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# Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from __future__ import print_function
import logging
import os
import pprint
import StringIO
import subprocess
import time
from autotest_lib.client.bin import utils
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error, utils
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib.cros import cr50_utils, tpm_utils
from autotest_lib.server.cros import filesystem_util, gsutil_wrapper
from autotest_lib.server.cros.faft.firmware_test import FirmwareTest
class Cr50Test(FirmwareTest):
"""Base class that sets up helper objects/functions for cr50 tests."""
version = 1
RELEASE_POOLS = ['faft-cr50-experimental']
GS_PRIVATE = 'gs://chromeos-localmirror-private/distfiles/'
# Prod signed test images are stored in the private cr50 directory.
# Node locked test images are in this private debug directory.
GS_PRIVATE_DBG = GS_PRIVATE + 'chromeos-cr50-debug-0.0.11/'
GS_PUBLIC = 'gs://chromeos-localmirror/distfiles/'
CR50_PROD_FILE = 'cr50.r0.0.1*.w%s%s.tbz2'
CR50_DEBUG_FILE = '*/cr50.dbg.%s.bin.*%s'
NONE = 0
# Saved the original device state during init.
# Saved the original image, the device image, and the debug image. These
# images are needed to be able to restore the original image and board id.
DBG_IMAGE = 1 << 2
# Different attributes of the device state require the test to download
# different images. STATE_IMAGE_RESTORES is a dictionary of the state each
# image type can restore.
DEVICE_IMAGES: ['prod_version', 'prepvt_version'],
DBG_IMAGE: ['running_image_ver', 'running_image_bid', 'chip_bid'],
# Cr50 may have flash operation errors during the test. Here's an example
# of one error message.
# do_flash_op:245 errors 20 fsh_pe_control 40720004
# The stuff after the ':' may change, but all flash operation errors
# contain do_flash_op. do_flash_op is only ever printed if there is an
# error during the flash operation. Just search for do_flash_op to simplify
# the search string and make it applicable to all flash op errors.
CR50_FLASH_OP_ERROR_MSG = 'do_flash_op'
# USB issues may show up with the timer sof calibration overflow interrupt.
# Count these during cleanup.
CR50_USB_ERROR = 'timer_sof_calibration_overflow_int'
def initialize(self,
self._saved_state = self.NONE
self._raise_error_on_mismatch = not restore_cr50_image
self._provision_update = provision_update
self.tot_test_run = full_args.get('tot_test_run', '').lower() == 'true'
super(Cr50Test, self).initialize(host, cmdline_args)
if not hasattr(self, 'cr50'):
raise error.TestNAError('Test can only be run on devices with '
'access to the Cr50 console')
# TODO(b/149948314): remove when dual-v4 is sorted out.
if 'ccd_cr50' in self.servo.get_servo_version():
self.servo.disable_ccd_watchdog_for_test()'Test Args: %r', full_args)
self._devid = self.cr50.get_devid()
self.can_set_ccd_level = (not self.servo.main_device_is_ccd()
or self.cr50.testlab_is_on())
self.original_ccd_level = self.cr50.get_ccd_level()
self.original_ccd_settings = self.cr50.get_cap_dict(
info=self.cr50.CAP_SETTING) = host
# SSH commands should complete within 3 minutes. Change the default, so
# it doesn't take half an hour for commands to timeout when the DUT is
# down.
tpm_utils.ClearTPMOwnerRequest(, wait_for_ready=True)
# Clear the FWMP, so it can't disable CCD.
if self.can_set_ccd_level:
# Lock cr50 so the console will be restricted
elif self.original_ccd_level != 'lock':
raise error.TestNAError(
'Lock the console before running cr50 test')
self._save_original_state(full_args.get('release_path', ''))
# Try and download all images necessary to restore cr50 state.
self._save_dbg_image(full_args.get('cr50_dbg_image_path', ''))
self._saved_state |= self.DBG_IMAGE
except Exception as e:
logging.warning('Error saving DBG image: %s', str(e))
if restore_cr50_image:
raise error.TestNAError('Need DBG image: %s' % str(e))
full_args.get('cr50_eraseflashinfo_image_path', ''))
if self.cr50.uses_board_property('BOARD_EC_CR50_COMM_SUPPORT'):
raise error.TestError('Board cannot boot EFI image')
self._saved_state |= self.ERASEFLASHINFO_IMAGE
except Exception as e:
logging.warning('Error saving eraseflashinfo image: %s', str(e))
if restore_cr50_board_id:
raise error.TestNAError(
'Need eraseflashinfo image: %s' % str(e))
