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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Utility functions used for PKCS#11 library testing."""
import grp, logging, os, pwd, re, stat, sys, shutil, pwd, grp
from autotest_lib.client.bin import utils
USER_TOKEN_NAME = 'User-Specific TPM Token'
USER_CHAPS_DIR = '.chaps'
TMP_CHAPS_DIR = '/tmp/chaps'
def __run_cmd(cmd, ignore_status=False):
"""Runs a command and returns the output from both stdout and stderr."""
return utils.system_output(cmd + ' 2>&1', retain_output=True,
def __get_token_paths():
"""Return a dict with a path for each PKCS #11 token currently loaded."""
token_paths = []
for line in __run_cmd('chaps_client --list').split('\n'):
match ='Slot \d+: (/.*)\s*$', line);
if match:
return token_paths
def __get_pkcs11_file_list(token_path):
"""Return string with PKCS#11 file paths and their associated metadata."""
find_args = '-printf "\'%p\', \'%u:%g\', 0%m\n"'
file_list_output = __run_cmd('find %s ' % token_path + find_args)
return file_list_output
def __verify_tokenname(token_path):
"""Verify that the TPM token name is correct."""
token_list = __run_cmd('p11_replay --list_tokens')
logging.error('token_list: ' + token_list)
match ='^Slot \d+: (.*)\s*$', token_list, flags=re.MULTILINE)
if not match:
logging.error('Could not read PKCS#11 token label!')
return False
token_label =
# Accept the legacy token label.
if token_label == USER_TOKEN_NAME:
return True
# The token label should be a canonicalized username which means we should
# be able to map it to the token path. This will fail if the UTF-8 username
# is more than 32 bytes in length and was truncated to form the PKCS #11
# token label.
if len(token_label) == 32:
return True
obfuscate_cmd = 'cryptohome --action=obfuscate_user --user=%s' % token_label
expected_token_path = __run_cmd(obfuscate_cmd)
if token_path != expected_token_path:
logging.error('Wrong or empty label on the PKCS#11 Token (Got = %s',
return False
return True
def __verify_permissions(token_path):
"""Verify that the permissions on the initialized token dir are correct."""
# List of 3-tuples consisting of (path, user:group, octal permissions)
# Can be generated (for example), by:
# find /home/chronos/user/.chaps -printf "'%p', '%u:%g', 0%m\n"
# for i in $paths; do echo \(\'$i\', $(stat --format="'%U:%G', 0%a" $i)\),;
# done
expected_permissions = [
(token_path, 'chaps:chronos-access', CHAPS_DIR_PERM),
('%s/auth_data_salt' % token_path, 'root:root', CHAPS_SALT_PERM),
('%s/database' % token_path, 'chaps:chronos-access', CHAPS_DIR_PERM)]
for item in expected_permissions:
path = item[0]
(user, group) = item[1].split(':')
perms = item[2]
stat_buf = os.lstat(path)
if not stat_buf:
logging.error('Could not stat %s while checking for permissions.',
return False
# Check ownership.
path_user = pwd.getpwuid(stat_buf.st_uid).pw_name
path_group = grp.getgrgid(stat_buf.st_gid).gr_name
if path_user != user or path_group != group:
logging.error('Ownership of %s does not match! Got = (%s, %s)'
', Expected = (%s, %s)', path, path_user, path_group,
user, group)
return False
# Check permissions.
path_perms = stat.S_IMODE(stat_buf.st_mode)
if path_perms != perms:
logging.error('Permissions for %s do not match! (Got = %s'
', Expected = %s)', path, oct(path_perms), oct(perms))
return False
return True
def verify_pkcs11_initialized():
"""Checks if the PKCS#11 token is initialized properly."""
token_path_list = __get_token_paths()
if len(token_path_list) != 1:
logging.error('Expecting a single signed-in user with a token.')
return False
verify_cmd = ('cryptohome --action=pkcs11_token_status')
verify_result = True
# Do additional sanity tests.
if not __verify_tokenname(token_path_list[0]):
logging.error('Verification of token name failed!')
verify_result = False
if not __verify_permissions(token_path_list[0]):
logging.error('PKCS#11 file list:\n%s',
'Verification of PKCS#11 subsystem and token permissions failed!')
verify_result = False
return verify_result
def load_p11_test_token(auth_data='1234'):
"""Loads the test token onto a slot.
@param auth_data: The authorization data to use for the token.
utils.system('sudo chaps_client --load --path=%s --auth="%s"' %
(TMP_CHAPS_DIR, auth_data))
def change_p11_test_token_auth_data(auth_data, new_auth_data):
"""Changes authorization data for the test token.
@param auth_data: The current authorization data.
@param new_auth_data: The new authorization data.
utils.system('sudo chaps_client --change_auth --path=%s --auth="%s" '
'--new_auth="%s"' % (TMP_CHAPS_DIR, auth_data, new_auth_data))
def unload_p11_test_token():
"""Unloads a loaded test token."""
utils.system('sudo chaps_client --unload --path=%s' % TMP_CHAPS_DIR)
def copytree_with_ownership(src, dst):
"""Like shutil.copytree but also copies owner and group attributes.
@param src: Source directory.
@param dst: Destination directory.
utils.system('cp -rp %s %s' % (src, dst))
def setup_p11_test_token(unload_user_tokens, auth_data='1234'):
"""Configures a PKCS #11 token for testing.
Any existing test token will be automatically cleaned up.
@param unload_user_tokens: Whether to unload all user tokens.
@param auth_data: Initial token authorization data.
if unload_user_tokens:
for path in __get_token_paths():
utils.system('sudo chaps_client --unload --path=%s' % path)
uid = pwd.getpwnam('chaps')[2]
gid = grp.getgrnam('chronos-access')[2]
os.chown(TMP_CHAPS_DIR, uid, gid)
copytree_with_ownership(TMP_CHAPS_DIR, '%s_bak' % TMP_CHAPS_DIR)
def restore_p11_test_token():
"""Restores a PKCS #11 test token to its initial state."""
copytree_with_ownership('%s_bak' % TMP_CHAPS_DIR, TMP_CHAPS_DIR)
def get_p11_test_token_db_path():
"""Returns the test token database path."""
return '%s/database' % TMP_CHAPS_DIR
def verify_p11_test_token():
"""Verifies that a test token is working and persistent."""
output = __run_cmd('p11_replay --generate --replay_wifi',
if not'Sign: CKR_OK', output):
print >> sys.stderr, output
return False
output = __run_cmd('p11_replay --replay_wifi --cleanup',
if not'Sign: CKR_OK', output):
print >> sys.stderr, output
return False
return True
def cleanup_p11_test_token():
"""Deletes the test token."""
shutil.rmtree(TMP_CHAPS_DIR, ignore_errors=True)
shutil.rmtree('%s_bak' % TMP_CHAPS_DIR, ignore_errors=True)
def verify_p11_token():
"""Verifies that a PKCS #11 token is able to generate key pairs and sign."""
output = __run_cmd('p11_replay --generate --replay_wifi --cleanup',
return'Sign: CKR_OK', output)
def wait_for_pkcs11_token():
"""Waits for the PKCS #11 token to be available.
This should be called only after a login and is typically called immediately
after a login.
True if the token is available.
lambda: utils.system('cryptohome --action=pkcs11_token_status',
ignore_status=True) == 0,
desc='PKCS #11 token.',
except utils.TimeoutError:
return False
return True