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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging, os, re
from autotest_lib.client.bin import utils
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
def get_x86_cpu_arch():
"""Identify CPU architectural type.
Intel's processor naming conventions is a mine field of inconsistencies.
Armed with that, this method simply tries to identify the architecture of
systems we care about.
TODO(tbroch) grow method to cover processors numbers outlined in:
perhaps returning more information ( brand, generation, features )
String, explicitly (Atom, Core, Celeron) or None
cpuinfo = utils.read_file('/proc/cpuinfo')
if'Intel.*Atom.*[NZ][2-6]', cpuinfo):
return 'Atom'
if'Intel.*Celeron.*8[1456][07]', cpuinfo):
return 'Celeron'
if'Intel.*Core.*i[357]-[23][0-9][0-9][0-9]', cpuinfo):
return 'Core'
return None
def has_rapl_support():
"""Identify if platform supports Intels RAPL subsytem.
Boolean, True if RAPL supported, False otherwise.
cpu_arch = get_x86_cpu_arch()
if cpu_arch and ((cpu_arch is 'Celeron') or (cpu_arch is 'Core')):
return True
return False
class ManageServices(object):
"""Class to manage CrOS services which influence power consumption.
Public attributes:
services_to_stop: list of services that should be stopped
Public methods:
stop_sevices: stop services that unpredictably influence power.
restore_services: restore services that were previously stopped.
Private attributes:
_services_stopped: list of services that were successfully stopped
def __init__(self, services_to_stop=['powerd', 'powerm', 'update-engine',
"""Initialize instance.
Note, on services_to_stop. These non-essential services can
spontaneously change power draw:
powerd: dims backlights and suspends the device. NOTE: powerd should
be stopped prior to powerm.
powerm: power manager running as root
update-engine: we don't want any updates downloaded during the test
bluetoothd: bluetooth, scanning for devices can create a spike.
self.services_to_stop = services_to_stop
self._services_stopped = []
def stop_services(self):
"""Turn off services that introduce power variance."""
for service in self.services_to_stop:
cmd = 'status %s' % service
is_stopped = utils.system_output(cmd).find('stop/waiting') != -1
if is_stopped:
utils.system('stop %s' % service)
except error.CmdError as e:
logging.warning('Error stopping service %s. %s',
service, str(e))
def restore_services(self):
"""Restore services that were stopped for power investigations."""
for service in reversed(self._services_stopped):
utils.system('start %s' % service, ignore_status=True)
self._services_stopped = []
class BacklightException(Exception):
"""Class for Backlight exceptions."""
class Backlight(object):
"""Class for control of built-in panel backlight."""
bl_cmd = 'backlight-tool'
# Default brightness is based on expected average use case.
# See for more
# details.
default_brightness_percent = 40
def __init__(self):
_init_level: integer of backlight level when object instantiated.
self._init_level = self.get_level()
def set_level(self, level):
"""Set backlight level to the given brightness.
level: integer of brightness to set
error.TestFail: if 'cmd' returns non-zero exist status
cmd = '%s --set_brightness %d' % (self.bl_cmd, level)
except error.CmdError:
raise error.TestFail('Setting level with backlight-tool')
def set_percent(self, percent):
"""Set backlight level to the given brightness percent.
percent: float between 0 and 100
error.TestFail: if 'cmd' returns non-zero exist status
cmd = '%s --set_brightness_percent %f' % (self.bl_cmd, percent)
except error.CmdError:
raise error.TestFail('Setting percent with backlight-tool')
def set_default(self):
"""Set backlight to CrOS default.
def get_level(self):
"""Get backlight level currently.
Returns integer of current backlight level.
error.TestFail: if 'cmd' returns non-zero exist status
cmd = '%s --get_brightness' % self.bl_cmd
return int(utils.system_output(cmd).rstrip())
except error.CmdError:
raise error.TestFail('Getting level with backlight-tool')
def get_max_level(self):
"""Get maximum backight level.
Returns integer of maximum backlight level.
error.TestFail: if 'cmd' returns non-zero exist status
cmd = '%s --get_max_brightness' % self.bl_cmd
return int(utils.system_output(cmd).rstrip())
except error.CmdError:
raise error.TestFail('Getting max level with backlight-tool')
def restore(self):
"""Restore backlight to initial level when instance created."""
class KbdBacklightException(Exception):
"""Class for KbdBacklight exceptions."""
class KbdBacklight(object):
"""Class for control of keyboard backlight.
Example code:
kblight = power_utils.KbdBacklight()
print "kblight % is %.f" % kblight.get()
Public methods:
set: Sets the keyboard backlight to a percent.
get: Get current keyboard backlight percentage.
Private functions:
_get_max: Retrieve maximum integer setting of keyboard backlight
Private attributes:
_path: filepath to keyboard backlight controls in sysfs
_max: cached value of 'max_brightness' integer
TODO(tbroch): deprecate direct sysfs access if/when these controls are
integrated into a userland tool such as backlight-tool in power manager.
DEFAULT_PATH = "/sys/class/leds/chromeos::kbd_backlight"
def __init__(self, path=DEFAULT_PATH):
if not os.path.exists(path):
raise KbdBacklightException('Unable to find path "%s"' % path)
self._path = path
self._max = None
def _get_max(self):
"""Get maximum absolute value of keyboard brightness.
integer, maximum value of keyboard brightness
if self._max is None:
self._max = int(utils.read_one_line(os.path.join(self._path,
return self._max
def get(self):
"""Get current keyboard brightness setting.
float, percentage of keyboard brightness.
current = int(utils.read_one_line(os.path.join(self._path,
return (current * 100 ) / self._get_max()
def set(self, percent):
"""Set keyboard backlight percent.
percent: percent to set keyboard backlight to.
value = int((percent * self._get_max()) / 100)
cmd = "echo %d > %s" % (value, os.path.join(self._path, 'brightness'))