# TODO(b/143888583): remove qual update during init once new design to
# to provision cr50 updates is in place.
# Make sure the release image is running before starting the test.
is_release_qual = full_args.get('is_release_qual',
'').lower() == 'true'
if is_release_qual or self.running_cr50_release_suite():
release_ver_arg = full_args.get('release_ver', '')
release_path_arg = full_args.get('release_path', '')
def running_cr50_release_suite(self):
"""Return True if the DUT is in a release pool."""
for pool in
# TODO(b/149109740): remove once the pool values are verified.
# Change to run with faft-cr50 and faft-cr50-experimental suites.'Checking pool: %s', pool)
if pool in self.RELEASE_POOLS:'Running a release test.')
return True
return False
def ensure_qual_image_is_running(self, qual_ver_str, qual_path):
"""Update to the qualification image if it's not running.
qual_ver_str and path are command line args that may be supplied to
specify a local version or path. If neither are supplied, the version
from gs will be used to determine what version cr50 should run.
qual_ver_str and qual_path should not be supplied together. If they are,
the path will be used. It's not a big deal as long as they agree with
each other.
@param qual_ver_str: qualification version string or None.
@param qual_path: local path to the qualification image or None.
# Get the local image information.
if qual_path:
dest, qual_ver = cr50_utils.InstallImage(, qual_path,
'/tmp/qual_cr50.bin')'rm ' + dest)
qual_bid_str = (cr50_utils.GetBoardIdInfoString(
qual_ver[2], False) if qual_ver[2] else '')
qual_ver_str = '%s/%s' % (qual_ver[1], qual_bid_str)
# Determine the qualification version from.
if not qual_ver_str:
gsurl = os.path.join(self.GS_PRIVATE, self.CR50_QUAL_VERSION_FILE)
dut_path = self.download_cr50_gs_file(gsurl, False)[1]
qual_ver_str ='cat ' + dut_path).stdout.strip()
# Download the qualification image based on the version.
if not qual_path:
rw, bid = qual_ver_str.split('/')
qual_path, qual_ver = self.download_cr50_release_image(rw, bid)'Cr50 Qual Version: %s', qual_ver_str)'Cr50 Qual Path: %s', qual_path)
qual_chip_bid = cr50_utils.GetChipBIDFromImageBID(
qual_ver[2], self.get_device_brand())'Cr50 Qual Chip BID: %s', qual_chip_bid)
# Replace only the prod or prepvt image based on the major version.
if int(qual_ver[1].split('.')[1]) % 2:
prod_ver = qual_ver
prepvt_ver = self._original_image_state['prepvt_version']
prod_path = qual_path
prepvt_path = self._device_prepvt_image
prod_ver = self._original_image_state['prod_version']
prepvt_ver = qual_ver
prod_path = self._device_prod_image
prepvt_path = qual_path
# Generate a dictionary with all of the expected state.
qual_state = {}
qual_state['prod_version'] = prod_ver
qual_state['prepvt_version'] = prepvt_ver
qual_state['chip_bid'] = qual_chip_bid
qual_state['running_image_bid'] = qual_ver[2]
# The test can't rollback RO. The newest RO should be running at the end
# of the test. max_ro will be none if the versions are the same. Use the
# running_ro in that case.
running_ro = self.get_saved_cr50_original_version()[0]
max_ro = cr50_utils.GetNewestVersion(running_ro, qual_ver[0])
qual_state['running_image_ver'] = (max_ro or running_ro, qual_ver[1],
mismatch = self._check_running_image_and_board_id(qual_state)
if not mismatch:'Running qual image. No update needed.')
return'Cr50 qual update required.')
qual_state, qual_path, prod_path, prepvt_path)"Recording qual device state as 'original' device state")
def _saved_cr50_state(self, state):
"""Returns True if the test has saved the given state
@param state: a integer representing the state to check.
return state & self._saved_state
def after_run_once(self):
"""Log which iteration just ran"""'successfully ran iteration %d', self.iteration)
def _save_dbg_image(self, cr50_dbg_image_path):
"""Save or download the node locked dev image.
