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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import common
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import priorities
import base_event, forgiving_config_parser, manifest_versions, task
class BuildEvent(base_event.BaseEvent):
"""Base class for events that come from the build system.
For example, a new build completing or a new version of Chromium.
@var _revision: The last git revision we checked for new build artifacts.
def __init__(self, keyword, manifest_versions, always_handle):
@param keyword: the keyword/name of this event, e.g. nightly.
@param manifest_versions: ManifestVersions instance to use for querying.
@param always_handle: If True, make ShouldHandle() always return True.
super(BuildEvent, self).__init__(keyword, manifest_versions,
self._revision = None
def Merge(self, to_merge):
"""Merge this event with to_merge, changing all mutable properties.
self._revision REMAINS UNCHANGED. That's part of this instance's
@param to_merge: A BuildEvent instance to merge into this isntance.
super(BuildEvent, self).Merge(to_merge)
def Prepare(self):
"""Perform any one-time setup that must occur before [Should]Handle().
Creates initial revision checkpoint.
self._revision = self._mv.GetCheckpoint()
def ShouldHandle(self):
"""True if there's been a new successful build since |self._revision|
@return True if there's been a new build, false otherwise.
if super(BuildEvent, self).ShouldHandle():
return True
return self._mv.AnyManifestsSinceRev(self._revision)
def _AllPerBranchBuildsSince(self, board, revision):
"""Get all per-branch, per-board builds since git |revision|.
@param board: the board whose builds we want.
@param revision: the revision to look back until.
@return {branch: [build-name1, build-name2]}
all_branch_manifests = self._mv.ManifestsSinceRev(revision, board)
all_branch_builds = {}
for (type, milestone), manifests in all_branch_manifests.iteritems():
branch_name = task.PickBranchName(type, milestone)
for manifest in manifests:
build = base_event.BuildName(board, type, milestone, manifest)
all_branch_builds.setdefault(branch_name, []).append(build)
return all_branch_builds
def GetBranchBuildsForBoard(self, board):
return self._AllPerBranchBuildsSince(board, self._revision)
class NewBuild(BuildEvent):
KEYWORD = 'new_build'
PRIORITY = priorities.Priority.POSTBUILD
TIMEOUT = 12 # 12 hours, and builds come out every 6
def __init__(self, mv, always_handle):
@param mv: ManifestVersions instance to use for querying.
@param always_handle: If True, make ShouldHandle() always return True.
super(NewBuild, self).__init__(self.KEYWORD, mv, always_handle)
def UpdateCriteria(self):
self._revision = self._mv.GetCheckpoint()