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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Baseclass to control Netgear single band routers."""
import logging
import urlparse
import dynamic_ap_configurator
import ap_spec
from selenium.common.exceptions import TimeoutException as \
class NetgearSingleBandAPConfigurator(
"""Baseclass to control Netgear single band routers."""
def _alert_handler(self, alert):
"""Checks for any modal dialogs which popup to alert the user and
either raises a RuntimeError or ignores the alert.
alert: The modal dialog's contents.
text = alert.text
raise RuntimeError('We have an unhandeled alert. %s' % text)
def get_number_of_pages(self):
return 1
def is_update_interval_supported(self):
Returns True if setting the PSK refresh interval is supported.
@return True is supported; False otherwise
return False
def get_supported_bands(self):
return [{'band': ap_spec.BAND_2GHZ,
'channels': ['Auto', 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 , 10, 11]}]
def get_supported_modes(self):
return [{'band': ap_spec.BAND_2GHZ,
'modes': [ap_spec.MODE_G, ap_spec.MODE_B | ap_spec.MODE_G]}]
def is_security_mode_supported(self, security_mode):
return security_mode in (ap_spec.SECURITY_TYPE_DISABLED,
def navigate_to_page(self, page_number):
except SeleniumTimeoutException, e:
raise SeleniumTimeoutException('Unable to navigate to settings '
'page. WebDriver exception:%s', e)
def save_page(self, page_number):
def set_radio(self, enabled=True):
logging.debug('set_radio is not supported in this router.')
return None
def set_ssid(self, ssid):
self.add_item_to_command_list(self._set_ssid, (ssid,), 1, 900)
def _set_ssid(self, ssid):
xpath = '//input[@maxlength="32" and @name="ssid"]'
self.set_content_of_text_field_by_xpath(ssid, xpath, abort_check=True)
self._ssid = ssid
def set_channel(self, channel):
self.add_item_to_command_list(self._set_channel, (channel,), 1, 900)
def _set_channel(self, channel):
position = self._get_channel_popup_position(channel)
channel_choices = ['Auto', '01', '02', '03', '04', '05', '06',
'07', '08', '09', '10', '11']
xpath = '//select[@name="w_channel"]'
self.select_item_from_popup_by_xpath(channel_choices[position], xpath)
def set_mode(self, mode, band=None):
self.add_item_to_command_list(self._set_mode, (mode,), 1, 900)
def _set_mode(self, mode, band=None):
if mode == ap_spec.MODE_G:
mode_popup = 'g only'
elif mode == (ap_spec.MODE_G | ap_spec.MODE_B):
mode_popup = 'b and g'
raise RuntimeError('Invalid mode passed %x.' % mode)
xpath = '//select[@name="opmode"]'
self.select_item_from_popup_by_xpath(mode_popup, xpath)
def set_band(self, band):
logging.debug('The router has just one band.')
return None
def set_security_disabled(self):
self.add_item_to_command_list(self._set_security_disabled, (), 1, 900)
def _set_security_disabled(self):
xpath = '//input[@name="security_type" and @value="Disable"]'
self.click_button_by_xpath(xpath, alert_handler=self._alert_handler)
def set_security_wep(self, value, authentication):
(value, authentication), 1, 900)
def _set_security_wep(self, value, authentication):
xpath = '//input[@name="security_type" and @value="WEP"]'
self.click_button_by_xpath(xpath, alert_handler=self._alert_handler)
except Exception, e:
raise RuntimeError('We got an exception: "%s". Check the mode. '
'It should be \'Up to 54 Mbps\'.' % str(e))
xpath = '//input[@name="passphraseStr"]'
self.set_content_of_text_field_by_xpath(value, xpath, abort_check=True)
xpath = '//input[@value="Generate"]'
self.click_button_by_xpath(xpath, alert_handler=self._alert_handler)
def set_security_wpapsk(self, security, key, update_interval=None):
self.add_item_to_command_list(self._set_security_wpapsk, (security,
key,), 1, 900)
def _set_security_wpapsk(self, security, key, update_interval=None):
# Update Interval is not supported.
if security == ap_spec.SECURITY_TYPE_WPAPSK:
xpath = '//input[@name="security_type" and @value="WPA-PSK"]'
xpath = '//input[@name="security_type" and @value="WPA2-PSK"]'
self.click_button_by_xpath(xpath, alert_handler=self._alert_handler)
xpath = '//input[@name="passphrase"]'
self.set_content_of_text_field_by_xpath(key, xpath, abort_check=True)
def is_visibility_supported(self):
Returns if AP supports setting the visibility (SSID broadcast).
@return True if supported; False otherwise.
return False