@param cr50_dbg_image_path: The path to the node locked cr50 image.
if os.path.isfile(cr50_dbg_image_path):
self._dbg_image_path = cr50_dbg_image_path
self._dbg_image_path = self.download_cr50_debug_image()[0]
def _save_eraseflashinfo_image(self, cr50_eraseflashinfo_image_path):
"""Save or download the node locked eraseflashinfo image.
@param cr50_eraseflashinfo_image_path: The path to the node locked cr50
if os.path.isfile(cr50_eraseflashinfo_image_path):
self._eraseflashinfo_image_path = cr50_eraseflashinfo_image_path
self._eraseflashinfo_image_path = (
def _save_device_image(self, ext):
"""Download the .prod or .prepvt device image and get the version.
@param ext: The Cr50 file extension: prod or prepvt.
@returns (local_path, rw_version, bid_string) or (None, None, None) if
the file doesn't exist on the DUT.
version = self._original_image_state[ext + '_version']
if not version:
return None, None, None
_, rw_ver, bid = version
rw_filename = 'cr50.device.bin.%s.%s' % (ext, rw_ver)
local_path = os.path.join(self.resultsdir, rw_filename)
dut_path = cr50_utils.GetDevicePath(ext), local_path)
bid = cr50_utils.GetBoardIdInfoString(bid)
return local_path, rw_ver, bid
def _save_original_images(self, release_path):
"""Use the saved state to find all of the device images.
This will download running cr50 image and the device image.
@param release_path: The release path given by test args
local_path, prod_rw, prod_bid = self._save_device_image('prod')
self._device_prod_image = local_path
local_path, prepvt_rw, prepvt_bid = self._save_device_image('prepvt')
self._device_prepvt_image = local_path
if os.path.isfile(release_path):
self._original_cr50_image = release_path'using supplied image')
if self.tot_test_run:
self._original_cr50_image = self.download_cr50_tot_image()
# If the running cr50 image version matches the image on the DUT use
# the DUT image as the original image. If the versions don't match
# download the image from google storage
_, running_rw, running_bid = self.get_saved_cr50_original_version()
# Convert the running board id to the same format as the prod and
# prepvt board ids.
running_bid = cr50_utils.GetBoardIdInfoString(running_bid)
if running_rw == prod_rw and running_bid == prod_bid:'Using device cr50 prod image %s %s', prod_rw,
self._original_cr50_image = self._device_prod_image
elif running_rw == prepvt_rw and running_bid == prepvt_bid:'Using device cr50 prepvt image %s %s', prepvt_rw,
self._original_cr50_image = self._device_prepvt_image
else:'Downloading cr50 image %s %s', running_rw,
self._original_cr50_image = self.download_cr50_release_image(
running_rw, running_bid)[0]
def _save_original_state(self, release_path):
"""Save the cr50 related state.
Save the device's current cr50 version, cr50 board id, the running cr50
image, the prepvt, and prod cr50 images. These will be used to restore
the cr50 state during cleanup.
@param release_path: the optional command line arg of path for the local
cr50 image.
self._saved_state &= ~self.INITIAL_IMAGE_STATE
self._original_image_state = self.get_image_and_bid_state()
# We successfully saved the device state
self._saved_state |= self.INITIAL_IMAGE_STATE
self._saved_state &= ~self.DEVICE_IMAGES
self._saved_state |= self.DEVICE_IMAGES
except Exception as e:
logging.warning('Error saving ChromeOS image cr50 firmware: %s',
def get_saved_cr50_original_version(self):
"""Return (ro ver, rw ver, bid)."""
if ('running_image_ver' not in self._original_image_state
or 'running_image_bid' not in self._original_image_state):
raise error.TestError('No record of original cr50 image version')
return (self._original_image_state['running_image_ver'][0],
def get_saved_cr50_original_path(self):
"""Return the local path for the original cr50 image."""
