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import os, shutil, logging, re
from autotest_lib.client.bin import test, utils
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
class npb(test.test):
This module runs the NAS Parallel Benchmarks on the client machine
@note: Since we use gfortran to complie these benchmarks, this test might
not be able to run on older Operating Systems.
version = 1
def initialize(self, tests=''):
# Initialize failure counter
self.n_fail = 0
# Get the parameters for run_once()
self.tests = tests
# Ratio is the reason between 1 and the number of CPUs of the system.
self.ratio = 1.0 / utils.count_cpus()
logging.debug('Ratio (1/n_cpus) found for this system: %s' % self.ratio)
def setup(self, tarball='NPB3.3.tar.gz'):
tarball = utils.unmap_url(self.bindir, tarball, self.tmpdir)
utils.extract_tarball_to_dir(tarball, self.srcdir)
# Prepare the makefile and benchmarks to generate.
utils.system('patch -p1 < ../enable-all-tests.patch')
utils.system('cd NPB3.3-OMP && make suite')
def run_once(self):
Run each benchmark twice, with different number of threads.
A sanity check is made on each benchmark executed:
The ratio between the times
time_ratio = time_one_thrd / time_full_thrds
Has to be contained inside an envelope:
upper_bound = full_thrds * (1 + (1/n_cpus))
lower_bound = full_thrds * (1 - (1/n_cpus))
Otherwise, we throw an exception (this test might be running under a
virtual machine and sanity check failure might mean bugs on smp
# get the tests to run
test_list = self.tests.split()
if len(test_list) == 0:
raise error.TestError('No tests (benchmarks) provided. Exit.')
for itest in test_list:
itest_cmd = os.path.join('NPB3.3-OMP/bin/', itest)
itest =
logging.error('NPB benchmark %s has failed. Output: %s',
itest_cmd, itest.stdout)
self.n_fail += 1
# Get the number of threads that the test ran
# (which is supposed to be equal to the number of system cores)
m ='Total threads\s*=\s*(.*)\n', itest.stdout)
# Gather benchmark results
ts ='Time in seconds\s*=\s*(.*)\n', itest.stdout)
mt ='Mop/s total\s*=\s*(.*)\n', itest.stdout)
mp ='Mop/s/thread\s*=\s*(.*)\n', itest.stdout)
time_seconds = float(ts.groups()[0])
mops_total = float(mt.groups()[0])
mops_per_thread = float(mp.groups()[0])'Test: %s', itest_cmd)'Time (s): %s', time_seconds)'Total operations executed (mops/s): %s', mops_total)'Total operations per thread (mops/s/thread): %s',
self.write_test_keyval({'test': itest_cmd})
self.write_test_keyval({'time_seconds': time_seconds})
self.write_test_keyval({'mops_total': mops_total})
self.write_test_keyval({'mops_per_thread': mops_per_thread})
# A little extra sanity check comes handy
if int(m.groups()[0]) != utils.count_cpus():
raise error.TestError("NPB test suite evaluated the number "
"of threads incorrectly: System appears "
"to have %s cores, but %s threads were "
# We will use this integer with float point vars later.
full_thrds = float(m.groups()[0])
# get duration for full_threads running.
m ='Time in seconds\s*=\s*(.*)\n', itest.stdout)
time_full_thrds = float(m.groups()[0])
# repeat the execution with single thread.
itest_single_cmd = ''.join(['OMP_NUM_THREADS=1 ', itest_cmd])
itest_single =
logging.error('NPB benchmark single thread %s has failed. '
'Output: %s',
self.n_fail += 1
m ='Time in seconds\s*=\s*(.*)\n', itest_single.stdout)
time_one_thrd = float(m.groups()[0])
# check durations
ratio = self.ratio
time_ratio = float(time_one_thrd / time_full_thrds)
upper_bound = full_thrds * (1 + ratio)
lower_bound = full_thrds * (1 - ratio)
logging.debug('Time ratio for %s: %s', itest_cmd, time_ratio)
logging.debug('Upper bound: %s', upper_bound)
logging.debug('Lower bound: %s', lower_bound)
violates_upper_bound = time_ratio > upper_bound
violates_lower_bound = time_ratio < lower_bound
if violates_upper_bound or violates_lower_bound:
logging.error('NPB benchmark %s failed sanity check '
'- time ratio outside bounds' % itest_cmd)
self.n_fail += 1
logging.debug('NPB benchmark %s sanity check PASS' % itest_cmd)
def cleanup(self):
Raise TestError if failures were detected during test execution.
if self.n_fail != 0:
raise error.TestError('NPB test failed.')
else:'NPB test passed.')