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# Copyright (c) 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Class to control the Dlink_DIR505LAP router."""
import urlparse
import logging
import time
import dlink_ap_configurator
import ap_spec
class DLinkDIR505lAPConfigurator(
"""Derived class to control the Dlink_DIR505lAP router."""
def _alert_handler(self, alert):
"""Checks for any modal dialogs which popup to alert the user and
either raises a RuntimeError or ignores the alert.
alert: The modal dialog's contents.
text = alert.text
if 'Nothing has changed, save anyway?' in text:
elif 'To hidden SSID will be disabled the WPS, Are you sure ?' in text:
elif 'Open mode configuration is not secure.' in text:
raise RuntimeError('We have an unhandled alert: %s' % text)
def get_number_of_pages(self):
return 1
def get_supported_bands(self):
return [{'band': ap_spec.BAND_2GHZ,
'channels': [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11]}]
def get_supported_modes(self):
return [{'band': ap_spec.BAND_2GHZ,
'modes': [ap_spec.MODE_N, ap_spec.MODE_G,
ap_spec.MODE_N | ap_spec.MODE_G,
ap_spec.MODE_N | ap_spec.MODE_G | ap_spec.MODE_B]}]
def is_security_mode_supported(self, security_mode):
Returns if a given security_type is supported.
@param security_mode: one security modes defined in the APSpec
@return True if the security mode is supported; False otherwise.
return security_mode in (ap_spec.SECURITY_TYPE_DISABLED,
def navigate_to_page(self, page_number):
Navigates to the page corresponding to the given page number.
This method performs the translation between a page number and a url to
load. This is used internally by apply_settings.
@param page_number: page number of the page to load
page_url = urlparse.urljoin(self.admin_interface_url, 'Wireless.htm')
self.get_url(page_url, page_title='D-LINK SYSTEMS')
if not self.object_by_xpath_exist('//input[@id="user_pwd"]'):
# We are at the config page, done.
self.set_content_of_text_field_by_id('password', 'user_pwd')
def save_page(self, page_number):
Saves the given page.
@param page_number: Page number of the page to save.
# All settings are on the same page, we can ignore page_number
self.click_button_by_id('apply_btn', alert_handler=self._alert_handler)
# Second alert may pop-up, so we must send it to our alert handler
alert = self.driver.switch_to_alert()
logging.debug("No alert present")
timer = self.wait_for_object_by_id('show_second', wait_time=20)
while (self.object_by_id_exist('show_second') and
int(timer.text) > 5):
self.click_button_by_id('back_btn', alert_handler=self._alert_handler)
def set_mode(self, mode, band=None):
# Mode overrides the band. So if a band change is made after a mode
# change it may make an incompatible pairing.
self.add_item_to_command_list(self._set_mode, (mode, band), 1, 800)
def _set_mode(self, mode, band=None):
# Create the mode to popup item mapping
mode_mapping = {ap_spec.MODE_N: '802.11n only',
ap_spec.MODE_G: 'Mixed 802.11n, 802.11g',
ap_spec.MODE_N | ap_spec.MODE_G: 'Mixed 802.11n, 802.11g',
ap_spec.MODE_N | ap_spec.MODE_G | ap_spec.MODE_B:
'Mixed 802.11n, 802.11g and 802.11b'}
if mode in mode_mapping.keys():
popup_value = mode_mapping[mode]
raise RuntimeError('The mode selected %s is not '
'supported by router %s.' %
self.select_item_from_popup_by_id(popup_value, 'dot11_mode')
def set_radio(self, enabled=True):
# If we are enabling we are activating all other UI components, do
# it first. Otherwise we are turning everything off so do it last.
logging.debug('This router (%s) does not support enabling/disabling '
return None
def set_ssid(self, ssid):
# Can be done as long as it is enabled
self.add_item_to_command_list(self._set_ssid, (ssid,), 1, 900)
def _set_ssid(self, ssid):
self.set_content_of_text_field_by_id(ssid, 'ssid')
self._ssid = ssid
def set_channel(self, channel):
self.add_item_to_command_list(self._set_channel, (channel,), 1, 900)
def _set_channel(self, channel):
position = self._get_channel_popup_position(channel)
channel_choices = ['2.412 GHz - CH 1', '2.417 GHz - CH 2',
'2.422 GHz - CH 3', '2.427 GHz - CH 4',
'2.432 GHz - CH 5', '2.437 GHz - CH 6',
'2.442 GHz - CH 7', '2.447 GHz - CH 8',
'2.452 GHz - CH 9', '2.457 GHz - CH 10',
'2.462 GHz - CH 11']
channel_popup = self.driver.find_element_by_id('channel')
if channel_popup.get_attribute('disabled') == 'true':
self.set_check_box_selected_by_id('autochann', selected=False)
self.select_item_from_popup_by_id(channel_choices[position], 'channel')
def set_band(self, band):
logging.debug('This router (%s) does not support multiple bands.',
return None
def set_security_disabled(self):
self.add_item_to_command_list(self._set_security_disabled, (), 1, 900)
def _set_security_disabled(self):
self.select_item_from_popup_by_id('None', 'security_mode')
def set_security_wep(self, key_value, authentication):
logging.debug('This router (%s) does not support WEP',
return None
def set_security_wpapsk(self, security, shared_key, update_interval=1800):
(security, shared_key, update_interval),
1, 900)
def _set_security_wpapsk(self, security, shared_key, update_interval=1800):
self.select_item_from_popup_by_id('WPA-Personal', 'security_mode')
if security == ap_spec.SECURITY_TYPE_WPAPSK:
wpa_item = 'WPA Only'
wpa_item = 'WPA2 Only'
self.select_item_from_popup_by_id(wpa_item, 'wpa_mode')
self.set_content_of_text_field_by_id(shared_key, 'pre_shared_key')
def set_visibility(self, visible=True):
self.add_item_to_command_list(self._set_visibility, (visible,), 1, 900)
def _set_visibility(self, visible=True):
if visible:
xpath = '//input[@value="1" and @name="ssid_broadcast"]'
xpath = '//input[@value="0" and @name="ssid_broadcast"]'