if not hasattr(self, '_original_cr50_image'):
raise error.TestError('No record of original image')
return self._original_cr50_image
def has_saved_dbg_image_path(self):
"""Returns true if we saved the node locked debug image."""
return hasattr(self, '_dbg_image_path')
def get_saved_dbg_image_path(self):
"""Return the local path for the cr50 dev image."""
if not self.has_saved_dbg_image_path():
raise error.TestError('No record of debug image')
return self._dbg_image_path
def get_saved_eraseflashinfo_image_path(self):
"""Return the local path for the cr50 eraseflashinfo image."""
if not hasattr(self, '_eraseflashinfo_image_path'):
raise error.TestError('No record of eraseflashinfo image')
return self._eraseflashinfo_image_path
def get_device_brand(self):
"""Returns the 4 character device brand."""
return self._original_image_state['cros_config / brand-code']
def _retry_cr50_update(self, image, retries, rollback):
"""Try to update to the given image retries amount of times.
@param image: The image path.
@param retries: The number of times to try to update.
@param rollback: Run rollback after the update.
@raises TestFail if the update failed.
for i in range(retries):
return self.cr50_update(image, rollback=rollback)
except Exception as e:
logging.warning('Failed to update to %s attempt %d: %s',
os.path.basename(image), i, str(e))'Sleeping 60 seconds')
raise error.TestError(
'Failed to update to %s' % os.path.basename(image))
def run_update_to_eraseflashinfo(self):
"""Erase flashinfo using the eraseflashinfo image.
Update to the DBG image, rollback to the eraseflashinfo, and run
self._retry_cr50_update(self._dbg_image_path, 3, False)
self._retry_cr50_update(self._eraseflashinfo_image_path, 3, True)
if not self.cr50.eraseflashinfo():
raise error.TestError('Unable to erase the board id')
def eraseflashinfo_and_restore_image(self, image=''):
"""eraseflashinfo and update to the given the image.
@param image: the image to end on. Use the original test image if no
image is given.
image = image if image else self.get_saved_cr50_original_path()
def update_cr50_image_and_board_id(self, image_path, bid):
"""Set the chip board id and updating the cr50 image.
Make 3 attempts to update to the original image. Use a rollback from
the DBG image to erase the state that can only be erased by a DBG image.
Set the chip board id during rollback.
@param image_path: path of the image to update to.
@param bid: the board id to set.
current_bid = cr50_utils.GetChipBoardId(
bid_mismatch = current_bid != bid
set_bid = bid_mismatch and bid != cr50_utils.ERASED_CHIP_BID
bid_is_erased = current_bid == cr50_utils.ERASED_CHIP_BID
eraseflashinfo = bid_mismatch and not bid_is_erased
if (eraseflashinfo
and not self._saved_cr50_state(self.ERASEFLASHINFO_IMAGE)):
raise error.TestFail('Did not save eraseflashinfo image')
# Remove prepvt and prod iamges, so they don't interfere with the test
# rolling back and updating to images that my be older than the images
# on the device.
if filesystem_util.is_rootfs_writable('rm %s' % cr50_utils.CR50_PREPVT, ignore_status=True)'rm %s' % cr50_utils.CR50_PROD, ignore_status=True)
if eraseflashinfo:
self._retry_cr50_update(self._dbg_image_path, 3, False)
chip_bid = bid[0]
chip_flags = bid[2]
if set_bid:
self.cr50.set_board_id(chip_bid, chip_flags)
self._retry_cr50_update(image_path, 3, True)
def _cleanup_required(self, state_mismatch, image_type):
"""Return True if the update can fix something in the mismatched state.
@param state_mismatch: a dictionary of the mismatched state.
@param image_type: The integer representing the type of image
state_image_restores = set(self.STATE_IMAGE_RESTORES[image_type])
restore = state_image_restores.intersection(state_mismatch.keys())
if restore and not self._saved_cr50_state(image_type):
raise error.TestError(
'Did not save images to restore %s' % (', '.join(restore)))
return not not restore
def _get_image_information(self, ext):
"""Get the image information for the .prod or .prepvt image.
