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# Copyright (c) 2010 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging, os, re, shutil, time
from autotest_lib.client.bin import test
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error, site_httpd, \
site_power_status, site_ui, utils
params_dict = {
'test_time_ms': '_mseconds',
'should_scroll': '_should_scroll',
'should_scroll_up': '_should_scroll_up',
'scroll_loop': '_scroll_loop',
'scroll_interval_ms': '_scroll_interval_ms',
'scroll_by_pixels': '_scroll_by_pixels',
form_entries = ['status', 'succeeded', 'failed']
class power_LoadTest(test.test):
version = 1
def setup(self):
# TODO(snanda): Remove once power manager is in
shutil.copy(os.path.join(os.environ['SYSROOT'], 'usr/bin/xset'),
if not os.path.exists(self.srcdir):
def initialize(self, percent_initial_charge_min=None, check_network=True,
seconds=3600, should_scroll='true', should_scroll_up='true',
scroll_loop='false', scroll_interval_ms='10000',
scroll_by_pixels='600', verbose=True):
percent_initial_charge_min: min battery charge at start of test
check_network: check that Ethernet interface is not running
seconds: length of time to run test for
should_scroll: should the extension scroll pages
should_scroll_up: should scroll in up direction
scroll_loop: continue scrolling indefinitely
scroll_interval_ms: how often to scoll
scroll_by_pixels: number of pixels to scroll each time
self._seconds = seconds
self._mseconds = seconds * 1000
self._verbose = verbose
self._should_scroll = should_scroll
self._should_scroll_up = should_scroll_up
self._scroll_loop = scroll_loop
self._scroll_interval_ms = scroll_interval_ms
self._scroll_by_pixels = scroll_by_pixels
self._form_data = {}
self._power_status = site_power_status.get_status()
# verify that initial conditions are met:
if self._power_status.linepower[0].online:
raise error.TestNAError(
'Running on AC power. Please remove AC power cable')
percent_initial_charge = self._percent_current_charge()
if percent_initial_charge_min and percent_initial_charge < \
raise error.TestError('Initial charge (%f) less than min (%f)'
% (percent_initial_charge, percent_initial_charge_min))
if check_network and self._is_network_iface_running('eth0'):
raise error.TestNAError(
'Ethernet interface is active. Please remove Ethernet cable')
# TODO (snanda):
# - set brightness level
# - turn off suspend on idle (not implemented yet in Chrome OS)
# disable screen locker
os.system('stop screen-locker')
# disable screen blanking
site_ui.xcommand(os.path.join(self.bindir, 'xset') + ' -dpms')
# fix up file perms for the power test extension so that chrome
# can access it
os.system('chmod -R 755 %s' % self.bindir)
# write test parameters to the power extension's params.js file
self._ext_path = os.path.join(self.bindir, 'extension')
# setup a HTTP Server to listen for status updates from the power
# test extension
self._testServer = site_httpd.HTTPListener(8001, docroot=self.bindir)
# initialize various interesting power related stats
self._usb_stats = site_power_status.USBSuspendStats()
self._cpufreq_stats = site_power_status.CPUFreqStats()
self._cpuidle_stats = site_power_status.CPUIdleStats()
def run_once(self):
self._ah_charge_start = self._power_status.battery[0].charge_now
self._wh_energy_start = self._power_status.battery[0].energy
# the power test extension will report its status here
latch = self._testServer.add_wait_url('/status')
# launch chrome with power test extension
args = '--load-extension=%s' % self._ext_path
session = site_ui.ChromeSession(args, clean_state=False)
self._do_wait(self._verbose, self._seconds, latch, session)
def postprocess_iteration(self):
keyvals = {}
# refresh power related statistics
usb_stats = self._usb_stats.refresh()
cpufreq_stats = self._cpufreq_stats.refresh()
cpuidle_stats = self._cpuidle_stats.refresh()
# record percent time USB devices were not in suspended state
keyvals['percent_usb_active'] = usb_stats
# record percent time spent in each CPU C-state
for state in cpuidle_stats:
keyvals['percent_cpuidle_%s_time' % state] = cpuidle_stats[state]
# record percent time spent at each CPU frequency
for freq in cpufreq_stats:
keyvals['percent_cpufreq_%s_time' % freq] = cpufreq_stats[freq]
# record battery stats
keyvals['a_current_now'] = self._power_status.battery[0].current_now
keyvals['ah_charge_full'] = self._power_status.battery[0].charge_full
keyvals['ah_charge_full_design'] = \
keyvals['ah_charge_start'] = self._ah_charge_start
keyvals['ah_charge_now'] = self._power_status.battery[0].charge_now
keyvals['ah_charge_used'] = keyvals['ah_charge_start'] - \
keyvals['w_energy_rate'] = self._power_status.battery[0].energy_rate
keyvals['wh_energy_start'] = self._wh_energy_start
keyvals['wh_energy_now'] = self._power_status.battery[0].energy
keyvals['wh_energy_used'] = keyvals['wh_energy_start'] - \
keyvals['v_voltage_min_design'] = \
keyvals['v_voltage_now'] = self._power_status.battery[0].voltage_now
# record chrome power extension stats
for e in self._form_data:
keyvals['ext_' + e] = self._form_data[e]
def cleanup(self):
# re-enable screen blanking
site_ui.xcommand(os.path.join(self.bindir, 'xset') + ' +dpms')
# re-enable screen locker
os.system('start screen-locker')
def _is_network_iface_running(self, name):
out = utils.system_output('ifconfig %s' % name)
except error.CmdError, e:
return False
match ='RUNNING', out, re.S)
return match
def _percent_current_charge(self):
return self._power_status.battery[0].charge_now * 100 / \
def _write_ext_params(self):
data = ''
template= 'var %s = %s;\n'
for k in params_dict:
data += template % (k, getattr(self, params_dict[k]))
filename = os.path.join(self._ext_path, 'params.js')
utils.open_write_close(filename, data)
logging.debug('filename ' + filename)
def _reset_form_entries(self):
self._form_data = {}
def _do_wait(self, verbose, seconds, latch, session):
latched = False
total_time = seconds + 120
elapsed_time = 0
wait_time = total_time
if verbose:
wait_time = 60
while elapsed_time < total_time:
elapsed_time += wait_time
logging.debug('ah_charge_now %f' \
% self._power_status.battery[0].charge_now)
logging.debug('w_energy_rate %f' \
% self._power_status.battery[0].energy_rate)
if latch.is_set():
latched = True
self._form_data = self._testServer.get_form_entries()
if not latched:
logging.debug("Didn't get status back from power extension")