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import common
from autotest_lib.database import db_utils, migrate
TKO_MIGRATION_NAME = '031_rename_tko_tables'
migrations_module = __import__('autotest_lib.tko.migrations', globals(),
tko_migration = getattr(migrations_module, TKO_MIGRATION_NAME)
TABLE_NAMES = tko_migration.RENAMES_UP.values()
def migrate_up(manager):
tko_manager = migrate.get_migration_manager(db_name='TKO', debug=False,
if tko_manager.get_db_version() < 31:
raise Exception('You must update the TKO database to at least version '
'31 before applying AUTOTEST_WEB migration 46')
if manager.simulate:
if not manager.force:
response = raw_input(
'This migration will merge the autotest_web and tko databases. '
'Following the migration, the tko database will be dropped. '
'Any user-added tables in tko will NOT be migrated. This '
'migration is NOT reversible. Are you sure you want to '
'continue? (yes/no) ')
if response != 'yes':
raise Exception('User has chosen to abort migration')
db_utils.move_tables(manager, tko_manager, TABLE_NAMES)
def migrate_down(manager):
raise Exception('Migration 46 is not reversible!')