@param ext: The extension string prod or prepvt
@param returns: The image version or None if the image doesn't exist.
dut_path = cr50_utils.GetDevicePath(ext)
file_exists =
if file_exists:
return cr50_utils.GetBinVersion(, dut_path)
return None
def get_image_and_bid_state(self):
"""Get a dict with the current device cr50 information.
The state dict will include the platform brand, chip board id, the
running cr50 image version, the running cr50 image board id, and the
device cr50 image version.
state = {}
state['cros_config / brand-code'] =
'cros_config / brand-code', ignore_status=True).stdout.strip()
state['prod_version'] = self._get_image_information('prod')
state['prepvt_version'] = self._get_image_information('prepvt')
state['chip_bid'] = cr50_utils.GetChipBoardId(
state['chip_bid_str'] = '%08x:%08x:%08x' % state['chip_bid']
state['running_image_ver'] = cr50_utils.GetRunningVersion(
state['running_image_bid'] = self.cr50.get_active_board_id_str()
logging.debug('Current Cr50 state:\n%s', pprint.pformat(state))
return state
def _check_running_image_and_board_id(self, expected_state):
"""Compare the current image and board id to the given state.
@param expected_state: A dictionary of the state to compare to.
@return: A dictionary with the state that is wrong as the key and the
expected and current state as the value.
if not (self._saved_state & self.INITIAL_IMAGE_STATE):
'Did not save the original state. Cannot verify it '
# Make sure the /var/cache/cr50* state is up to date.
mismatch = {}
state = self.get_image_and_bid_state()
for k, expected_val in expected_state.iteritems():
val = state[k]
if val != expected_val:
mismatch[k] = 'expected: %s, current: %s' % (expected_val, val)
if mismatch:
logging.warning('State Mismatch:\n%s', pprint.pformat(mismatch))
return mismatch
def _check_original_image_state(self):
"""Compare the current cr50 state to the original state.
@return: A dictionary with the state that is wrong as the key and the
new and old state as the value
mismatch = self._check_running_image_and_board_id(
if not mismatch:'The device is in the original state')
return mismatch
def _reset_ccd_settings(self):
"""Reset the ccd lock and capability states."""
if not self.cr50.ccd_is_reset():
# Try to open cr50 and enable testlab mode if it isn't enabled.
# Even if we can't open cr50, do our best to reset the rest of
# the system state. Log a warning here.
logging.warning('Unable to Open cr50', exc_info=True)
self.cr50.send_command('ccd reset')
if not self.cr50.ccd_is_reset():
raise error.TestFail('Could not reset ccd')
current_settings = self.cr50.get_cap_dict(info=self.cr50.CAP_SETTING)
if self.original_ccd_settings != current_settings:
if not self.can_set_ccd_level:
raise error.TestError("CCD state has changed, but we can't "
"restore it")
# First try using testlab open to open the device
if self.original_ccd_level == 'open':
elif self.original_ccd_level != self.cr50.get_ccd_level():
def cleanup(self):
"""Attempt to cleanup the cr50 state. Then run firmware cleanup"""
# Reset the password as the first thing in cleanup. It is important
# that if some other part of cleanup fails, the password has at
# least been reset.
super(Cr50Test, self).cleanup()
# Check the logs captured during firmware_test cleanup for cr50 errors.
def _get_cr50_stats_from_uart_capture(self):
"""Check cr50 uart output for errors.
Use the logs captured during firmware_test cleanup to check for cr50
errors. Flash operation issues aren't obvious unless you check the logs.
All flash op errors print do_flash_op and it isn't printed during normal
operation. Open the cr50 uart file and count the number of times this is
printed. Log the number of errors.
cr50_uart_file = self.servo.get_uart_logfile('cr50')
if not cr50_uart_file:'There is not a cr50 uart file')
flash_error_count = 0
usb_error_count = 0
with open(cr50_uart_file, 'r') as f:
for line in f:
if self.CR50_FLASH_OP_ERROR_MSG in line:
flash_error_count += 1
if self.CR50_USB_ERROR in line:
usb_error_count += 1
# Log any flash operation errors.'do_flash_op count: %d', flash_error_count)'usb error count: %d', usb_error_count)
def _update_device_images_and_running_cr50_firmware(
self, state, release_path, prod_path, prepvt_path):
"""Update cr50, set the board id, and copy firmware to the DUT.
