video.html file, ensured test failed.

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