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# Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Tool for running test groups against different ChromeOS boards and platforms.
run_tests allows users to execute test groups against Autotest hosts. Will
create Autotest jobs given a board, platform, and list of test groups. Test
groups are configurable via a JSON configuration file.
run_tests will create jobs using a specialized control file which will update
the targeted hosts to a specific board type and build version before running
jobs against them.
__author__ = ' (Dale Curtis)'
import logging
import optparse
from chromeos_test import autotest_util
from chromeos_test import dev_server
from chromeos_test import log_util
from chromeos_test import test_config
import test_scheduler
def ParseOptions():
"""Parse command line options. Returns 2-tuple of options and config."""
# If default config exists, parse it and use values for help screen.
config = test_config.TestConfig()
# If config is provided parse values to make help screen more useful.
boards, groups, platforms = config.ParseConfigGroups()
parser = optparse.OptionParser(
'usage: %prog --board <BOARD> --platform <PLATFORM> [options]')
parser.add_option('--board', dest='board',
help=('Run tests only on the specified board. Valid boards:'
' %s' % boards))
parser.add_option('--build', dest='build',
help='Specify the build version to process.')
parser.add_option('--groups', dest='groups',
help=('Comma separated list of test groups. Valid groups:'
' %s' % groups))
parser.add_option('--platform', dest='platform',
help=('Run tests on the specified platform. Valid platforms'
': %s' % platforms))
# Add utility/helper class command line options.
autotest_util.AddOptions(parser, cli_only=True)
options = parser.parse_args()[0]
if not options.board or not options.platform:
parser.error('A board, build, and platform must be provided.')
# Load correct config file if alternate is specified.
if options.config != test_config.DEFAULT_CONFIG_FILE:
config = test_config.TestConfig(options.config)
boards, groups, platforms = config.ParseConfigGroups()
if not options.groups:
options.groups = config.GetConfig()['default_groups']
options.groups = options.groups.split(',')
if not options.board in boards:
parser.error('Invalid board "%s" specified. Valid boards are: %s'
% (options.board, boards))
for group in options.groups:
if not group in groups:
parser.error('Invalid group "%s" specified. Valid groups are: %s'
% (group, groups))
if not options.platform in platforms:
parser.error('Invalid platform "%s" specified. Valid platforms are: %s'
% (options.platform, platforms))
return options, config.GetConfig()
def main():
options, config = ParseOptions()
# Setup logger and enable verbose mode.
log_util.InitializeLogging(True)'------------[ Processing board %s ]------------', options.board)
# Initialize Dev Server Utility class.
dev = dev_server.DevServer(**config['dev_server'])
# Get latest version for this board.
build =
raise NotImplementedException('You must pass in a build with the --build '
'flag. Detecting the latest build for a '
'board is no longer supported.')'Latest build version available on Dev Server is %s.', build)
tr = test_scheduler.TestRunner(
board=options.board, build=build, cli=options.cli, config=config, dev=dev)
tr.RunTestGroups(groups=options.groups, lock=False, platform=options.platform)
if __name__ == '__main__':