@param state: A dictionary with the expected running version, board id,
device cr50 firmware versions.
@param release_path: The image to update cr50 to
@param prod_path: The path to the .prod image
@param prepvt_path: The path to the .prepvt image
@raises TestError: if setting any state failed
mismatch = self._check_running_image_and_board_id(state)
if not mismatch:'Nothing to do.')
# Use the DBG image to restore the original image.
if self._cleanup_required(mismatch, self.DBG_IMAGE):
new_mismatch = self._check_running_image_and_board_id(state)
# Copy the original .prod and .prepvt images back onto the DUT.
if (self._cleanup_required(new_mismatch, self.DEVICE_IMAGES)
and filesystem_util.is_rootfs_writable(
# Copy the .prod file onto the DUT.
if prod_path and 'prod_version' in new_mismatch:
cr50_utils.InstallImage(, prod_path,
# Copy the .prepvt file onto the DUT.
if prepvt_path and 'prepvt_version' in new_mismatch:
cr50_utils.InstallImage(, prepvt_path,
final_mismatch = self._check_running_image_and_board_id(state)
if final_mismatch:
raise error.TestError(
'Could not update cr50 image state: %s' % final_mismatch)'Successfully updated all device cr50 firmware state.')
def _restore_device_images_and_running_cr50_firmware(self):
"""Restore the images on the device and the running cr50 image."""
if self._provision_update:
mismatch = self._check_original_image_state()
if not mismatch:
self.get_saved_cr50_original_path(), self._device_prod_image,
if self._raise_error_on_mismatch and mismatch:
raise error.TestError('Unexpected state mismatch during '
'cleanup %s' % mismatch)
def _try_quick_ccd_cleanup(self):
"""Try to clear all ccd state."""
# This is just a first pass at cleanup. Don't raise any errors.
except Exception as e:
logging.warn('Ignored exception enabling ccd %r', str(e))
self.cr50.send_command('ccd testlab open')
self.cr50.send_command('rddkeepalive disable')
self.cr50.send_command('ccd reset')
self.cr50.send_command('wp follow_batt_pres atboot')
def _restore_ccd_settings(self):
"""Restore the original ccd state."""
# Reboot cr50 if the console is accessible. This will reset most state.
if self.cr50.get_cap('GscFullConsole')[self.cr50.CAP_IS_ACCESSIBLE]:
# Reenable servo v4 CCD
# reboot to normal mode if the device is in dev mode.
tpm_utils.ClearTPMOwnerRequest(, wait_for_ready=True)
# Restore the ccd privilege level
def _restore_cr50_state(self):
"""Restore cr50 state, so the device can be used for further testing.
Restore the cr50 image and board id first. Then CCD, because flashing
dev signed images completely clears the CCD state.
except Exception as e:
logging.warning('Issue restoring Cr50 image: %s', str(e))
def find_cr50_gs_image(self, gsurl):
"""Find the cr50 gs image name.
@param gsurl: the cr50 image location
@return: a list of the gsutil bucket, filename or None if the file
can't be found
return utils.gs_ls(gsurl)[0].rsplit('/', 1)
except error.CmdError:'%s does not exist', gsurl)
return None
def _extract_cr50_image(self, archive, fn):
"""Extract the filename from the given archive
archive: the archive location on the host
fn: the file to extract
The location of the extracted file
remote_dir = os.path.dirname(archive)
result ='tar xfv %s -C %s' % (archive, remote_dir))
for line in result.stdout.splitlines():
if os.path.basename(line) == fn:
return os.path.join(remote_dir, line)
raise error.TestFail('%s was not extracted from %s' % (fn, archive))
def download_cr50_gs_file(self, gsurl, extract_fn):
"""Download and extract the file at gsurl.
@param gsurl: The gs url for the cr50 image
@param extract_fn: The name of the file to extract from the cr50 image
tarball. Don't extract anything if extract_fn is None.
