Allow missing OpenVPN pid file on shutdown

If the OpenVPN process has already exited, the pid file will
have been removed.  Allow this to fail silently.

TEST=Run this test

Change-Id: I1fff3b7a17a862c88c60abea7c5a52a8d57e091b
Reviewed-by: mukesh agrawal <>
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Tested-by: Paul Stewart <>
diff --git a/client/cros/ b/client/cros/
index 62452f9..10cf768 100644
--- a/client/cros/
+++ b/client/cros/
@@ -302,5 +302,5 @@
     def stop_server(self):
         """Start VPN server instance"""
         chroot = self._chroot
-        chroot.kill_pid_file(self.OPENVPN_PID_FILE)
+        chroot.kill_pid_file(self.OPENVPN_PID_FILE, missing_ok=True)