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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Module for discovering Chrome OS test images and payloads."""
import logging
import os
import re
import common
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import global_config
# Make this easy for users to automatically keep devserver at ToT.
def update_devserver_checkout():
"""Bring the devserver checkout to ToT."""
from autotest_lib.utils import build_externals, external_packages
tot = external_packages.find_top_of_autotest_tree()
install_dir = os.path.join(tot, build_externals.INSTALL_DIR)
[external_packages.DevServerRepo()], install_dir)
from devserver import gsutil_util
# A string indicating a zip-file boundary within a URI path. This string must
# end with a '/', in order for standard basename code to work correctly for
# zip-encapsulated paths.
ARCHIVE_URL_FORMAT = '%(archive_prefix)s/%(version)s'
class TestImageError(BaseException):
"""Raised on any error in this module."""
class NotSingleItem(Exception):
"""Raised when we want a single item but got multiple."""
def get_default_archive_url(board, build_version):
"""Returns the default archive_url for the given board and build_version .
@param board: the platform/board name
@param build_version: the full build version i.e. R27-3823.0.0-a2.
archive_base = global_config.global_config.get_config_value(
'CROS', 'image_storage_server')
archive_base = archive_base.rstrip('/') # Remove any trailing /'s.
# TODO(garnold) adjustment to -he variant board names; should be removed
# once we switch to using artifacts from gs://chromeos-images/
# (see chromium-os:38222)
board = re.sub('-he$', '_he', board)
archive_prefix = archive_base + '/%s-release' % board
return ARCHIVE_URL_FORMAT % dict(
archive_prefix=archive_prefix, version=build_version)
def get_archive_url_from_prefix(archive_prefix, build_version):
"""Returns the gs archive_url given a particular archive_prefix.
@param archive_prefix: Use the archive_prefix as the base of your URL
construction (instead of config + board-release) e.g.
@param build_version: the full build version i.e. R27-3823.0.0-a2.
return ARCHIVE_URL_FORMAT % dict(
archive_prefix=archive_prefix, version=build_version)
def gs_ls(pattern, archive_url, single):
"""Returns a list of URIs that match a given pattern.
@param pattern: a regexp pattern to match (feeds into re.match).
@param archive_url: the gs uri where to search (see ARCHIVE_URL_FORMAT).
@param single: if true, expect a single match and return it.
@return A list of URIs (possibly an empty list).
logging.debug('Searching for pattern %s from url %s', pattern,
uri_list = gsutil_util.GetGSNamesWithWait(
pattern, archive_url, err_str=__name__, timeout=1)
# Convert to the format our clients expect (full archive path).
if uri_list:
if not single or (single and len(uri_list) == 1):
return ['/'.join([archive_url, u]) for u in uri_list]
raise NotSingleItem()
return []
except gsutil_util.PatternNotSpecific as e:
raise TestImageError(str(e))
except gsutil_util.GSUtilError:
return []
def find_payload_uri(archive_url, delta=False, single=False):
"""Finds test payloads corresponding to a given board/release.
@param archive_url: Archive_url directory to find the payload.
@param delta: if true, seek delta payloads to the given release
@param single: if true, expect a single match and return it, otherwise
@return A (possibly empty) list of URIs, or a single (possibly None) URI if
|single| is True.
@raise TestImageError if an error has occurred.
if delta:
pattern = '*_delta_*'
pattern = '*_full_*'
payload_uri_list = gs_ls(pattern, archive_url, single)
if not payload_uri_list:
return None if single else []
return payload_uri_list[0] if single else payload_uri_list
def find_image_uri(archive_url):
"""Returns a URI to a test image.
@param archive_url: archive_url directory to find the payload.
@return A URI to the desired image if found, None otherwise. It will most
likely be a file inside an image archive (, in which case
we'll be using ZIPFILE_BOUNDARY ('//') to denote a zip-encapsulated
file, for example:
@raise TestImageError if an error has occurred.
image_archive = gs_ls('', archive_url, single=True)
if not image_archive:
return None
return (image_archive[0] + ZIPFILE_BOUNDARY + 'chromiumos_test_image.bin')