@return: a tuple (local path, host path)
file_info = self.find_cr50_gs_image(gsurl)
if not file_info:
raise error.TestFail('Could not find %s' % gsurl)
bucket, fn = file_info
remote_temp_dir = '/tmp/'
src = os.path.join(remote_temp_dir, fn)
dest = os.path.join(self.resultsdir, fn)
# Copy the image to the dut
if extract_fn:
src = self._extract_cr50_image(src, extract_fn)'extracted %s', src)
# Remove .tbz2 from the local path.
dest = os.path.splitext(dest)[0], dest)
return dest, src
def download_cr50_gs_image(self, gsurl, extract_fn, image_bid):
"""Get the image from gs and save it in the autotest dir.
@param gsurl: The gs url for the cr50 image
@param extract_fn: The name of the file to extract from the cr50 image
tarball. Don't extract anything if extract_fn is None.
@param image_bid: the image symbolic board id
@return: A tuple with the local path and version
dest, src = self.download_cr50_gs_file(gsurl, extract_fn)
ver = cr50_utils.GetBinVersion(, src)
# Compare the image board id to the downloaded image to make sure we got
# the right file
downloaded_bid = cr50_utils.GetBoardIdInfoString(ver[2], symbolic=True)
if image_bid and image_bid != downloaded_bid:
raise error.TestError(
'Could not download image with matching '
'board id wanted %s got %s' % (image_bid, downloaded_bid))
return dest, ver
def download_cr50_eraseflashinfo_image(self):
"""download the cr50 image that allows erasing flashinfo.
Get the file with the matching devid.
@return: A tuple with the debug image local path and version
devid = self._devid.replace(' ', '-').replace('0x', '')
gsurl = os.path.join(self.GS_PRIVATE_DBG,
return self.download_cr50_gs_image(gsurl, None, None)
def download_cr50_debug_image(self, devid='', image_bid=''):
"""download the cr50 debug file.
Get the file with the matching devid and image board id info
@param image_bid: the image board id info string or list
@return: A tuple with the debug image local path and version
bid_ext = ''
# Add the image bid string to the filename
if image_bid:
image_bid = cr50_utils.GetBoardIdInfoString(
image_bid, symbolic=True)
bid_ext = '.' + image_bid.replace(':', '_')
devid = devid if devid else self._devid
dbg_file = self.CR50_DEBUG_FILE % (devid.replace(' ', '_'), bid_ext)
gsurl = os.path.join(self.GS_PRIVATE_DBG, dbg_file)
return self.download_cr50_gs_image(gsurl, None, image_bid)
def download_cr50_tot_image(self):
"""download the cr50 TOT image.
@return: the local path to the TOT image.
# TODO(mruthven): use logic from provision_Cr50TOT
raise error.TestNAError('Could not download TOT image')
def _find_release_image_gsurl(self, fn):
"""Find the gs url for the release image"""
for gsbucket in [self.GS_PUBLIC, self.GS_PRIVATE_PROD]:
gsurl = os.path.join(gsbucket, fn)
if self.find_cr50_gs_image(gsurl):
return gsurl
raise error.TestFail('%s is not on google storage' % fn)
def download_cr50_release_image(self, image_rw, image_bid=''):
"""download the cr50 release file.
Get the file with the matching version and image board id info
@param image_rw: the rw version string
@param image_bid: the image board id info string or list
@return: A tuple with the release image local path and version
bid_ext = ''
# Add the image bid string to the gsurl
if image_bid:
image_bid = cr50_utils.GetBoardIdInfoString(
image_bid, symbolic=True)
bid_ext = '_' + image_bid.replace(':', '_')
release_fn = self.CR50_PROD_FILE % (image_rw, bid_ext)
gsurl = self._find_release_image_gsurl(release_fn)
# Release images can be found using the rw version
# Download the image
dest, ver = self.download_cr50_gs_image(gsurl, '',
# Compare the rw version and board id info to make sure the right image
# was found
if image_rw != ver[1]:
raise error.TestError('Could not download image with matching '
'rw version')
return dest, ver
def _cr50_verify_update(self, expected_rw, expect_rollback):
"""Verify the expected version is running on cr50.
