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NAME = "Priority inversion tests"
AUTHOR = "Michal Piotrowski <>"
DOC = """
The basic premise here is to set up a deadlock scenario and confirm that PI
mutexes resolve the situation. Three worker threads will be created from the
main thread: low, medium and high priority threads that use SCHED_FIFO as
their scheduling policy. The low priority thread claims a mutex and then
starts "working". The medium priority thread starts and preempts the low
priority thread. Then the high priority thread runs and attempts to claim
the mutex owned by the low priority thread. Without priority inheritance,
this will deadlock the program. With priority inheritance, the low priority
thread receives a priority boost, finishes it's "work" and releases the mutex,
which allows the high priority thread to run and finish and then the medium
priority thread finishes.
That's the theory, anyway...