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from autotest_lib.client.cros.faft import rpc_functions
class RPCProxy(object):
"""Proxy to the FAFT RPC server on DUT.
This stub class (see PEP-484) tells IDEs about the categories and methods
that are available on RPCProxy via __getattr__.
bios: rpc_functions.BiosServicer
cgpt: rpc_functions.CgptServicer
ec: rpc_functions.EcServicer
kernel: rpc_functions.KernelServicer
rootfs: rpc_functions.RootfsServicer
rpc_settings: rpc_functions.RpcSettingsServicer
system: rpc_functions.SystemServicer
tpm: rpc_functions.TpmServicer
updater: rpc_functions.UpdaterServicer
connect: callable
disconnect: callable
quit: callable
ready: callable