@param expected_rw: The RW version string we expect to be running
@param expect_rollback: True if cr50 should have rolled back during the
@raise TestFail: if there is any unexpected update state
errors = []
running_rw = self.cr50.get_version()
if expected_rw != running_rw:
errors.append('running %s not %s' % (running_rw, expected_rw))
if expect_rollback != self.cr50.rolledback():
errors.append('%srollback detected' %
'no ' if expect_rollback else '')
if len(errors):
raise error.TestFail('cr50_update failed: %s' % ', '.join(errors))'RUNNING %s after %s', expected_rw,
'rollback' if expect_rollback else 'update')
def _cr50_run_update(self, path):
"""Install the image at path onto cr50.
@param path: the location of the image to update to
@return: the rw version of the image
tmp_dest = '/tmp/' + os.path.basename(path)
dest, image_ver = cr50_utils.InstallImage(, path, tmp_dest)
# Use the -p option to make sure the DUT does a clean reboot.
cr50_utils.GSCTool(, ['-a', dest, '-p'])
# Reboot the DUT to finish the cr50 update.
return image_ver[1]
def cr50_update(self, path, rollback=False, expect_rollback=False):
"""Attempt to update to the given image.
If rollback is True, we assume that cr50 is already running an image
that can rollback.
@param path: the location of the update image
@param rollback: True if we need to force cr50 to rollback to update to
the given image
@param expect_rollback: True if cr50 should rollback on its own
@raise TestFail: if the update failed
original_rw = self.cr50.get_version()
# Cr50 is going to reject an update if it hasn't been up for more than
# 60 seconds. Wait until that passes before trying to run the update.
image_rw = self._cr50_run_update(path)
# Running the update may cause cr50 to reboot. Wait for that before
# sending more commands. The reboot should happen quickly.
if rollback:
expected_rw = original_rw if expect_rollback else image_rw
# If we expect a rollback, the version should remain unchanged
self._cr50_verify_update(expected_rw, rollback or expect_rollback)
def run_gsctool_cmd_with_password(self, password, cmd, name, expect_error):
"""Run a gsctool command and input the password
@param password: The cr50 password string
@param cmd: The gsctool command
@param name: The name to give the job
@param expect_error: True if the command should fail
set_pwd_cmd = utils.sh_escape(cmd)
full_ssh_command = '%s "%s"' % ('-tt'),
set_pwd_cmd)'Running: %s', cmd)'Password: %s', password)
# Make sure the test waits long enough to avoid ccd rate limiting.
stdout = StringIO.StringIO()
# Start running the gsctool Command in the background.
gsctool_job = utils.BgJob(
nickname='%s_with_password' % name,
if gsctool_job == None:
raise error.TestFail('could not start gsctool command %r' % cmd)
# Wait for enter prompt
# Enter the password
gsctool_job.sp.stdin.write(password + '\n')
# Wait for re-enter prompt
# Re-enter the password
gsctool_job.sp.stdin.write(password + '\n')
exit_status = utils.nuke_subprocess(gsctool_job.sp)
output = stdout.getvalue().strip()'%s stdout: %s', name, output)'%s exit status: %s', name, exit_status)
if exit_status:
message = ('gsctool %s failed using %r: %s %s' %
(name, password, exit_status, output))
if expect_error:
raise error.TestFail(message)
elif expect_error:
raise error.TestFail('%s with %r did not fail when expected' %
(name, password))
def set_ccd_password(self, password, expect_error=False):
"""Set the ccd password"""
# Testlab mode can't be enabled if there is no power button, so we
# shouldn't allow setting the password.
if not self.faft_config.has_powerbutton:
raise error.TestError('No power button')
# If for some reason the test sets a password and is interrupted before
# we can clear it, we want testlab mode to be enabled, so it's possible
# to clear the password without knowing it.
if not self.cr50.testlab_is_on():
raise error.TestError('Will not set password unless testlab mode '
'is enabled.')
self.run_gsctool_cmd_with_password(password, 'gsctool -a -P',
'set_password', expect_error)
finally:'Cr50 password is %s',
'cleared' if self.cr50.password_is_reset() else 'set')
def ccd_unlock_from_ap(self, password=None, expect_error=False):
"""Unlock cr50"""
if not password:'gsctool -a -U')
self.run_gsctool_cmd_with_password(password, 'gsctool -a -U', 'unlock',
def tpm_is_responsive(self):
"""Check TPM responsiveness by running tpm_version."""
result ='tpm_version', ignore_status=True)
return not result.exit_status